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17:21  11 august  2022
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Putin: A nuclear war would have "no winner"

 Putin: A nuclear war would have Russia's President Vladimir Putin has assured not to start any nuclear war. But the West does not trust its promise, as it became clear at the UN conference to check the nuclear weapons blocking contract.

Moscow. The camps are cleared, staff are dismantled, shops are closed and factories sold. Both companies now handle their business in Russia, which they had paused into Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

 Menschen stehen vor einer H&M-Filiale in einem Moskauer Einkaufszentrum Schlange, um Kleidung im Schlussverkauf zu kaufen. © Alexander Zemlianichenko People stand in front of an H&M branch in a Moscow shopping center in line to buy clothing in the sale.

H&M and IKEA clear their camps in Russia, this week the final sale started. The Swedish textile trade company and the multinational furniture dealer are now handling their business in Russia, which they had paused into Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Discharges have been announced, but both companies have so far not given any specific figures.

War in Ukraine: What to remember from the day of Wednesday August 3

 War in Ukraine: What to remember from the day of Wednesday August 3 The Gazprom company estimates that the Turbine de Nord Stream is blocked because of the sanctions against Russia, which the Western countries deny. © supplied by Franceinfo while the first loading of Ukrainian cereals continues its journey to Lebanon, after being inspected near Istanbul (Turkey), the energy crisis is also at the center of Western concerns. The fighting also continues on the ground.

H&M only explained on Tuesday that 6000 employees would be affected by the company's withdrawal from Russia. Ikea said in June that many would lose their jobs and promised to pay wages for six months. This week Ikea stated that he had 15,000 employees in Belarus and Russia. For four furniture factories in Russia, buyers would be sought, it said in June, shopping and logistics centers in Moscow and Minsk.

Video: Sale at H&M and Ikea: Sweden complete withdrawal from Russia (cameraone)

While there is a lot of activity in the H&M shops in the Awijapark shopping center in Moscow, Ikea only sells still online. The shelves in the Moscow H&M shop were still well filled, while shops were closed by Zara, Oyshi, Bershka, Pull & Bears and Uniqlo. Other shops of New York, Finn Flare, Marks & Spencer and Mango were open.

Ukraine: Russian troops are moving southwest

 Ukraine: Russian troops are moving southwest "long convoys of military trucks, tanks, artillery pieces continue to move away from the Ukrainian Donbass region", writes the British Ministry of the Defense. View onononews © AP/Russian Defense Minister Press Service of tanks from the 2nd Army Corps of the People's Militia of the People's Republic of Louhansk on mission.

"I will soon look for Russian brands," said an H&M customer who only wanted to call her first name Anja, on Tuesday. Another customer, Leonid, said he was very painful that H&M is going.

Many Western companies have announced their departure from Russia due to the Russian war of attack in Ukraine. McDonald's sold his 850 restaurants to a Russian entrepreneur who wants to reopen them under the name "Wkusno-i Tettschka" ("Delicious and ready"). The energy companies Shell and BP accept billions of costs to end their investments and Holdings in Russia.

H&M estimates the task of around 193 million euros for the task of his Russian business, which should be noted as a unique costs in the report for the third quarter.

There are also western companies that stay in Russia or at least partially want to continue their business. These include, for example, the French hardware store chain Leroy Merlin, which continues to operate twelve markets, while Pepsico, Nestlé and Johnson & Johnson only deliver vital goods such as medication and baby food.

Despite the Ukraine War and inflation: Luxury is booming .
because of the dramatic price increases in energy and food, more and more people in Germany have to strap their belts closer. It is saved - for food as well as with jewelry and clothing. From all? no Ukraine war and the galloping inflation seem to be able to harm the luxury goods market. The business with the luxury is buzzing. © Daniel Reinhardt/dpa A passer -by in front of a boutique by the Swiss watch manufacturer Omega in Hamburg.

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