US News In prison, former Georgian President Mikheïl Saakachvili poisoned

09:50  07 december  2022
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Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin died

 Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin died © Mike Fiala Jiang Zemin, then Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party, on April 6, 1992 in Beijing , the former Chinese president , who had led his country in an era of Deep upheavals from 1989 until the early 2000s, died Wednesday at the age of 96, announced the Agency of State China Nouvelle.

L'ancien président Mikheïl Saakachvili, en 2018. © Irakli GEDENIDZE The former president Mikheïl Saakachvili, in 2018.

imprisoned since October 1, 2021, The former president of Georgia became the leader of the opposition , Mikheïl Saakachvili, was poisoned. In a medical report dated November 28 and made public by his lawyers, a toxicologist from San Francisco named David Smith announced that he had found traces of arsenic in his hair and nails. Also according to the expert, who also confirmed the presence of mercury in the analyzes, this result and the symptoms from which former president suffers "are the result of a poisoning with heavy metals" after his imprisonment. The "increased risk of mortality is imminent" for the former manager without an appropriate medical treatment, who, according to the American scientist in charge of the analysis, "seems to have been refused or is unavailable" in This country of the Caucasus.

The South African President cancels his speech to the nation after being informed of a flight on a farm.

 The South African President cancels his speech to the nation after being informed of a flight on a farm. © supplied by News 360 South African President Cyril Ramaphosa-Yui Mok/Pa Wire/DPA South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who had announced a great speech to the nation, did not appear on Thursday, then That we speculate on his possible resignation after a report concluded that he could have violated the anti-corruption law by covering the flight on his Limpopo farm. The presidency spokesperson Vincent Magwenya said that President Ramaphosa "did not panic".

Exile and hunger strike

During a statement to AFP, Mariam Jishkariani, doctor at the Tbilissi psycho-social rehabilitation center and president of the medical committee in charge of the Mikheïl Saakachvili exam, said he Diagnosed "brain lesions and neuro-intaoxication" . Former President "suffers from a number of serious illnesses, which are incompatible with his confinement", she insisted. The country's president, Salomé Zourabichvili, said that Any release for medical causes was a legal decision . She also wanted to ensure that the prisoner benefited from all the necessary care. 54 years old, Mikheïl Saakachvili, who was president for two terms between 2004 and 2013, during which he narrowly escaped death during an attempted assassination at the Granada in 2005, is today very weakened. According to Tenzig Tsouladzé, a member of a doctor's council set up by the Georgian rights mediator, the prisoner has lost 40 kilos since his confinement.

nearly 300 demonstrators released from prison after the October demonstrations at Chad

 nearly 300 demonstrators released from prison after the October demonstrations at Chad provided by News 360 Archive - The Interim President of Chad, Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno - Presidencia de Chad The joint trial of the 401 prison in prison Chadian Koro Toro during the demonstrations of October 20, during which at least 50 people were killed and 300 injured, ended on Saturday, with the release of nearly 300 demonstrators.

The politician has been incarcerated in Tbilisi for a little over a year. Accused, among other things, of

"abuse of power" and "embezzlement of budgetary funds", was sentenced in 2014 to six years' imprisonment. A verdict which he denounces as a political and against which he had led a hunger strike of fifty days. Having left Georgia for eight years, the sentence had become effective on his return, in October 2021. His exile had started after renouncing his native nationality to avoid legal proceedings. There followed a journey in the United States where he worked as a teacher at Tufts University and then in Ukraine as governor of Odessa Oblast. Officially Ukrainian since 2015, had been deprived of this nationality two years later by the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko. The latter believed that the influence of the Georgian politician could harm him in the 2019 presidential election. Potting that had placed Volodymyr Zelensky in power. He had also returned Ukrainian nationality shortly after, in 2019.

Eva Kaili: Cash in Brussels apartment is said to have heard third .
What is it with the many seems that investigators found in Eva Kaili's Brussels apartment? The deposed vice president of the EU Parliament claims that the money is neither hers nor that of her partner. © Handout/ AFP The EU politician Eva Kaili, which is in the center of corruption investigations, stated that the large amount of cash in her Brussels apartment had heard neither her nor your partner but a third party.

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