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17:30  19 august  2022
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,476,000 euros for Lilibet, the daughter of Meghan and Harry: the colossal heritage which has already been revealed!

,476,000 euros for Lilibet, the daughter of Meghan and Harry: the colossal heritage which has already been revealed! If you suspect that Lilibet Diana, Meghan's daughter and Harry, will never be complained, the amount of part of her inheritance begins to clarify. © Abaca 476,000 euros for Lilibet, the daughter of Meghan and Harry: the colossal heritage which has already been revealed! Lilibet Diana, the daughter of Meghan and Harry, was born on June 4, 2021. And as they say, she was born.

In view of the war in Ukraine, the largest Islamic conference in Germany is under the motto peace this year. "Islam is peace," said the Federal President of the Muslim reform movement Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (Amj), Abdullah Wagishauser, on Friday at the start in Rheinstetten near Karlsruhe. One wanted to show people ways how the different religions could live in peace. Muslims could and should get involved, said Wagishauser.

The AMJ describes itself as the oldest Islamic community in Germany and according to the information in this country has almost 50,000 active members and 60 minaret mosques. The Ahmadiyya movement sees itself as fundamentally apolitical.

Lead 1-Cisjordanie-Quatre Palestiniens killed by Israeli forces

 Lead 1-Cisjordanie-Quatre Palestiniens killed by Israeli forces Israel-Palestinians/Violence (Lead 1, TV, Photo): Lead 1-Cisjordanie-Quatre Palestinians killed by Israeli forces (Updated assessment, details) by Ali Sawafta Naplouse, West Bank, August 9 (Reuters) - Israeli security forces announced Tuesday that they had killed in a shooting in Nablus, in the West Bank, a Fatah commander and another member of the Palestinian group, an incident that has Envoring clashes during which, according to the Palestinians, two teenagers were slaughtered.

The 46th edition of the annual “Jalsa Salana” conference ends on Sunday. Only around 20,000 participants are expected due to the panda mie. The conference is to be transferred on the Internet via livestreams including translation into several languages. According to the organizers,

before the pandemic had recently participated in the conferences. Because of this dimension you are looking for a new place, said Wagishauser. "Karlsruhe will become too small for us in the future." According to Amj, the “Jalsa Salana” has been in Germany since 1975. In 2011 she took place for the first time in the Karlsruhe fair. In 2020 the Corona Congress failed, in 2021 it took place in a slimmed -down form with 10,000 guests in Mannheim.

The assembly is important in Wagishauser's words to see where the community is and how it develops. Guests could experience what it is like when tens of thousands of Muslims come together. If everything falls silent about prayer, it is very impressive, said the federal chairman.

Immobilier: In China, construction sites and buyers at the end

 Immobilier: In China, construction sites and buyers at the end © AFP/Archives J Eune married, Mr. Wang was preparing to move with his pregnant wife in their new apartment. But the dream turns into a nightmare with the real estate crisis in Chine which prevents some promoters from completing the work. To buy accommodation three years ago, the future 34 -year -old dad has taken a loan equivalent to 300,000 euros. But without progress of the site for almost a year, he made a radical decision: to stop payment of monthly payments.

men and women meet separately on the exhibition center at the gates of Karlsruhes. However, it is possible that women come to men, said Wagishauser. Again, the women prefer to be among themselves. There are a few more men in numbers, he said.

are offered on the three days of specialist lectures and panel discussions. On Sunday, among other things, the SPD member of the Bundestag, Helge Lindh, is to talk to Wagishauser and Imam Ahmad Kamal about racism. The discussion round is under the heading "The poison for social cohesion".

, as highlights, announced the AMJ for Sunday a final speech by the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya movement, Kalif Mirza Masroor Ahmad. It is to be switched on live from London. Caliph has lived in exile in Great Britain for years.

Pope Francis is preparing the future by creating twenty cardinals .
This consistory, the eighth of the Pontificate of François since his election in 2013, has been involved against the backdrop of speculation on a possible renunciation of the 85 -year -old Pope, forced for several months to Move in a wheelchair due to knee pain. © Reuters/Guglielmo Mangiapane Pope Francis , who left the "door open" to a waiver because of his declining health, will create Saturday 20 new cardinals of all continents, a key stage in the preparation of his succession .

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