US News butter in the ecotest: Well -known brands fall through, only one is recommended

14:50  07 december  2022
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butter in the ecotest: known brands fall through, only one is recommended

butter is not only expensive, but also inferior. This emerges from the new ecotest.

Ökotest has taken a closer look at various buttermarks and the test results are worrying: 17 types of butters from the 20 tested brands fail. The main reason is listed by Ökotest mineral oil components. Of 14 with grade 6, ie "insufficient" buttered butt, mineral oil values ​​were detected in 13 brands. In addition, the value of greening -typical fatty acids is often too low. According to the Ökotest, the omega-3 fatty acids can be seen how the animals were kept and how much grass or hay the cows, from whose milk the butter was made, have eaten.

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  Butter im Ökotest: bekannte Marken fallen durch, nur eine ist empfehlenswert © provided by TZ Photo © Jochen Tack/Imago

Do you also like to use other fats when roasting or baking than butter, such as Margarine? You can also replace butter with oil. For example, the butter-oil conversion table is helpful. Some baking recipes do without butter, such as the healthy banana cake without sugar.

test winner: Only one butter brand was able to convince in the ecotest and reach the grade "good"

with all the negative test results, at least a butter brand Ökotest was able to convince: Glass dairy Fassbutter Naturland Bio-Ouera-Rrahutter achieved the test grade "good". After all, the organic butter Andechser Natur Bio Albutter Sauerwrahmutter from Bioland was still evaluated with "satisfactory".

The large losers of the butter analysis of Ökotest

the most mineral oil residues found Ökotest in the ÖMA Allgäu farmer butter. The most saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons were detected in the tested butter at a large distance. In addition, the butter loser in the ecotest was negative due to a value of 19.8 mg/kg of aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons-ten times higher than the EU guideline.

other well -known and popular buttermarks were also rated very poorly and are fallen through in the ecotest. Among them are established brands such as Alnatura Mountain farmers Sweet Rahmutter, Landliebe butter Rahmig-Frisch string-like mild and kerrygold original Irish butter mildly acidified as well as sales strikers made of common supermarket chains, such as good & cheap German brand butter mild acidated by Edeka, yes! German brand butter Mild acidified by Rewe, Milsani German brand butter mildly acidified by Aldi and Milbona Sweet Rew's cutter from Lidl.

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