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13:30  16 august  2022
13:30  16 august  2022 Source:   pressfrom.com

Germany lies flat: three times as much sick as usual in summer - not only because of Corona

 Germany lies flat: three times as much sick as usual in summer - not only because of Corona can you still remember the time before Corona? We will help you to jump: Back then the cold was especially in winter. Then came all of our favorite virus. This also always had its highlights in the colder seasons. And now? Now we have summer. And yet half Germany is flat. And no, that's not just a subjective impression that we all have. This can be proven with numbers.

The German industry raises the alarm due to the low levels on German waterways. "It is only a matter of time before plants in the chemical or steel industry are switched off, mineral oils and building materials cannot achieve their goal or noise and heavy transports can no longer be carried out," said Holger Lösch, deputy general manager of the German Association on Tuesday Industry. The result would be delivery bottlenecks, production chokes or - queues and short -time work.

Riesige Sandbänke sind am Mäuseturm bei Bingen im Rhein sichtbar geworden. Sinken die Pegel weiter, droht die Schifffahrt zum Erliegen zu kommen. © Boris Roessler/DPA Huge sandbars have become visible at the Mäuseturm near Bingen in the Rhine. If the levels decrease, shipping threatens to come to a standstill.

The persistent dry period and the low water threatened the security of supply of industry. «The companies adapt to the worst. The already tense economic situation in the company is intensified, »says Lösch.

for the first time rocket alarm in Jerusalem

 for the first time rocket alarm in Jerusalem Sirenen howl warns of rockets in communities west of Jerusalem. According to Israel's army, another military chief of the extremist Palestinian organization of Islamic jihad has killed. © Adel Hana/Ap Photo/Picture Alliance At night, militant Palestinians fired in the direction of Israel in addition to the sirens, explosions were also heard, reported on site. This indicated that the Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli territory had the third day in a row and now had a goal further away.

«Inland ships drive, if at all, with a minimal utilization. A switch from inland navigation to rail and road is difficult this summer because of the bottlenecks on rails, corona pandemic and lack of driver. » The enormous low water could also further tighten the emergency of the energy supply. “The political plans to temporarily put more coal in view of the gas crisis are crossed by massive transport bottlenecks. In addition to coal transport, fuel supply also depends on transport via waterways. »

Lösch called for the federal government to introduce close monitoring together with the federal states, the logistics industry and industry in order to be able to react early to impending bottlenecks on the waterways.

, especially freight and passenger ships, have been fighting with low water for weeks. Inland shipping must observe the depth of the ship when loading. At low water levels you can carry less freight - at some point the transport becomes uneconomical.

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