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The UK is sending postal workers door to door to combat loneliness

Tuesday  12:57,   16 october 2018

Postal workers in Britain will soon be delivering a dose of compassion alongside the mail. Tucked into the UK’s newly minted government-wide strategy to tackle…Tucked into the UK’s newly minted government-wide strategy to tackle loneliness is a... >>>

The Japanese Man Who Saved 6,000 Jews With His Handwriting

Tuesday  11:42,   16 october 2018

“Even a hunter cannot kill a bird that flies to him for refuge.”On Friday I came to Nagoya at the invitation of the Japanese government to speak in honour of his... >>>

A Giant Net Has Been Deployed to Clean Up Plastics in the Pacific Ocean

Tuesday  10:27,   16 october 2018

A floating pipe connected to a net three meters deep is designed to trap litterDutch environmental start-up Ocean Cleanup Foundation launched the apparatus from San Francisco last month, CNN reports. It is expected to soon begin work clearing... >>>

That Painting of Trump Having a Diet Coke With Abraham Lincoln Is Now Hanging in the White House

Tuesday  09:12,   16 october 2018

That Painting of Trump Having a Diet Coke With Abraham Lincoln Is Now Hanging in the White HouseCalled “The Republican Club,” the print of 10 Republican presidents sitting around a table could be seen briefly in the background of Trump’s interview... >>>

These cities will rule the world in 2025

Tuesday  07:03,   16 october 2018

More and more megacities are emerging across the world, becoming centers of population and wealth in the way that whole countries used to be. Using data from McKinsey & Company we reveal the cities likely to dominate in the... >>>

Secret Service Saved Trump From Attempted Assassination

Tuesday  06:57,   16 october 2018

One threatening tweet read, “Gonna be in Manila the same time as TrumpI’ll take one for the team lads.” The post also featured a mug shot of Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated President John F. Kennedy. © Reuters U.S. President Donald Trum Before... >>>

Nuclear fusion reactor to 'recreate sun on earth'

Tuesday  06:51,   16 october 2018

A nuclear reactor that uses the same energy source as the sun is taking shape in the south of France. Sky News was given special access to the experimental plant near Marseilles.Download the all-new Microsoft News app to receive up-to-the minute... >>>

Serial criminal jailed after stealing from chemotherapy unit and cancer centre

Tuesday  06:27,   16 october 2018

Richard Ward admitted stealing from Leicester Royal Infirmary.Richard Ward was handed a 27-month prison sentence after admitting a number of offences at Leicester Crown Court on Monday, Leicestershire Police... >>>

Murdered schoolgirl’s mother ‘will not crumble’ after daughter’s ‘destruction’

Tuesday  06:27,   16 october 2018

The body of the 13-year-old Lucy McHugh was found in woodland at Southampton Sports Centre on July 26. She had been stabbed to death.Hampshire Police carried out new searches last week at the sports centre following a new lead as they attempt to... >>>

Same-sex penguin 'couple' nurturing egg together

Tuesday  06:06,   16 october 2018

Two male penguins are nurturing an egg given to them by aquarium staff who suspected they were more than friends. The birds, named Magic and Sphen, had earlier built a nest together after collecting ice pebbles, the Australian news network ABC... >>>

Woman with stage IV lung cancer completes IRONMAN World Championship race

Tuesday  06:06,   16 october 2018

Isabella de la Houssaye — a 54-year-old woman with stage IV lung cancer — completed the IRONMAN World Championship race Saturday in 14:56:56.Completing the race is an impressive feat in and of itself. But completing the race with stage IV lung... >>>

Judge tosses Stormy Daniels' defamation suit against Trump

Tuesday  05:27,   16 october 2018

A federal judge has dismissed porn actress Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump. U.S. District Judge S. James Otero issued the order Monday in Los... >>>

'Not a wind-up': Car caught driving on bare metal wheel rim

Tuesday  05:15,   16 october 2018

Police officers were left stunned after they stopped a car on the motorway being driven on a metal wheel rim. Officers said the driver of the badly damaged Citroen believed it was "acceptable" to be driven on the M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road... >>>

Scientists discover earliest example of animal life was 635-million-year-old sponge

Tuesday  05:03,   16 october 2018

Scientists discover earliest example of animal life was 635-million-year-old spongeRather than searching for conventional body fossils, scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) opted to look for molecular signs of life called... >>>

Norway makes rare discovery of Viking ship traces

Tuesday  04:57,   16 october 2018

Archaeologists said on Monday they have found what they believe are traces of a Viking ship buried in southeast Norway, a rare discovery that could shed light on the skilled navigators' expeditions in the Middle Ages. The boatlike shape was... >>>