US News Coup in Burkina Faso: The question of Russian or French influence maintains the confusion

11:30  02 october  2022
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Burkina Faso: At least ten soldiers killed in the attack of supply trucks in the SOUM

 Burkina Faso: At least ten soldiers killed in the attack of supply trucks in the SOUM © Michele Cattani / AFP A military patrol in Soum, in Burkina Faso. The refueling convoy of the city of Djibo was taken to task by armed men on Monday, September 26. The Defense Staff has not provided a balance sheet but speaks of "human and material damage". According to a security source, at least ten soldiers were killed and around thirty wounded including a civilian.

Des militaires de la nouvelle junte montent la garde dans une rue de Ouagadougou, le 1er octobre 2022. © Reuters - Vincent Bado of the soldiers of the new junta are staring at a street in Ouagadougou, October 1, 2022.

Is the rapprochement of Burkina and Russia the real motivation of the coup? Does France support Lieutenant-Colonel Damiba? These two questions were this Saturday at the heart of statements by putschist soldiers who took power on Friday, October 30. Contradictory statements that have had immediate repercussions, on the ground and in the diplomatic spheres, on the situation that Burkina has been going through for two days.

In a statement read on Saturday October 1 on national television, the put -ons military invokes for the first time the choice of a new ally to justify their coup. And accuse France of helping Lieutenant-Colonel Damiba of recovering in power.

coup rumors in Burkina Faso

 coup rumors in Burkina Faso Military Roads in the government district of Bukina Faso's capital Ouagadougou - shots can be heard. Transitional President Damiba remains calm and speaks of a "mood" in parts of the military. © ap photo/picture Alliance Demonstrators in the capital Ouagadougou swivel the local and the Russian flag for unrest and coup rumors in Burkina Faso has called up The incumbent President Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba .

“Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba would have taken refuge in the French base, in Kamboisin, able to plan a counter-offensive. This follows our firm will to go towards other partners ready to help us in our fight against terrorism, "said second lieutenant Jean-Baptiste Kabré, reading a declaration by Captain Traoré, head of the putschists.

Russia is not cited by name, but the message seems clear. Since Friday, Russian flags have been brandished during rallies of putschist support, and on social networks, pro-Russian accounts comment on events, with force anti-French slogans.

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coup d'etat The categorical denial of Paris, which ensures that it is not involved and not to protect Damiba, does not seem to do anything: the French Embassy in Ouagadougou and the French Bobo-Dioulasso Institute were targeted by demonstrators.

Coup d'état in Burkina: the putschists accuse France of helping Damiba, Paris denies

 Coup d'état in Burkina: the putschists accuse France of helping Damiba, Paris denies © Olympia de Maismont The soldiers block several axes of the capital this Saturday, while shots were heard. AFP/Olympia of Maismont The tensions remain lively in the Burkinaban capital and the situation could not be more blurred. Several main axes of Ouagadougou were blocked this Saturday noon by soldiers, shortly after a burst of fire heard in the city center by several witnesses.

A few hours later, Captain Ibrahim Traoré rear back on France 24.

“A counter-offensive, yes. Supported by France, I don't think. There is a base called Kamboinsin, where there is a French base. When someone is exfiltrated towards this base, we say the French military base of Kamboinsin. I know that France cannot interfere directly in our business. If we have other partners today, who can support us, do not necessarily see Russia. The Americans are our partners currently, we can also have Russia as a partner, so it is not a question of France or a problem of Russia and Wagner. »

hesitations synonymous with lightness or deliberate strategy to try to mobilize? These contradictory statements add in any case to the general vagueness.

In a written message broadcast on the Facebook page of the Burkinabè presidency, and authenticated by a collaborator of Lieutenant-Colonel Damiba, who has not expressed himself publicly since the coup of Friday, the now ex-head of the Transition denies being refugee at the Komboinsin camp: "It is only a poisoning to manipulate opinion, writes Damiba, I call Captain Traoré and company to return to reason to avoid a fratricidal war of which Burkina Faso n 'does not need.

Putsch in Burkina Faso: France rejects participation

 Putsch in Burkina Faso: France rejects participation one day after the military coup in Burkina Faso, the French embassy in the West African country rejected all participation in the events. The deposed president, lieutenant colonel Paul -Henri Sandaogo Damiba, is neither in the diplomatic representation nor at a French military base, explained the message on Saturday - and thus rejected a accusation of the new rulers. A representative of the Junta had said on state television RTB that Damiba found shelter at the base.

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Confused Day

The situation is still uncertain in the capital after a confused day. The activities of the population of Ouagadougou had resumed their normal course in the morning, until around 11:30 am, when troop trips and shots near the large market created a panic movement, forcing merchants to closed shop and the pedestrians to desert the streets.

The United Nations roundabout was completely barricaded by the military, as well as the access roads leading to national radio and television and the prime minister, while a helicopter crisscrossed the sky of the capital. Shots also sounded in the Ouaga 2000 district during the day.

Precarious calm was broken at the end of the afternoon, when new shots were heard in the city center, and dozens of young people targeted the French Embassy, ​​setting fire to the heaks posted at the entrance and trying to force the access door to the visa service. The tension was slightly down at nightfall.

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Burkina Faso: "national meetings" on October 14 and 15 will designate a transitional president .
The new strong man in the country, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, promised that he would only explain "current affairs" until 'To the appointment of a new transitional president © AFP Captain Ibrahim Traoré, acting president of Burkina Faso, in Ouagadougou on October 8, 2022.

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