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17:20  11 august  2022
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Food: Production of non -alcoholic beer increases significantly, +74 percent in ten years

 Food: Production of non -alcoholic beer increases significantly, +74 percent in ten years German breweries produce more beer - with none or with little alcohol. The classic beer, on the other hand, has more difficult: the number of manufactures decayed by 14 percent in a decade. © Christoph Soeder/ dpa Against the trend of falling beer consumption, the German breweries are producing more and more non -alcoholic beer and beer mixed drinks.

Les 7 boissons à l’index glycémique le plus bas © Getty Images/ISTOCPHOTO The 7 lowest glycemic index drinks Drinks with low glycemic index do not cause blood sugar levels and can therefore be consumed without fear. Discover them.

The Glycemic Index (IG) is the sweet power of a food or a drink. The higher it is, the more the food in question leads to an increase in blood sugar , the level of blood sugar. And this is the gear: the body then produces a peak of insulin, which induces a storage of sugars in the form of fat, and a feeling of hunger. Conversely, low Foods and drinks limit the elevation of blood sugar.

The IG varies from 0 to 100, 100 being the highest value indexed on pure glucose, considered as reference food. The IG is said to be high when it is greater than 60. On the drink side, the less sweet it will be, the lower its glycemic index. But what are the low IG drinks?

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tea whether green, black or white, tea does not contain carbohydrate. Its glycemic index is therefore zero ... provided you do not sweeten it! Because its IG will advance as you add sugar or honey. The herbal teas also have an IG of 0, provided, once again, not to add anything to it.


Same principle for coffee: its IG is zero when it is black. But if you like to sweeten your coffee or drink it with a cloud of milk, its IG will be higher. Also pay attention to cappuccinos, Latte coffee and other Moccaccinos, which are more of the sugary drink than coffee and whose GIs can reach 30, 40 or even 50 depending on the preparations.


even if it contains lactose, which is a sugar, milk does not display a very high GI. Count an IG of 30 for half-skimmed milk, and an IG of 27 for whole milk.

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 heat wave: maraudes to help the homeless to face the heat © Gauthier Bedrignans / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Météo-France plans a new flight of mercury from next week. Temperatures between 32 and 36 degrees could well settle in France. Conditions that highlight homeless people. Associations make marauds to help them. The softness of temperatures, following the new heat wave from last week, will not last. The mercury will start up next week, ensures Météo-France.

Tomato juice

The tomato juice contains little carbohydrates and its IG is therefore quite low (38), unlike other fruit juices that display GIs that oscillate between 45 and 50.

Light sodas

Light sodas are sugar -free alternatives to conventional sodas and their IG is therefore zero or almost zero. But beware: their effect on health is not neutral. Because of the sweeteners they contain, these drinks could even increase the risk of developing a type 2 diabetes of the house iced

prefer sodas, even light, homemade iced tea, where you will mix tea (infused then cooled) with lemon juice, a few mint leaves and ice cubes. Do not suck it, and its IG will then be zero.


Since it does not contain sugar, the water displays a zero IG. But beware, this is not the case with so -called flavored waters, which are sometimes sweet and therefore have a high GI. Make sure the carbohydrate content displayed on the label before choosing your flavored water.

Drinking water lowers blood sugar?

A Fed official pleads in favor of a high increase in rates to bring inflation to 2%

 A Fed official pleads in favor of a high increase in rates to bring inflation to 2% supplied by Tribune Michelle Bowman, a governor of the Fed, speaking before the association of bankers Americans in San Diego, in June 2019. An official of the American Central Bank (Fed) pleaded on Saturday so that the institution continues to highly raise its guiding rates until inflation really decreases. The Fed increased its rates by 0.75 points at the end of July, a much higher increase than the usual quarter.

Water is sometimes cited as a drink that can lower blood sugar. If it is true that good hydration can maintain a stable blood sugar level and reduce the risk of developing hyperglycemia, there is no scientific evidence of a hypoglycemic effect of water. On the other hand, the

tea could help reduce blood sugar. This is what a study published in 2012 in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research , according to which a component of green tea, epigallocatechine 3 Gallate or EGCG, would help lower the peak of blood sugar that occurs after the meal.

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