US News Délontages: RTE and ENEDIS carry out a large-scale simulation on December 9

23:10  01 december  2022
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HRW describes the alleged attack as a police complex in Thailand "contempt for life".

 HRW describes the alleged attack as a police complex in Thailand © supplied by News 360 File - Archive image of Thailand Special Forces members during a simulation exercise in Bangkok. - Chaiwat Subprasom / Sopa Images VI / DPA The NGO Human Right Watch (HRW) described the alleged attack on the car trapped against a police complex in southern Thailand "contempt for the life of civilians" and violation of international humanitarian law.

Face aux risques de coupures d'électricité cet hiver, RTE et Enedis ont annoncé organiser un test à l'échelle nationale. Les organismes simuleront le 9 décembre prochain, une grande opération de délestage, pour soulager le réseau. Car du côté de gestionnaire du réseau, on prévient : la France sera très importatrice d'électricité ces prochains mois. © HAUKE-Christian DISTRICH / DPA / DPA Picture-Alliance via AFP Faced with the risk of power cuts this winter, RTE and ENEDIS announced organize a national -scale test. Organizations will simulate on December 9, a major load shedding operation, to relieve the network. Because on the network manager side, we warn: France will be very electricity importing in the coming months.

France will not escape the cuts. In its latest report, the manager of the RTE network deems highly probable, in the event of a cold wave, the risk of load shedding in France, during this winter. So, to prepare, Enedis and RTE announced set up a national scope test on December 9. The network manager indicates that the technical test will mobilize RTE, Enedis and departmental prefectures. "This will not really correspond to what will happen in the event of load shedding and there will be no effective load shedding this day," said the organization.

trial alarm on December 8th: What you need to know about the most important SMS of the day

 trial alarm on December 8th: What you need to know about the most important SMS of the day in Germany is introduced to a new warning system to better inform and protect us in possible disaster cases. Today's SMS, which many of us have received, points to the start of Cell Broadcast and the trial alarm on December 8, 2022 © ISTOCKPHOTO trial alarm on December 8th: What you need to know about the most important SMS of the day iStockphoto am December 8, 2022 is the official warning day in Germany. On this day of action, the federal and state governments will test their warning funds (e.

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Invited on BFM Business, the director of Enedis, Marianne Laigneau, indicates that her business does everything to prepare "these cuts Turnants of two hours maximum, "she said. So the company will participate in this great rehearsal of December 9. Exercises to which Enedis is used to, since the distributor "tests in particular the way in which we organize himself in the event of a storm to restore the current".

France "very importing this winter"

because hexagon will be "very importing electricity this winter" to compensate for a lack of nuclear production, said Xavier Piechaczyk, chairman of the RTE executive, said the manager of the transport network on Thursday electricity, which does not exclude the risk of cuts. "There is a risk of a few days of Red Ecowatt on the whole of winter," he warned on Franceinfo, "but it essentially depends on the weather".

France is preparing for power cuts: who will be concerned, who will not be?

 France is preparing for power cuts: who will be concerned, who will not be? © Thomas Brégardis / Ouest-France The Domloup electric post (35) receives the high voltage line (400,000 volts) from Flamanville. The government presented the main lines of a plan on Wednesday, November 30, which is considering targeted power cuts this winter. We take stock of four questions. France no longer exports electricity. more annoying, it could even have recourse to partial cuts this winter.

The red signal of The Ecowatt platform managed by RTE warns of a risk of cuts three days before. "Electric cuts are inevitable if electricity consumption does not decrease in these slots", according to RTE. "Today, we are at 35 GW (of nuclear capacity available) on December 1, the objective is to reach 40-41 GW on January 1, and to finish the month of January around 43 GW, on 61 GW "of nuclear capacity installed, explained Xavier Piechaczyk at the microphone of Franceinfo. He said he was "quite confident", on EDF's ability to hold this trajectory.

Our neighbors at the rescue

This winter, France is exposed to the risk of cuts, in particular due to a level of production of nuclear electricity at the lowest. Half of its reactor fleet is unavailable due to programmed but sometimes prolonged maintenance, or corrosion problems. The lack of nuclear electricity has led France to be "very slightly importing over the whole year and we must bet on a winter where we will be very importer because we need this electricity," said Xavier Piechaczyk.

Germany, United Kingdom, Benelux, Spain ... "We will be generally, we France, importer this winter of all the countries around us," he added.

The Corona Falls for Germany on Saturday .
The Corona Falls for Germany on Saturday The Robert Koch Institute publishes the current Corona cases for Germany. Overview of the development of the data on Saturday (December 10th). Berlin/Frankfurt-The Robert Koch Institute specified the nationwide corona-seven-day incidence on Saturday (December 10th) with 223.3 . This is the value that the RKI dashboard lists at 5:00 a.m. On Saturday of the previous week, the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week was 207.0.

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