US News Afghanistan: One year after the fall of Kabul, the chaos of the American withdrawal left traces also at Washington

12:00  15 august  2022
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Lead 2-Afghanistan-Atretat in Kabul, at least eight dead and 22 injured

 Lead 2-Afghanistan-Atretat in Kabul, at least eight dead and 22 injured Afghanistan-Explosion/ (Lead 2, Photo): Lead 2-Afghanistan-Atretat in Kabul, at least eight dead and 22 injured (actually ) Kabul, August 6 (Reuters) - An attack left at least eight dead and 22 injured on Saturday in the Afghan capital, Kabul, said witnesses and hospitals. A bomb exploded in a shopping street in a western district of Kabul, very frequented by the Shiite community. A doctor announced that at least eight people had been killed in the explosion and 22 others injured.

Évacuation encadrée par les soldats américains à l'aéroport de Kaboul, le 21 août 2021. © AP - Victor Mancilla evacuation framed by American soldiers at Kabul airport, August 21, 2021. A year after the fall of Kabul, the consequences are felt from the American point of view. A word comes back when the fall of Kabul is mentioned and the American withdrawal that followed: "chaotic". With our correspondent in Washington,

Guillaume Naudin

A "chaotic" withdrawal, to say the least. Only a few weeks after the last American soldiers left, the highest Pentagon officials recognized a strategic failure. What the American soldiers and the Biden administration have not anticipated is such a rapid collapse of the Afghan army and state.

Taliban fighters "happy that the infidels left" from Afghanistan

 Taliban fighters © AFP U n after their return to power, the Taliban consolidate their grip in Afghanistan based on the tens of thousands of fighters who have participated in the insurrection. AFP draws up a series of their portraits in Kandahar, epicenter of the movement, and in the capital Kabul.

When it becomes obvious that Kabul will fall, everything is done in an emergency. Three thousand soldiers are deployed to secure the withdrawal of American nationals still on site. We see the embassy evacuated by air, which had not been seen since the fall of Saigon in Vietnam. The images are terrible for the United States. Like the images of what is happening at the airport during


evacuation with thousands of Afghans who try at all costs to get into planes. The chaos is total, and it culminates with

the attack on August 26

signed by the Islamic State organization which will make 182 dead including 13 American soldiers near the airport. Joe Biden in question All this puts Joe Biden in great difficulty. This is the start of its fall in popularity. The American president must intervene to assume his responsibilities and defend his choices. He tries to explain that it was necessary to put an end to a twenty -year war and that there was no good solution for that. His political adversaries do not give him any gift and call into question his ability to be commander -in -chief. They also denounce the breakdown of confidence with allies put before the fait accompli.

leading Taliban priest killed in Kabul

 leading Taliban priest killed in Kabul The Taliban brag about having created security in Afghanistan. But every attack exposes this as a propaganda phrase. In fact, the Islamists cannot even protect themselves. © Ali Khara/Reuters Taliban in the Afghan capital. Security cannot guarantee radical Islamic fighters was killed in a suicide attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, the leading clergyman of the radical-Islamic Taliban, sheikh Rahimullah Hakkani.

Besides, Joe Biden will have to work for months afterwards to rebuild relations with the Allies, especially in the perspective of the Russian attack against Ukraine. But the episode of the withdrawal of Afghanistan sowed doubt. There is also a doubt about the American ability to act on what is going on within the Afghan borders.

Joe Biden promises that his country will be able to act from the outside, beyond the horizon. It took a year to demonstrate it with

the elimination a few days ago from the Al-Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahiri

in the center of Kabul, still controlled by the Taliban.

Afghanistan: Bruising explosion in a mosque of Kabul .
© Ebrahim Noroozi, Reuters The Kabul mosque affected by an explosion, August 18, 2022. An explosion that struck a mosque in the northwest of Kabul on Wednesday At least 21 people dead and thirty injured, according to the police. Many deadly attacks have struck Afghanistan this year, most of which were claimed by the Islamic State group. An explosion in a mosque of Kabul , in the evening of Wednesday August 17, left at least 21 dead, according to the record given Thursday by Afghan police.

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