US News The price of bread explodes 18 % in Europe: this is why the inflation rate is surprising in France

08:50  25 september  2022
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This monthly expenditure post which you would never have thought of

 This monthly expenditure post which you would never have thought of according to a study carried out by Hello Fresh, food waste weighs heavily on our finances. © Photoalto / James Hardy / Getty Images This monthly expenditure post to which you would never have thought on average, the weekly French budget for their food races would amount to € 81.73. An amount that continues to increase due to inflation, but also unforeseen or compulsive purchases, and food waste.

+ 65 % in Hungary, between + 30 and 32 % in Lithuania, Estonia or Slovakia… in one year, the price Bread has soared almost 20 % throughout the European Union. But good news, France, it, ...

a two -digit inflation. The latest data published Monday by Eurostat should not reassure consumers. According to the European Statistics Agency, the price of bread exploded by 18 % on average within the European Union between August 2021 and August 2022. It is "a considerable increase": in August 2021, the Price of bread had only climbed 3 % compared to August 2020. "Bread, vegetables, meat ... Food has become more expensive. The price of cooking oils and fats have particularly increased, but significant basic foods, such as bread, have also become much more expensive, "details Eurostat in the preamble to its report.

, the brokers demonstrate before the Banque de France for an increase in the wear rate

, the brokers demonstrate before the Banque de France for an increase in the wear rate Angry © Joel Saget / AFP Archives The facade of the Banque de France in Paris. (Illustration photo). A hundred mortgage brokers demonstrated, Tuesday, September 20, 2022, in front of the headquarters of the Banque de France in Paris, to request a significant raising, on October 1, of the rate of wear, the ceiling intended to protect individuals abusive borrowing conditions.

The price of the bread flashes because of the war in Ukraine

in question in particular? The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which "enormously disturbed the world markets", the two countries being major suppliers of cereals, wheat, corn and fertilizers. "Before the war, the price of wheat had already increased due to drought and fires, and that of butter because of the lack of milk producers," explains Dominique Anract, president of the National Confederation of Bakery and Bakery-Patisserie French in the Echos . Since the start of the war in Ukraine, all the bakery expenditure has increased: flour, but also wages, packaging, eggs - because of avian influenza episodes - and now everyone is very worried about increasing energy prices. »

Why does the property tax increase?

 Why does the property tax increase? For taxpayers who have not opted for the monthly direct debit, the payment deadline is set for October 17. An additional period of five days is granted to those who pay online. Local tax collected for the benefit of the municipalities and their groups, the property tax on the built properties is due by any owner or usufructuary of a property, whether it intends it to its own use or gives it for rental.

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The price of bread increased only by 8 % in France, against 65 % in Hungary

naturally, Not all the member states of the European Union know the same inflation rate. The country most affected by this surge in the price of bread? Hungary, which undergoes a spectacular increase of 65.5 %. Then follow Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Latvia and Poland with increases between 32 and 30 %. Good news, however, France is doing well. Hexagon is indeed one of the countries that undergo the least inflation on the price of bread, with a slight increase of 8.2 %. Norway (8, 1 %) and Switzerland (3.9 %) are also part of the best students and close the ranking.

The baguette: A symbol for the French

according to Dominique Anract, interviewed by Les Echos, it is not for nothing if hexagon is spared: the wand is a real symbol for the French. “France is the only country where you buy its wand daily. We have a particular relationship with this basic product. The decision to increase its price is not easy for bakers who know most of their customers, ”he explains on a daily basis. With us, 70 % of the breads sold are baguettes and these have only increased by 5 %, compared to 10 % for special breads. It remains to be seen whether the increase in the price of gas and electricity, necessary for the preparation of the breads, could make the bill increase more in the coming months.

Calculation of the wear and mortgage rate: the brokers protest

 Calculation of the wear and mortgage rate: the brokers protest It is not necessarily the first profession that we imagine going down the street. The brokers, at the call of their only union, the Union of Credit Intermediaries (IUC), will demonstrate Tuesday, September 20 before the Banque de France, reports Midi Libre . They denounce the choice made by the regulator concerning the evolution of the wear rate. A limit to credit that the profession, like other organizations offering real estate loans, calls to modify for months.

in August 2022, The Highest Annual Rate of Change in Breat Princes in the Eu was recorded in:

Hungary (+66%)

Lithuania (+33%)

Lowest in:

France (+8%)

The Netherlands and Luxembourg (Both +10%)

What about your country

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- eu_eurostat (@eu_eurostat) September 19, 2022 inflation sur le prix du pain en europe provided by FEMINA version Inflation on the price of bread in Europe

The rate of inflation on bread within different countries of the European Union. baguette tradition © supplied by FEMINA BANDE TRADITION

version in France, the price of the baguette only increased by 5 %, it is 10 % for special breads. X1

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