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14:50  03 october  2022
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War in Ukraine: After the call for mobilization, the state of the armament of the Russian army poses question

 War in Ukraine: After the call for mobilization, the state of the armament of the Russian army poses question in a tense climate of military mobilization of hundreds of thousands of reservists for the Russian offensive in Ukraine, The abilities of the army deployed in Ukraine still remain uncertain. © supplied by Franceinfo What remains of the Russian army? While the partial mobilization began in Russia, which could reach 300,000 men, many questions arise, especially on the different protest movements across country and that many Russians flee the country.

Cette vidéo qui date d’octobre 2019 est utilisée pour affirmer que la Russie déploie de nouvelles armes sur le front ukrainien. © Observers This video which dates from October 2019 is used to affirm that Russia deploys new weapons on the Ukrainian front.

Is Russia deploying new generation weapons in Ukraine? This is what many pro-Russian accounts have been claiming since September 29, 2022, based on images of tanks and missiles presented as "exclusive to the front". Except that a simple inverted image search makes it possible to show that they are not exclusive since they date from October 2019.

The verification in brief

since September 29, 2022, pro-Russian accounts affirm , based on a video allegedly turned on the front, that Russia is deploying new weapons in Ukraine. However, these images are in fact drawn from a report broadcast in 2019 by a Sébastopol television, a Ukrainian city annexed by Russia.

The detail of the

War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from the day of Monday, September 26,

 War in Ukraine: What must be remembered from the day of Monday, September 26, Ukrainian investigators examine a new alleged site of Charnier, on an industrial abandoned chicken farm in Kozatcha Lopan, near the Russian border. © supplied by Franceinfo while the Ukrainian authorities announced Monday, September 26, that investigators examine a possible mass grave in Lozatcha Lopan, near the Russian border, the anger of part of the Russians grew up on the order of mobilization issued last week. On the diplomatic level, London and Wahsington help kyiv and sanction Moscow .

verification of the tanks transported on a long military convoy or rolling in difficult terrain, missiles rising to the sky: this is the content of a video shared since September 29, 2022, in particular by users based in French -speaking Africa. According to them, these videos are recent, and show that the Russian army can rely on latest generation equipment.

“Urgent: Russia has just deployed modern weapons and the most dangerous tanks in the world in Ukraine. #ExClusive du Front 29.09.2022 ”, can we read in legend of this publication , which displays 520,000 views and more than 2,500 shares on Facebook.

Now this sequence is old. By realizing an inverted image search on the Yandex search engine (see here how to proceed), it is possible to find the origin of the video.

Ukraine War presidential advisor warns of the use of nuclear weapons-"the risk for this" increases "

 Ukraine War presidential advisor warns of the use of nuclear weapons- This assessment triggers concerns. Not just in Ukraine. According to the external consultant of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, Mychajlo Podoljak, it is not unthinkable that Moscow could now also use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine. © dpa Mychajlo Podoljak, external advisor to the Ukrainian presidential office, during an interview on September 28, 2022. He considers a Moscow nuclear weapons to be unthinkable.

We can indeed identify the same images in a report broadcast on October 17, 2019 by NTS , a local television from Sevastopol, a Ukrainian city annexed by Russia in 2014.

This report uses these sequences to inform of the entrance In service of the “latest anti-aerial missile systems“ Buk-M3 ”in one of the districts of the Russian armed forces. A technology presented as particularly innovative and efficient.

Using the keywords “Buk-M3 anti-aerial missiles” (in Russian) and by restoring the 2019 search on Google's search engine, we can then find the original video. This was put online by the Ministry of Defense of Russia on its Youtube channel on October 16, 2019.

If these weapons were therefore well innovative at the time, these images were nothing exclusive and do not show the situation in the current conflict in Ukraine.

If you want to know more about the verification of the images, do not hesitate to consult our guide, available here .

"He has been hiding for two weeks. In Russia, those who remain also want to escape war .
© Paul Gogo in the premises of a local association, the Mother's Committee gives advice to avoid being called under the flags and to help son and husband Not to be sent to the Ukraine Front. tens of thousands of young men have managed to leave Russia to escape mobilization. Those who cannot leave the country hide, advised by the famous committee of mothers of soldiers from Russia. Saturday, October 8, a meeting was organized in Saint Petersburg. Our correspondent was there.

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