US News Ukraine: a "catastrophe" in Zaporojjia would threaten all Europe, warns Zelensky

08:00  16 august  2022
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Amnesty International deplores "the pain caused" by its controversial relationship on Ukraine

 Amnesty International deplores © /AP /SIPA Amnesty International said they regret the "pain caused" by its report strongly criticized by kyiv, while maintaining "its fully (its ) Conclusions ”on military tactics of the Ukrainian army. The NGO wanted to explain the report which notably sparked the "anger" of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and his government.

  Ukraine: une © AFP

U does not "disaster" at the Zaporojia nuclear power plant, under Russian control in the south of the Ukraine , would threaten the ' Europe entire, warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday.

"Sheltered from the station, the occupants bomb the surrounding cities and communities," accused Mr. Zelensky in his address on Monday evening.

"Any radioactive incident at the Zaporojia nuclear power plant can take a blow to the countries of the European Union, to the Turkey , to the Georgia , and to more distant countries. It all depends on the management and The strength of the wind, "continued Ukraininen President.

Ukraine: The Zaporijia region is preparing a vote on its attachment to Russia

 Ukraine: The Zaporijia region is preparing a vote on its attachment to Russia © Alexander Ermoshenko A stele bearing the inscription "Enerhodar" painted in the colors of the Russian flag at the entrance to the city of Enerhodar, controlled by Russia, in the region of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, August 4, 2022. The Ukrainian region of Zaporijia will be attached to Russia? A vote will decide. This is in any case what the authorities appointed by Moscow decided on the territory, partly occupied by the Russian army .

Video: Ukraine: concerns around the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant (France 24)

"If the actions of the Russia lead to a catastrophe, the consequences could strike those who remain silent for the 'Instant, "he warned.

He called on the international community to adopt "new hard sanctions against Russia" and not to "give in to nuclear blackmail". "All Russian forces must immediately withdraw from the station and the surrounding areas without any condition," he said.

The Zaporijia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe, had been taken in early March by Russian troops, at the start of their invasion of Ukraine launched on February 24.

Since the end of July, several strikes, the two parties of which are accused each other, have targeted the site, raising fears of a nuclear disaster and causing a meeting of the UN Security Council last week.

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Nuclear power plant of Zaporijjia. Biden, Macron, Scholz and Johnson call for "restraint" .
© Sergei ilnitsky / EPA-EFE archives A Russian soldier in front of the Zaporijia nuclear power plant, in the south-east of Ukraine, May 1, 2022. Photo illustration. The American, French, German and British leaders called on Sunday to the "restraint" around the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporijia in Ukraine, the largest in Europe, occupied by the Russian army.

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