US News Dresden mayoral elections: The AfD wants to support OB Hilbert

22:50  05 october  2022
22:50  05 october  2022 Source:   saechsische.de

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  Dresdner Bürgermeisterwahlen: Die AfD will OB Hilbert unterstützen © provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung Dresden mayoral elections: The AfD wants to support OB Hilbert

Dresden. For months, Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP) and the parliamentary groups in the city council are fighting for the re -occupation of the open mayoral posts. Because no side is really ready for concessions, Eva Jähnigen (Greens) as the environmental mayor, Peter Lames (SPD) as a financial mayor, Detlef Sittel (CDU) as mayor and most recently Kristin Kaufmann (left) as social mayor. Although there are no safe majorities, they could be re -elected. Suddenly everyone looks at the AfD.

has been struggling in the state capital for the redistribution of the mayoral posts . Whether Dirk Hilbert had contradicted the plans of the Greens, CDU, Left and SPD to largely fill the items with the existing mayors. This makes it possible to choose new deputy only with a two -thirds majority. Hilbert wants to better depict the majorities in the council in the mayor - for example, by also providing a mayor. However, the OB could not find a majority for this.

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at the end of September the events overturned. OB Hilbert declared the negotiations for failed. at the same time he announced that he could possibly propose his own mayor candidates for election. Because Hilbert would not contradict his own proposals, a simple majority is enough for their choice. At the same time, there is a dispute whether the number of citizens' grows could be increased to eight or reduced to six. In order to clarify this question, a special meeting takes place before the actual council meeting.

currently only have a majority of the not yet known proposals of the OB, if, for example, the free voters, the CDU and the AfD also agree in addition to the FDP. So far, such a constellation seemed unthinkable. But now there is a rethink.

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This is on the one hand due to the AfD. Group leader Thomas Ladzinski: "I could imagine that we support an OBS election proposal as long as no candidates from Greens or SPD appear there." Spicy: Ladzinski does not want to rule out votes from the AfD for the left candidates.

The CDU has always rejected such a constellation. Instead, faction leader Peter Krüger relied on the old alliance with the Greens, Left and SPD, which has identified the election of the mayor among themselves in recent years. However, this is in contrast to the CDU party line. District chief Markus Reichel emphasizes that the Union, along with OB Dirk Hilbert, wants to enable a conservative majority in the Council in the next election.

From negotiation circles it is now said that the CDU moves away from its alliance loyalty to the Greens, Left and SPD. Officially, faction leader Peter Krüger says: "It is true: We have a cooperation with the OB. We want to go with him towards local elections." But nothing is decided yet: "We are still negotiating and are in good spirits that it could at least partially clarify on Thursday."

City spokesman Kai Schulz only pointed out that there were no agreements with the AfD in this context: "He does not talk to the AfD." On the one hand,

is conceivable that a majority in the Council again postpone the complete election. This could start a fourth attempt to vote at the earliest at the end of November. Mayor Annekatrin Klepsch would also be rid of her job until then.

would also be conceivable that, in consultation with the OB, at least the "undisputed" mayor will be re -elected. A majority for social mayor Klaudia Kaufmann is considered likely, and the OB had not yet announced an objection.

When controversial items come to the vote, every voice counts. The chosen is chosen. Because there is no advice at the AfD, the likelihood that the party will become decisive decreases.

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