US News Fnac says no to anti -fascism, but yes to the "big replacement", the Bible of the far right

04:40  29 november  2022
04:40  29 november  2022 Source:   nouvelobs.com

In Paris, activists parody a bullfight to ask for its abolition

 In Paris, activists parody a bullfight to ask for its abolition © Julien de Rosa demonstration against bullfight, November 19, 2022 in Paris nearly 200 activists from a dozen associations and animalist parties have symbolically parodied A bullfight with humans in Paris on Saturday, to request the abolition of this practice in France and support a bill in this expected sense on November 24.

  La Fnac dit non à l’antifascisme, mais oui au « Grand Remplacement », la bible de l’extrême droite © Copyright 2022, the Obs

The box of "Antifa le Game". (Libertalia / Mounting Bibliobs)

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, Fnac decided to no longer marketing "antifa" , a board game created by the antifascist site the Horde, published in 2021 by Libertalia, and sold at 4,000 copies (that are all printed copies of the first edition).

When we write these words, the second edition of this game is therefore no longer available neither in stores, nor on the Fnac website, but it continues to recommend it on its leclaireurfnac.com site, at Same title as the "Watergate" or "1988: Chirac against Mitterrand" games, under the section "7 militant and political games that will make you a true activist.

Serbia becomes the largest military drone operator in the Balkans

 Serbia becomes the largest military drone operator in the Balkans Belgrade would like to acquire Iranian Shahed-136 drones and TB2 Turkish drones to strengthen its offensive capacities. In addition, the country is developing its own attack and monitoring aircraft: the Gavran. Serbia relies on drones to become the main military power of the Balkans. According to the Defense News site, Belgrade would be ready to buy Iranian drones Kamikaze Shahed-136 to strengthen its offensive capacities.


“Movement ô so controversial, the antifas now have their set of plateau. Thought at the start as a very serious simulator for libertarian movements, the mechanics of "anti -fas" have been simplified in order to become a board game accessible to the public. Each player embodies a young activist with specific capacities. You must cooperate in order to set up a group of anti -fascist activists and develop it: recruit members, find funding, organize actions… ”

in the wake of the far -right deputy Grégoire de Fournas (RN), excluded two weeks of the hemicycle after his "that he (s) returns to Africa! ), The union of the commissioners of the National Police (SCPN) indignant on Twitter: "This game is on sale at Fnac. A comment so to highlight the antifas, which break, fire and attack in the demonstrations? "

Government and Landtag: No space for anti-Semitism in NRW

 Government and Landtag: No space for anti-Semitism in NRW The state parliament and the state government in North Rhine-Westphalia have set a clear signal against anti-Semitism after the attack on the former Rabbinerhaus of the Old Synagogue in Essen. Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) said on Wednesday in a meeting of the state parliament: “We do not go to the agenda. We look closely and we raise our voice and we call the perpetrator or the perpetrators: Jewish life, Jews and Jews, belong in our middle. We are at your side.

To which Fnac replied:

" We understand that the marketing of this "game" could have struck some of our audiences. We do what is necessary to be available in the coming hours. »

Fnac Darty, enlighten us!

On the part of Fnac, would this denial of self not be a form of rallying to the disastrous thought which currently dominates the spirits in France? We are swallowing for a board game. On the other hand, the fact that the Fnac markets a book like "the great replacement" seems very correct to the RN or the union of the commissioners of the national police.

In this racist book, Renaud Camus, as we know, claims that a monolithic Muslim people is replacing "the native French people", as if they had remained pure of any mixture and all replacement for 2,000 years . This Sentencious work is the far right, the favorite thriller of the Zemmouriens (if it remains). Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik has made it a license to kill.

suitcase comes a week later - the outward flight is reimbursed

 suitcase comes a week later - the outward flight is reimbursed If a suitcase arrives for many hours or only days later on the travel destination, passengers can buy replacement clothes and involve the airline in these costs. Under certain circumstances, one may even be entitled to reimbursement of the flight price, shows a judgment of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Celle. (Az.: 11 U 9/22) © Maja Hitij/dpa/dpa-tmn This comes here. But again and again suitcases fall by the wayside on their way to vacation.

Hervé Le Bras: "In France, there is no great replacement"

of two things one.

Let Fnac defend freedom of expression and, therefore, it must continue to sell both "anti -fas" and "the great replacement".

Let it oppose freedom of expression and practices censorship.

In this case, if she has decided to no longer market "antifa", she must stop selling "the big replacement", a book, of which, to resume her own terms, she will understand that marketing can hit some of her audiences .

"Our raison d'être: commit to an informed choice", swears the Fnac Darty group, "European leader in omnichannel distribution".

His benevolent director, Enrique Martinez, also assures us: he only aspires to "make this mission to support customers concrete to an informed choice".

So, Fnac Darty, enlighten us. And be clear, you who embody, if I understood correctly, "the new standards of omnicality with a human face". If you no longer sell "antifa", do not sell "the big replacement". Because it is our good pleasure. For you, isn't the customer king? Do you have to sing it on an air from the Mitsouko Rita? Tell me yes, Fnac Darty!

What to answer if the subject of "big replacement" is invited to your Christmas meal?

We have seen that the union of the commissioners of the national police, calling on the Fnac to withdraw "anti -fas" from its stores, won. It happens like that at Fnac Darty: just ask the executive committee (Enrique, Florence, Annabelle, Charles-Henri, etc.) is very nice. Their credo: not "hit" anyone.

The two weights two measures would be intolerable to the French. So now, let's be omnicaneous: let's mobilize and massively call the Fnac to withdraw from its "great replacement" shops and its message of hatred.

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