US News The American army is testing a laser weapon capable of destroying ships

10:40  25 september  2022
10:40  25 september  2022 Source:   ouest-france.fr

rocket salve in response to North Korean weapon test

 rocket salve in response to North Korean weapon test South Korea and the USA reacted to Japanese on the most recent rocket launch in North Korea towards Japan with the shooting of four floor rockets towards the Japanese sea. Your goal: the defense against further provocations.

L'armée américaine teste une arme laser capable de détruire des navires © Lockheed Martin The American army is testing a laser weapon capable of destroying ships The lockheed Martin company provided US Army a laser of A power of 300 kilowatts. This weapon can destroy drones, small ships and even cruise missiles.

A weapon as well suited to easily destroy a spy drone or a cruise missile. The American defense giant Lockheed Martin said in an press release has a technology capable of performing such prowess. The company designed a 300 -kilowatts laser and gave it to the Pentagon as part of a program called "High Energy Laser Scaling Initiative" or "High -energy lasers enhancement in French. The US military intends to test this device in the coming months before possibly joining it as an attack system on armored vehicles or ships.

Harbor birthday started with a large inlet parade

 Harbor birthday started with a large inlet parade "Linen, we celebrate again" is the motto of the 833rd Hamburg harbor birthday, which started after three years of Corona break on Friday. The Maritime Folk Festival started the traditional inlet parade with more than 100 ships. By Sunday, there is to be celebrated on the approximately four kilometer long promenade on the Elbe. Several hundred thousand guests are expected. © Ulrich Perrey/dpa Numerous ships drive on the Elbe at the start of the Hamburg port birthday.

"Lockheed Martin has increased the power and efficiency of our previous prototypes while reducing the weight and volume of the latter," said Rick Cordaro, Vice-President of Lockheed Martin Advanced Product Solutions. American also said that the reduced size of her new laser would limit the risk of technical problems related to its use. This smaller volume will also facilitate the work of engineers who will have to deal with the maintenance of such weapons on the front.

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have the Lockheed Martin laser will have to be versatile and support the marine environment or the desert dust. “With this device, American soldiers will be able to defend themselves against threats such as rockets, artillery shells, mortars, cruise missiles, drones and even Small ships, ”said Rick Cordaro. The fundamental principle of modern energy weapons - as soldiers prefer to call high power lasers - is that they can destroy in an inexpensive way a variety of enemy projectiles. A US Navy boat equipped with this type of laser could use the latter several times to bring down a recognition drone as well as a cruise missile instead of boarding a whole range of defense systems that require 'be refitled after each use.

War in Ukraine: After the call for mobilization, the state of the armament of the Russian army poses question

 War in Ukraine: After the call for mobilization, the state of the armament of the Russian army poses question in a tense climate of military mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists for the Russian offensive in Ukraine, The abilities of the army deployed in Ukraine still remain uncertain. © supplied by Franceinfo What remains of the Russian army? While the partial mobilization began in Russia, which could reach 300,000 men, many questions arise, especially on the different protest movements across country and that many Russians flee the country.

If the new Technology of Lockheed Martin has not yet destroyed a flying object during its first tests, another laser designed by the Defense giant has already proven itself. This is the Helios system which with its 60 -kilowatts power has effectively destroyed flying drones. Rick Cordaro therefore estimated that the new weapon developed by Lockheed Martin could destroy enemy projectiles five times faster than his predecessor.

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The Ukrainian army takes over the strategic city of Lyman .
© Anatolii Stepanov A Ukrainian soldier inspected a destroyed Russian vehicle in the Donetsk region this Friday. immediately annexed by Russia, immediately fell. "Threatened with being surrounded, the Allied troops were withdrawn from Lyman to more favorable lines" , the Russian Ministry of Defense said this Saturday afternoon in a statement. A few minutes earlier, it was the Ukrainian Defense Ministry which claimed this strategic capture in a tweet: "The Ukrainian Air Forces enter Lyman .

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