US News Animal Killer team: Orca couple hunted white sharks

01:10  03 december  2022
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in South Africa makes a killer whale couple hunt for white sharks. The orcas confuse no less than the food chain. The details.

Zwei Orcas © Michel Viar/Istock Two Orcas

On the South African coast, an unusual spectacle is currently occurring: two killer whales - a couple - is targeting white Haie . The orcas eat this liver and heart out.

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. For the animals

as well as for the entire food chain in the ocean.

liver & heart torn out report from "scinexx" , killer whales develop regionally different prey preferences. So on the Gansbaai coast of South Africa it is white sharks, at least for said Orca couple. Since 2017, the animal killer command has probably already killed eight predators, whose carcasses were then flushed ashore - some without a heart and liver.

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"The liver of the sharks are particularly energetic because they mainly consist of fats and can make up for up to a third of the body's body weight," explains Alison Towner from

Rhodes University

. And further: "It is known from Orcas that they selectively hunt energy -rich prey, but so far there have been only a few cases in which the predators remove specific organs from their prey." The consequences: Gansbaai has significantly lost attractiveness for white sharks, they are increasingly far from the coastal area. Since the killer whales specifically attack young sharks, the entire population of the animal species is under pressure. This is not yet all threatening consequences ...

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serious development

less white sharks means shifts in the robber-bee-balance. For example, smaller sharks - for example bronze row - come to Gansbaai. Otherwise, these are eaten by the large whites. The same applies to seabars, which in turn like to feed on glasses penguins - an already endangered genus. Thanks to less white sharks, you can now do this in large numbers and much more stress -free.

"A classic top-down effect," says Turner. How the hunting behavior of the Orca killer couple is developing and what concrete effects it has remains to be seen.


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