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20:00  06 december  2022
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(Multimedia) China criticizes Canada for its ideologically biased diplomatic strategy

 (Multimedia) China criticizes Canada for its ideologically biased diplomatic strategy © provided by Xinhua_fr Beijing, November 29 (Xinhua) - China expressed its lively concern and firm opposition on the diplomatic strategy of Canada on Monday to Canada in Canada With regard to the Asia-Pacific region aimed at "reducing the risks posed by China", judging that this strategy was dominated by ideological prejudices. Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made these comments at a daily press conference when he was invited to comment on this strategy.

Archives - Des militaires azerbaïdjanais à Lachin, dans le Haut-Karabakh. - MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA DE AZERBAIYÁN provided by News 360 Archives - Azerbaijani soldiers in Lachin, Haut -Karabakh. - Ministerio de Defensa de Azerbaiyán

The Armenian authorities received a proposal from the Azerbaijan government on a project of peace agreement between the parties within the framework of the third phase of the negotiation process.

Eduard Aghajanyan, president of the Armenian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said the Armenian party "received Azerbaijani proposals, which are essentially a response to those submitted previously by Armenia".

"This means that we can say that we are already in the third series of proposals, which are currently discussed," he said, according to the Armenpress news agency.

In the Assembly, LFI wants to exercise its right of draw to create a commission of inquiry on the Uber Files

 In the Assembly, LFI wants to exercise its right of draw to create a commission of inquiry on the Uber Files © Xose Bouzas during a demonstration last Wednesday, before the National Assembly. Five months after the revelations, the rebellious do not abode. A few days after having failed to impose, within the framework of their parliamentary niche, the creation of a commission of inquiry aimed at shedding light on the so -called Uber files , the LFI group will put the subject on the table.

Asked about the possibility that the foreign ministers of the two countries meet before the end of the year, the deputy replied that this possibility exists. "We cannot exclude it," he said.

Monday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar urged Armenia to "answer calls" launched by Ankara and Bakou to establish peace. During a visit to the capital Azérie, the minister met President Ilham Aliyev, with whom he discussed the importance of maintaining contacts at the highest level and continuing to fight for "a fair cause".

Akar insisted that Armenia "must understand the situation and do everything necessary in the face of the peace proposal presented by Turkey and Azerbaijan". "The whole world, in particular Armenia, must see the importance that this takes on for the region," he said, according to Daily Sabah.

Ukraine -Ticker -Blinken - Russia could strive for indomitable Ukrainians Feinfied Peace

 Ukraine -Ticker -Blinken - Russia could strive for indomitable Ukrainians Feinfied Peace 06 December (Reuters) - Developments about war in Ukraine follow. In some cases, information cannot be checked independently. 04.13 a.m.-According to US Secretary of State Antony, Russia could flash out for a failure to force the Ukrainian people to give up, bring a false army into play.

For his part, Aliyev said that Mr. Akar and his delegation had contributed to the development of friendly relations and recognized a strengthening of the links between the parties.

The two men supervised the start of a series of joint exercises near the Iranian border while tensions increase in the region. The situation worsened following the open war between Armenia and Azerbaijan two years ago.

Azerbaijan then relied on Israeli armaments and Turkish drones and took control of part of the territory in the disputed area of ​​Haut-Karabakh. The fighting lasted less than two months but left thousands of deaths among the soldiers until they ended in November 2020, when the parties signed a cease-fire.

Since then, clashes have taken place in the border areas and the two countries have accused each other of raping the truce.

Russia requests the extradition of a former member of the presidential guard who left the country to avoid going to war. .
© supplied by News 360 Archives - Russia Flag - Jan Woitas/DPA -Zentralbild/DPA The Russian authorities asked the Kazakh government to extradate Mikhail Zhilin, a former member of the presidential guard of Vladimir Putin on Wednesday Wednesday left the country following a partial mobilization decree to avoid being sent to Ukraine as part of the Russian invasion.

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