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10:10  18 august  2022
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Florent Pagny sick: he appears unrecognizable in a recent photo ... Is cancer behind him?

 Florent Pagny sick: he appears unrecognizable in a recent photo ... Is cancer behind him? Florent Pagny reappears transformed on a new photo. He displays a new look while we remember him without hair and without beard, stigma of chemotherapy sessions he has ... © Capture screen youtube Florent Pagny Malade: he appears unrecognizable in a recent photo ... Cancer Is he behind him? Last January, Florent Pagny announces that he is suffering from lung cancer . Housed in its vital organ, the tumor cannot be operated.

Surfen auf dem Asphalt ist der Fitness Trend 2022 Unsplash © Unsplash surfing on the asphalt is the fitness trend 2022 unsplash

summer, sun, surf ! For many, the desired idea of ​​a perfect Summer , but unfortunately it is not that easy to implement in Germany. It is all the better that the new fitness trend Surfkating has also reached us. "No Waves no Problem" is the motto for the Surfskaten . The combination of surfing and Skateboard keep you fit (as a surf fan) without having to book an expensive vacation. Originally, Surfskates were developed to give professional athletes outside the sea the opportunity to perfect their movements. But now more and more “normalos” are falling to the new sport, since your legs, your sense of balance are trained and your entire muscles.

First contact, education, food ... Everything you need to know when you adopt an

 First contact, education, food ... Everything you need to know when you adopt an puppy after long hesitations, weighing the pros and cons, you have finally decided to adopt a puppy. With his adorable boil and his small size, he melts your heart. So that he ... still relatively fragile in the first months, puppies need a lot of attention. First of all because, to develop both physically and psychologically, these small hair balls should not feel alone or neglected. Then because they will need you to learn to be clean and docile.

But what exactly is "surf cating"?

Surfkating is the new fitness trend from America. The main component of this sport is the Surfskate , the board is called that you can use to surf the streets . Visually, it is similar to a traditional longboard, but differs greatly in the driving style and composition of the individual parts. A special front axle that does not exist on the Longboard enables movements that are similar to the wave riding . By the rotation dynamics of the front axle, the Surfskate is "pumped" along the street. You don't have to drop your foot. The natural and dynamic movements inspired by the surf is built up, without having to get momentum without momentum. The mobility awarded by this enables you to move on your board as if you were racing a wave.

"What a shame": in Sarthe, indignation in a super u after the flight of three goats and a sheep

 © Super U of Arnage The facts took place at the Super U of Arnage on the night of Sunday 7 at Monday August 8, 2022. The Super U of Arnage (Sarthe) would surely have preferred to take over the week in a happier way. Monday August 8, 2022, the supermarket noted the flight of three of his goats and a sheep. A complaint has been filed. "What world do we live to steal animals?" […] What a shame ! is indignant, on its Facebook page, the Super U of Arnage (Sarthe) .

step by step to the surf skat - so you ride every bumpy wave in advance: Every beginning is difficult - don't let your first failures discourage you!

1. First of all, you have to get a surfing skate. For beginners, the professionals recommend a longer and wide board that has a larger axis distance so that you can be more stable on the board. Popular brands are:

Carver Skateboards , Miller Division and Long Island Longboards

2. Of course, protective clothing is essential for your start. Helmet, knee and elbow savers are a must, especially for beginners! And if there are one or two injuries, paving and wound disinfection are the rescuers in need!

3. The right and above all stable stand on your surfing skate decides on victory or defeat. You should be on the board to the side and roughly shoulder width. Your rear foot controls your board and should be on the end part, the so -called tail, your board and your upper body should be turned to the tip of the board.

4. The next and probably at the beginning of the most difficult part now begins: the pump movements initiate. As soon as you stand on the board with your front leg on the board, you can slowly push yourself off with your back leg and let it roll. You can spread your weight differently over your two feet and alternately move your foot up and down. By taking and helping your shoulders and arms, you can create surf-like movements and build up more speed. Exercise and patience do the*The Master!

In video, tears in her eyes, the Finnish Prime Minister defends her right to privacy .
© Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva / AFP The Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin made a speech (August 24, 2022, Lahti). "I can honestly say that this last week was not the easiest in my life. In fact, it was quite difficult.

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