US News COVID-19: The epidemic in net decline ... before fall?

22:50  11 august  2022
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When Covid comes back after treatment with Paxlovid

 When Covid comes back after treatment with Paxlovid that a covid disease can return with the Paxlovid medication shortly after therapy, has been known for months. The US health authority CDC sees the very rare phenomenon. © Philipp of Ditfurth/dpa The drug Paxlovid for the treatment of Covid-19 reduces the viral load and thereby gives the body time to build up its own immune defense against the virus. Such a “Covid rebound” usually occurs two to eight days after an initial recovery, she wrote in May.

The seventh wave seems behind us, but a new one is expected in the fall, according to the Minister of Health. The government plans to revive vaccination campaign.

  Covid-19 : l'épidémie en net recul... avant l'automne ? © L'Express

has the eighth wave? The Minister of Health warned on Wednesday August 10, at the RTL microphone, which he expected to an upcoming epidemic episode "probably in the fall". "We haven't finished with this virus," regrets François Braun, who fears increasingly dangerous mutations.

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for the moment, the former emergency doctor assures him: there is "a rather favorable evolution, with a more contagious but less dangerous virus": "We have fewer 30,000 contaminations per day, we were 200,000 at the time of the peak. " On August 10, 27,081 new cases were registered, a decrease of 30% in one week, according to Public Health France.

Covid in China: tens of thousands of tourists wedged on the island of Hainan

 Covid in China: tens of thousands of tourists wedged on the island of Hainan © AP - Peng Peng in front of Covid cases, thousands of Chinese tourists are stuck on the island of Hainan, the " Chinese Hawai ". (Illustration image) more than 80,000 Chinese tourists are blocked on the island of Hainan, in southern China, after detection of more than 1,400 cases of COVID contamination. The authorities strengthened the health measures on Monday, August 8, August 8, by expanding the containment perimeter to new areas and reducing public transport.

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The peak also seems to have been crossed from the point of view Death: August 10, 87 people died from COVVI-19, against 174 on July 18. Same observation on the side of hospitals where there are fewer and fewer hospitalized people due to COVVI-19. of resurgence in the fall

This trend remains to be monitored. The scientific council, in its

reviews of July 19 , envisages "peaks of circulation of short -term viruses", in particular "associated with the emergence of new variants, More accentuated in the fall-winter period ". For the moment, he cannot predict which variant will be dominant at the start of the school year, but hopes that the immunity of the population acquired both by the vaccine and by the previous infections will allow" a increasing protection against serious forms ".

North Korea: Pyongyang believes that it has defeated the COVVI-19

 North Korea: Pyongyang believes that it has defeated the COVVI-19 © AFP-Str North Korean leader Kim Jong A expressed during the national emergency anti-epidemic work review meeting in Pyongyang, August 10, 2022. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, said he won the victory against the COVVI-19, who appeared, according to the state media, just three months ago on the North soil -Korean. For Pyongyang, no new "fever case" has been identified since July 29 after having crossed nearly 393,000 on May 15.

read also >> two and a half years of COVID-19 in France: The history of the epidemic in seven waves It was also the last opinion of this body, which, for two and a half years, guided the executive in its health decisions. A committee for monitoring and anticipating health risks took its place on August 1. On July 27 on Franceinfo, François Braun sketched the first contours: it will be a "commando team of very high level scientists", which will remain "independent, transparent in its opinions and extremely reactive". Its 19 members will be known "in the coming days". In particular, they will have to help the government prepare a new vaccination campaign in the coming months. "For the moment, the opinion is to vaccinate the most fragile, so I am this opinion. If we were to move to a broader vaccination according to the scientific authorities, we will do so," said the Minister today.

In July, the second dose of recall was extended to adults from 18 to 60 years at risk of serious form and their entourage, as well as to pregnant women. Today, 80.4% of the population, all ages combined, benefited from a complete vaccination with a dose of recall, according to Public Health France. However, the fourth dose is not a great success in France: only 5 million people have taken the plunge.

In order to move this trend, the government can count on the European Commission which has reserved for the

American Biotech Moderna 15 million additional doses of the new version of its vaccine. The latter was modified to adapt to the omicron variant. This agreement remains suspended from the green light from European regulators.

Lust for fish again after the extremely great desire of the German citizens on fish and seafood in the first two years of Corona, she seems to be sworn in again in the third year of Corona. "In the first half of 2022, 38,171 tons or, in other words, 14.4.
© Christin Klose/DPA-TMN The citizens bought around 495,053 tons of fish and seafood last year. Favorite fish was again the salmon. However, was not dissatisfied with the head of the Fischwirtschaft central marketing organ. "The enormous growth in the two Corona exception years 2020 and 2021 are not repeated both in terms of quantity and value." Accordingly, he also compared the first half of 2022 with the first pre-corona half year 2019.

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