US News according to the horoscope: For these 3 zodiac signs, fate in autumn 2022 simply keeps an adventure available

16:50  30 september  2022
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holidaymakers threaten long queues

 holidaymakers threaten long queues again at airports Those who want to get on an airplane during the autumn holidays must continue to be patient at North Rhine-Westphalia's big airports. During peak times, “waiting times could occur,” said a spokesman for Cologne/Bonn Airport. The situation at the security control center has "noticeably improved in the past few weeks, the waiting times have significantly shortened".

from the daily routine, dare and be surprised - do we not all dream of it? Some people have a talent for writing their own adventures, others have to be torn from their comfort zone through special events. However, it is clear: If the stars help and fate does his part, it is definitely easier for us all to get into a risk. With three zodiac sign , this is exactly the case in autumn 2022- learn more about this in the Bazaar- horoscope !

SZ-Aufmacher Getty Images © Getty Images SZ-Aufmacher Getty Images For these 3 zodiac signs, fate has an adventure in autumn 2022-according to the horoscope: 1st zodiac sign Libra (September 24th-October 23)

The autumn 2022 starts great for you, Love Libra! Not only does he bring her season with him, during which the sun is in its sign, a Libra-Neumond will soon be shown. Now you are brave and determined enough to change a few things in your life that have been bothering you for a long time, but which you simply accepted. Pack it! Quit? Say goodbye to a long journey? Or start a romance that would normally prohibit yourself because it doesn't fit into your prey scheme? Now you really don't care what your environment thinks! The new moon holds its protective hand over her.

Morbihan. The 19th Photo Festival de la Gacilly soon ends

 Morbihan. The 19th Photo Festival de la Gacilly soon ends © Marc Ollivier/Ouest-France The 19th edition of the Gacilly Photo Festival will lower its curtain on Sunday October 2, 2022. Sunday October 2, 2022 signs the end of the 19th edition from the Gacilly photo festival (Morbihan). The latest guided tours take place on Sunday September 25, 2022. Each year, the photo festival of La Gacilly ( Morbihan ) presents a new theme.

2nd zodiac sign (March 21st - April 20)

, make yourself prepared for something, dear Aries! Because Glücksplanet Jupiter is moving through your sign and activates your adventurous side. Use this phase to treat yourself to a break from reality and to finally implement the plans you had to put on ice over the summer. It is not too late to catch up with a vacation! Pack your loved ones and book the first travel destination that gets you in your head. It does not need a lot of planning, this company is under a good star anyway, no matter where it is going.

3rd zodiac Wassermann (January 21 - February 19)

On September 22nd, Venus and the very quick -tempered and spontaneous Uranus, their ruling planet, meet in a particularly exciting constellation in the sky tent that promises an passionate adventure . Single watermen could now make a more than exciting encounter into which they plunge into head. But also between assigned water men and their partner: inside it crackles tremendously. Spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas? One thing is certain: If the planets of love and unpredictability meet, it will not become boring!

"We feel a little forgotten": in Florida, Matlacha cut off from the world after Hurricane Ian .
© Ricardo Arduengo of houses and businesses destroyed in the locality of Matlacha, Florida, October 1, 2022 Karen Pagliaro Travels the main street of Matlacha, sneaking, a little lost, between the slaughtered trees, the debris and the abandoned vehicles. This island of 800 inhabitants, usually a small corner of paradise, was cut off from the world after the passage of Hurricane Ian, which damaged the two bridges connecting it to the rest of Florida.

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