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03:20  29 september  2022
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Iran: dozens of dead and hundreds of people arrested during the

 Iran: dozens of dead and hundreds of people arrested during the © Reuters - Azad Lashkari protests in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, on September 24, after the death of a young Iranian arrested by the Police of Manners . The latest assessment of demonstrations in Iran reports 35 dead, according to the state media, 50 according to the opposition NGO Iran Human Rights (IHR), based in Oslo. The anger does not weaken eight days after the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22 -year -old young woman arrested by moral police for a badly put veil.

black parkas when anger never stops scolding in Iran, even the world of football began to challenge the regime. Tuesday, September 27, the players of the national team voluntarily hid their jerseys while their anthem was resonated at the opening of a match. Light on a strong and courageous gesture.

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it happened in Mödling, Austria, where the friendly match was held between Iran and Senegal. While Iranian players were supposed to sing their national anthem, they chose to keep their black parkas rather than display the colors of their country. This daring choice sounds like a snub sent to Iranian leaders who, for the past ten days, have been repressing demonstrations with the greatest violence (there are already several dozen deaths).

testimonials. In Iran, the demonstrators continue to go down the street while "the government continues to kill people"

 testimonials. In Iran, the demonstrators continue to go down the street while of the Iranians continue to take to the streets to protest the regime more than ten days after death Mahsa Amini. Despite the blocking of the Internet, Franceinfo was able to speak to three demonstrators who tell the repression in progress. © provided by Franceinfo The protest movement seems not to weaken in Iran . In nearly 80 cities across the country, the demonstrators still parade despite the repression.


To protest the repression exerted in Iran, the players of the selection wore a black jacket to symbolically mask the jersey and the logo of their nation during the hymns during the match against Senegal on September 27, 2022. .twitter.com/6af7xt7uan - a football thing (@Untrucdefoot)

September 28, 2022 as

France Inter, the day before, the Sardar Azmoun striker (who plays Bayer Leverkusen), had Speaking on Instagram:

“The ultimate punishment would be to be expelled from the national team, which is a small price to pay even for a single wick of an Iranian woman (…) I did not fear of being ousted. Shame on you to have so easily killed the people and live the women of Iran. "

This post refers directly to Mahsa Amini, who died on September 16 after being arrested by the Iranian police because of an outfit deemed "inappropriate" (her veil revealed a wick of hair). It was precisely this event that sparked

the wave of demonstrations that currently shakes country . The Iranians and the Iranians no longer want to undergo oppression and, obviously, the national football team is stored behind them and behind them.

How a poorly used video made Hadis Najafi a symbol of women manifesting in Iran

 How a poorly used video made Hadis Najafi a symbol of women manifesting in Iran © OBSERVERS FRANCE 24 / DR screenshot of a video wrongly presented as showing Hadis Najafi, an Iranian demonstrator killed in Karaj September 21. The image was beautiful, one of those videos which becomes the symbol of a current event. But it was used badly: since September 25, dozens of international media and accounts have published the video of an Iranian woman redoing her bun before going to face the police, saying that he They were Hadis Najafi, shortly before she was killed.

Sardar Azmoun has since erased his post as well as other publications, but his message has been heard and even amplified by this sequence of hidden jerseys during the anthem.

A formidable example of solidarity and, above all, a beautiful tribute to women and men who fight for freedom in Iran.

Iranian men who wear the veil? The great phenomenon that grows! Video. Iran: a woman upsets the world by singing “Bella Ciao” ​​in Persian Here are the names and faces of Iranian women who died for Liberty A CNN journalist refuses to wear the veil, the Iranian president cancels the interview Iran: images of a revolt against the oppression of women after the death of Mahsa Amini

The Middle East against the uprising in Iran .
haunted by the memory of the "Arab Spring", the leaders of the neighboring countries, however opposed to Tehran on many files, observe the silence before the anger of the Iranian youth and its brutal repression. Raising or Revolution? It is still too early to find out what will happen to the wave that seized Iran since death in prison on September 16, from Mahsa Amini, a young woman arrested for carrying her veil in a manner deemed inappropriate. Only one certainty is essential today.

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