US News according to false -speaking: Putin signs documents on the annexation of Ukrainian areas

18:00  30 september  2022
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War against Ukraine: According to the ongoing partial mobilization of the armed forces, the location

 War against Ukraine: According to the ongoing partial mobilization of the armed forces, the location only wants to delay the moment of his own defeat. This made Selenskyj clear in his nightly video address. © Gavriil Grigorov/Pool Sputnik Kremlin/AP/dpa Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Around seven months after the start of the war, Russia's President Vladimir Putin ordered reservists on Wednesday. Since then, there has been horror in Russia in many places. There are protests nationwide. There have also been attacks on convening centers several times.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has sealed the annexation of the four mostly occupied areas in Ukraine. On a ceremony broadcast by television on Friday in the Kremlin, he signed the corresponding documents. Annexion is not recognized internationally.

Wladimir Putin hat die Dokumente für die Annexion der besetzten ukrainischen Gebiete unterschrieben. © AFP Vladimir Putin has signed the documents for the annexation of the occupied Ukrainian areas.

also the crew heads of the four areas, Denis Puschilin (Donetsk), Leonid Passetschnik (Luhansk), Vladimir Saldo (Cherson) and Jewgeni Balizki (Saporischschja), signed the agreements. In his speech,

explained the Annexion by the fact that this was "the will of millions of people". "There is nothing more important than the will of millions to return to their historical homeland," he said. In this context, he described the decay of the Soviet Union a good 30 years ago as a tragedy.

Last day of "referenders" in Russian -controlled areas of Ukraine

 Last day of in four Russian -controlled areas of Ukraine, the so -called referenders went into the final phase for annexation by Russia on Tuesday. The opening of polling stations was also planned for the last day of the votes in the separatist areas of Donetsk and Luhansk in the eastern Ukrainian Donbass as well as the South Ukrainian regions of Cherson and Saporischschja.

Putin calls for West to set up combat

once more accused the Ukrainian leadership of consisting of neo -Nazis. In his speech, he justified the Russian attack war in Ukraine as a restoration of historical justice and as a liberation of Russia from Western oppression.

He asked Kyiv and the West to immediately stop fighting and take negotiations. The people in Cherson, Donetsk, Luhansk and Saporischschja are now Russian citizens - "and forever".

Fein votes allegedly led to approval

only at night, the Kremlin chief had recognized the occupied Ukrainian areas of Cherson and Saporischschja as independent states in another night. From Moscow's point of view, this is a prerequisite for the regions to apply for their admission to the Russian Federation. Donetsk and Luhansk had already declared independent “folk republics” before the war.

Partial mobilization and programmed annexation: The Kremlin Riposte

 Partial mobilization and programmed annexation: The Kremlin Riposte In a few days, Vladimir Putin should announce the annexation of the regions occupied in Ukraine after the false referendums. As a result, Ukrainian civilians could be forcibly enlisted to fight against Ukraine. View Ononews © AP/Russian Presidential Press Service Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the nation in Moscow, Russia.

until the beginning of the week had been held in all four regions under the control of the Russian military administration, false votes on access to Russia. After that, the Russian occupiers spoke of an allegedly overwhelming approval of the population.

The bogus-referenders about accessible regions in southern and eastern Ukraine to Russia are not recognized worldwide. The reason for this is that they were held under violation of Ukrainian and international laws and without democratic minimum standards. The bogus votes were also not verifiable by independent observers. There were also numerous reports that residents of the regions felt under pressure.

Speculation of nuclear strike

The four areas have so far not been fully checked by Russia. In addition, the Ukrainian army has launched a counter -offensive, in the course of which it is currently achieving terrain gains in the Donetsk area.

The Russian leadership has recently declared several times to react to those attacks that are now being considered as attacks against their own territory. This threat also repeated Putin during his speech.

This had triggered speculation about a possible nuclear strike in Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow damped such expectations on Friday. References to the Russian military doctrine that an attack against Russian state borders could be answered with a nuclear strike, he called inaccurately. The military doctrine states that Russia can react to attacks with a nuclear strike if the state's existence is at risk. (dpa)

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The former US President Donald Trump switched on the country's highest court in a dispute over the evaluation of confiscated secret documents. On Tuesday, Trump's lawyers applied to the Supreme Court to lift the decision of a lower court. © dpa The former US President Donald Trump during a speech in the US state of Pennsylvania. At the core, the question is about who has access to around 100 confiscated secret documents.

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