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15:00  08 december  2022
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trial alarm on December 8th: What you need to know about the most important SMS of the day

 trial alarm on December 8th: What you need to know about the most important SMS of the day in Germany is introduced to a new warning system to better inform and protect us in possible disaster cases. Today's SMS, which many of us have received, points to the start of Cell Broadcast and the trial alarm on December 8, 2022 © ISTOCKPHOTO trial alarm on December 8th: What you need to know about the most important SMS of the day iStockphoto am December 8, 2022 is the official warning day in Germany. On this day of action, the federal and state governments will test their warning funds (e.

Berlin. The Federal Constitutional Court rejected an urgent application from the Union against the first budget measure of the traffic light coalition, the rebooking of 60 billion euros to the climate fund. But the justification of the court shows that the traffic lights and especially finance minister Christian Lindner have to take care of the final decision.

 Bundesfinanzminister Christian Lindner (FDP) hat am Donnerstagmorgen zur Entscheidung des Verfassungsgerichts Stellung genommen. Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) commented on the decision of the constitutional court on Thursday morning.

What looks like a slump for the Union at first glance is more of a stage victory at second glance: The constitutional court has rejected the urgent application of the Union, with which it is one of the first decisions of the traffic light coalition, namely the second supplementary budget 2021 , wanted to tip in after. But now a main proceedings are followed, i.e. an exact constitutional examination. At the end, the court judges whether the rebooking of pumped 60 billion euros from the federal budget in 2021 to the Energy and Climate Mund (EKF) was unconstitutional. In their reasoning for the rejection of the urgent application, the judges raise so many tricky questions that the Union can rightly hope to triumph in the end.

Ministry of Defense: Inactivity in the event of amitone procurement "Blank nonsense"

 Ministry of Defense: Inactivity in the event of amitone procurement The Federal Ministry of Defense has rejected allegations that the department is not sufficient to eliminate the lack of ammunition in the Bundeswehr. "The fact that we are idle in the procurement of ammunition" is "of course bleed nonsense," said a spokesman for the Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) on Friday. He reacted to a question about a letter from the Federal Ministry of Finance with an unusually clear criticism of the defense department.

would be like that, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner in particular would have a huge problem: his budgetary policy would be completely overturned. In order to be able to finance the ambitious traffic light projects in climate protection, for example, the FDP boss had relied on storage from the start: he bunkered 60 billion euros in the EKF, which the old Bundestag had already approved in 2021, but which remained unused to available for environmental and climate projects from 2022. The abolition of the green electricity surcharge has already been financed from the EKF-as well as the promotion of efficient buildings and the environmental bonus for electric cars.

Lindner was similar to the special funds for the Bundeswehr (100 billion euros) and for the economic stabilization fund to defend the high energy prices (200 billion). Without these loan -financed pre -pools, Lindner could not have kept the debt brake formally - neither 2023 nor in the following years.

Put into service of the first natural gas regzéification factory in Germany .
© provided by News 360 Robert Habeck, Olaf Scholz and Christian Lindner at the natural gas regzéification plant in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. - Michael Sohn The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz attended the inauguration and the commissioning of the country's first regzéification factory in the country on Saturday in Wilhelmshaven. The factory was built in record time of less than ten months, which shows that "our country is capable of new departures and great speed," said Scholz. Mr.

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