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17:50  24 november  2022
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Trial of the Rio-Paris flight crash: "I think I would have done better" than the pilots, tackle the representative of Airbus

 Trial of the Rio-Paris flight crash: Airbus at the audience is tried with Air France more than 13 years after the crash of the Rio-Paris flight, the worst French air disaster. The two companies appear for "manslaughter." © supplied by Franceinfo After a month and a half of audience, the trial of the Rio-Paris crash flight was marked Tuesday, November 15 in the afternoon by a moment of great tension between a lawyer for the civil parties and the Airbus representative.

If a suitcase arrives for many hours or only days later on the travel destination, passengers can buy replacement clothes and involve the airline in these costs. Under certain circumstances, one may even be entitled to reimbursement of the flight price, shows a judgment of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Celle. (Az.: 11 U 9/22)

Dieser hier kommt mit. Doch immer wieder bleiben Koffer auf dem Weg in den Urlaub auch auf der Strecke. © Maja Hitij/dpa/dpa-tmn This comes here. But again and again suitcases fall by the wayside on their way to vacation.

What had happened? A family had flown to Kenya to celebrate the 50th birthday of a fellow traveler. Only: The suitcases and a festive wardrobe only arrived in the country a week later.

A Si Grand Soleil in advance: A breathtaking death for Guilhem, Alain in the middle of a scandal (episode of Thursday November 17, 2022 on France 2)

 A Si Grand Soleil in advance: A breathtaking death for Guilhem, Alain in the middle of a scandal (episode of Thursday November 17, 2022 on France 2) © supplied by all TV Guilhem has been very filled for a few weeks. Indeed, he maintains an idyllic relationship with Sylvie in such a great sun . The two lovebirds then announced their marriage to Johanna as well as to Marion and Laurent. If the lawyer was very happy with this news, the accountant and his partner were very reluctant.

The airline reimbursed the costs for the "makeshift replacement procurement" of the clothing, as it is said in the message of the court. But the passengers asked for the flight price. In the first instance, they failed before the Hanover Regional Court, but the OLG in Celle agreed to them - at least the costs for the outward flight had to reimburse the airline.

Court: Airline knew the reasons from the risk

: According to the court, the airline should have pointed out the passengers that there could be considerable delays in luggage transport. An essential point of dispute was whether the applicable machines could have transported all suitcases with full load.

The court did not see this with regard to the descriptions available: it was assumed that the airline knew that it would not be able to reliably or promptly to carry the luggage at the same time or promptly. She should have informed the passengers about this beforehand. So they would have remained the opportunity not to book the flight in the first place and to choose a different connection instead.

in Hauts-de-France, microcredits for major projects

 in Hauts-de-France, microcredits for major projects © supplied by Liberation within the Association Adie. When in 2020, at the height of confinement, Bernadette Constance Ngo Mandeng wanted to launch in Roubaix his activity of craft to take away, she spontaneously turned to the banks. He didn't need a fortune: 1,500 euros for a cook and the raw material. What to launch and finally swap his job as a security agent at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium for an activity more suited to the pace of his three toddlers. The first bank said no. The second too.

Target flight almost worthless for passengers

the bottom line, the transportation performance for the outward flight was worthless according to the court. The timely suitcase transport (with the fixed wardrobe) was of essential importance for the passengers.

In addition, the judgment says: «An average passenger living in Europe, which has no private remuneration - such as family members living there - at its destination, which lies in a less developed and in many ways culturally foreign country is through that Permanent lack of his luggage in his stay there (...) affected to an extent that is equivalent to a non -journey. » In this case,

is entitled to receive the proportionate price for the outward flight of just under 550 euros. This does not apply to the return flight - here the airline has fully provided transportation.

The Dutch prosecutor's office will not appeal the verdict in the MH17 flight affair affected by a Russian missile. .
© provided by News 360 Archive - Press Conference on the presentation of the conclusions of the survey on the MH17 tragedy. - Robin Van Lonkhuijsen/ANP/DPA The Dutch Public Procurement confirmed Thursday that it would not call on the perpetuations of perpetuity of two Russian nationals and a Ukrainian national for the MHH17 flight crash of Malaysia Airlines in July 2014, After he was hit by a Russian manufacturing missile while crossing an occupied part of the Donetsk region.

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