US News Putin drunk? Here, the Russian president slams and stumbles in a speech

09:00  09 december  2022
09:00  09 december  2022 Source:   berliner-kurier.de

Ukraine Current: More than 10,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers

 Ukraine Current: More than 10,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers War demands many victims. Kyiv announces a provisionally official number. US President Biden submits a offer of conversation. The World Bank chief Malpass expects significantly higher reconstruction costs. An overview.

Nanu, a drunk Russian president? A rather unusual picture must have offered himself invited guests in the Moscow Kremlin these days. Russian dictator Putin can be seen on a video and seems to be quite tipsy. He holds a champagne glass in his hand and rushes against the Russian war against Ukraine.

  Putin betrunken? Hier lallt und taumelt der Russen-Präsident bei einer Rede © provided by Berliner Kurier

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The words he speaks, anything but straight sound. So he seems to be stalling and lashing several times. During the speech to award the award for the "heroes of Russia", he also fluctuates slightly, keeping an endless monologue. Unusual for Putin, who is otherwise the most part of alcohol abstinent.

Possible Putin fall: Where he flee in the event of a Russian defeat,

 Possible Putin fall: Where he flee in the event of a Russian defeat, Possible Putin Sturz: Where he would flee in the event of a Russian defeat, The Ukraine War would not run as planned for Russia. Wladimir Putin is said to already plan the escape from his own country. Moscow - Hardly any progress on the front, losses on the battlefield and now even attacks on airfields in their own country: Russia continues to head for a disaster in the Ukraine War. This should not have escaped the government around President Vladimir Putin.

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, is also interesting what Putin is talking about with its gelall. The Russian ruler frankly admitted that Russia attacked the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, just to push the guilt directly of Ukraine into the shoes. "Yes, we do. But who started? Who attacked the Crimean Bridge? ”Putin asked those present. However,

military experts are certain that the attacks have been planned for much longer. After all, such an attack with target coordinates had to be prepared, it said, among other things, by the Institute for the Study of War. The coordinates alone did not even collect the Russian military in the two days between the attack on the Crimean Bridge and the rocket strokes on civilians in Ukraine.

Plan unveiled: Putin plans to escape abroad

 Plan unveiled: Putin plans to escape abroad The Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly has a plan to escape abroad. © Ozan Kose /Getty Images Wladimir Putin The Russian President Vladimir Putin has a plan to flee South American exile if he loses war in Ukraine, a former consultant also said interesting on December 6, 2022.

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then the Kremlin ruler continues that the Ukraine's water supply to the city of Donetsk Block and even go so far as to call this an "act of genocide". Putin justifies the attacks on Ukraine and the cruel acts of his soldiers to civilians. Mass graves with several hundred dead civilians have already been discovered. The cities of Mariupol, Butscha and Irpin are considered synonyms for cruel war crimes on the Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, many Russians are likely to commemorate Putin's predecessor. Russian President Boris Jelzin was constantly drunk, even received US presidents in the Suff. When the old president finally quenched, he left Putin the field. He had first made a name for himself as head of the KGB Succession Secondary Service and later as Prime Minister. At that time he also came to power through a act of violence: he re -established the war against the renegade sub -republic of Chechnya.

Putin Igel an .
Putin Igelt an Since Russia misses its war goals, Putin reacts. The PR machine of the Kremlin meanwhile has its own plans. Moscow - The domestic political pressure for Vladimir Putin is increasing. From the devastating losses of the Russian army in the Ukraine conflict, numerous soldier families have so far received no war premiums. In addition, the financing of the war against Ukraine had to be postponed. An example is the infrastructural expansion in several regions.

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