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Hundreds Released From Diamond Princess Cruise Ship in Japan

Thursday  11:30,   20 february 2020

Hundreds of passengers walked off a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship Wednesday after getting the all-clear from the Japanese authorities, but the scene that greeted them as their feet touched solid ground for the first time in weeks suggested that... >>>

Abuse survivor who moved the Duchess of Cornwall to tears reveals how the 'evil sociopath' who murdered her mother trapped his victim when she was vulnerable after her divorce

Thursday  11:15,   20 february 2020

Celia Peachy reflects on the death of her mother Maria, as she campaigns to help those affected by domestic abuse and to raise awareness of the signs.He was physically unimposing: bespectacled; meagre. I did not for a second consider him... >>>

Two passengers who were on coronavirus-hit cruise die from COVID-19

Thursday  10:55,   20 february 2020

Two passengers who were on a coronavirus-hit cruise ship have died from COVID-19. The victims - a Japanese man and woman in their 80s - are the first people from the Diamond Princess to lose their lives from the illness. © Reuters Workers in... >>>

Home Secretary Priti Patel is accused of 'bullying' and creating 'atmosphere of fear' in her department amid claims she attempted to oust her most-senior civil servant

Thursday  10:16,   20 february 2020

Staff have allegedly accused the Home Secretary Priti Patel (pictured) of bullying and belittling officials in meetings within the Cabinet Officer in London.Staff have allegedly accused the Home Secretary of bullying and belittling officials in... >>>

The city where war crimes are being committed and the world is doing nothing to help

Thursday  10:15,   20 february 2020

A baby cries out for her mother - but she is unable to be by her side. The 34-year-old and her newborn girl are being treated in one of the last functioning hospitals in the Syrian city of Idlib.Seventy hospitals have been bombed out of action, and... >>>

Democrats Unleash an Onslaught of Attacks, With Bloomberg the Main Target

Thursday  09:05,   20 february 2020

LAS VEGAS — The Democratic presidential candidates turned on one another in scorching and personal terms in a debate on Wednesday night, with two of the leading candidates, Senator Bernie Sanders and Michael R. Bloomberg, forced onto the defensive... >>>

What the papers say – February 20

Thursday  08:50,   20 february 2020

Flooding continues to make headlines on Thursday.The i and Metro both take a closer look at the fallout following the announcement of Britain’s points-based immigration system. The former says there are fears of the impact on the numbers of carers... >>>

200 Vehicles Involved in Massive Pileup South of Montreal, Leaving Dozens Injured

Thursday  08:10,   20 february 2020

Officials say blizzard-like conditions contributed to the crash Blizzard-like conditions in Canada led to a pileup of hundreds of cars on a highway near Montreal.The crash started at about 12:30 p.m. local time in La Prairie, Quebec on Wednesday,... >>>

Palaeontologists discover a never-before-seen 168-million-year-old amphibian called Egoria in Russia that is a 8-inch long ancient salamander

Thursday  07:45,   20 february 2020

Fossil remains of the amphibian - which lived around 176-161 million years ago, in the Middle Jurassic - were found in the Berezovsky quarry in Western Siberia. Experts think that the species — named Egoria malashichevi — belonged to the oldest... >>>

Larry Tesler, Apple employee who created cut-and-paste, dies at 74

Thursday  07:10,   20 february 2020

Computer scientist led Apple on the famous tours of Xerox PARC, where Steve Jobs was exposed to ideas for the Mac's graphical user interface.Tesler pioneered the concept of "cut-copy-paste" during his time at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center... >>>

Coronavirus: Iran reports two deaths

Thursday  04:20,   20 february 2020

IRNA quoted an adviser to the country’s health minister as saying both of the elderly victims were located in Qom, about 86 miles south of Tehran.The new coronavirus has killed two elderly Iranian citizens, according to Iran’s state-run IRNA news... >>>

Ancient Humans in the Sahara Desert Were Feasting on Fish 10,000 Years Ago

Thursday  04:05,   20 february 2020

"The quantity of fish we have found and studied are unprecedented in the central Sahara," researcher Savino di Lernia told Newsweek.Researchers have found a vast number of animal remains—including those of fish—at a site in the Sahara Desert,... >>>

Natural gas is a much ‘dirtier’ energy source than we thought

Thursday  03:45,   20 february 2020

Coal, oil, and gas are responsible for much more atmospheric methane, the super-potent warming gas, than previously known.Previously, geologic sources like volcanic seeps and gassy mud pots were thought to spit out about 10 percent of the methane... >>>

Would You Watch White House Contenders Dance and Sing?

Thursday  03:30,   20 february 2020

Literally. Move over, Miss America.Picture this: You tune into a presidential debate, knowing you should, knowing it’s your civic duty, but also knowing all you’re going to get is a bunch of canned responses from politicians who’ve been practicing... >>>

China expels three foreign journalists for a 'racist' article. They didn't write it

Thursday  03:30,   20 february 2020

Chinese authorities abruptly revoked three Wall Street Journal reporters' press credentials Wednesday as punishment for an opinion column published in the Journal two weeks ago headlined "China is the Real Sick Man of Asia." .BEIJING — Chinese... >>>