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Michelle Obama has a "mild depression"

Thursday  13:40,   06 august 2020

Get "Becoming" from Michelle Obama. "It is disheartening" You even wake up "sometimes in the middle of the night because I am worried about something or there is a certain weight." From a "spiritual" point of view, "there are no fulfilling times,"... >>>

Libya: calls are increasing to release journalist Ismaïl Abuzreiba

Thursday  13:15,   06 august 2020

© AFP Photos / Abdullah Doma View of the city of Benghazi where the Libyan journalist was tried by a military court (illustration image). Appeals from Libyan and international organizations to the authorities in eastern Libya have multiplied to... >>>

Apartment or house search: a former Miss France will participate in the show!

Thursday  12:15,   06 august 2020

A new guest will soon make an appearance on the real estate show. © Julien KNAUB / M6 A new guest will soon make an appearance on the real estate show. New mission for Stéphane Plaza! PAF's best-known real estate agent will help a former Miss... >>>

Turkey: thousands of demonstrators against violence against women

Thursday  09:15,   06 august 2020

© Yasin AKGUL / AFP Women demonstrate for the maintenance of the Istanbul Convention against violence against women, August 5, 2020, in the Turkish metropolis. In Turkey, despite the holidays and the coronavirus, several thousand women gathered on... >>>

Lebanon: the government declares a state of emergency for two weeks

Thursday  09:15,   06 august 2020

© REUTERS / Issam Abdallah August 6, 2020: the port of Beirut devastated by the explosion of August 4. In Lebanon, the toll of the double explosion that devastated the capital Beirut on Tuesday August 4 has grown even worse, now amounting to 135... >>>

Japan celebrates the 75th anniversary of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima

Thursday  07:15,   06 august 2020

© Handout The Japanese city of Hiroshima in November 1945, three months after the nuclear bombing Japan commemorated the first nuclear attack in history on Thursday , which occurred 75 years ago on August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima, in the particular... >>>

Explosions in Beirut. The STL verdict on the Hariri attack postponed

Wednesday  21:40,   05 august 2020

© REUTERS / Xavier Lhospice Rafic Hariri leaving the Élysée Palace on February 27, 2001. The judgment in the trial of four men accused of having participated in the assassination of Rafic Hariri will not be returned on Friday, announces the Special >>>

Port of Beirut: the catastrophe which adds to the economic collapse

Wednesday  21:40,   05 august 2020

© Maxar Technologies / via REUTERS Satellite image of the port of Beirut after the double explosion on August 4th. Located in the heart of Beirut, the port is one of the main economic lungs of Lebanon. The importance of its infrastructure is all... >>>

Explosion in Beirut: overcrowded hospitals in the distressed capital

Wednesday  19:45,   05 august 2020

© Supplied by France 24 On the left, injured people being treated in the parking lot of an overcrowded hospital. On the right, chaos in the corridors of St Joseph's Hospital, where the wounded are treated on the floor and in the corridors. Photo... >>>

Ivorian presidential election: possible remedies to correct the electoral list

Wednesday  19:43,   05 august 2020

© ISSOUF SANOGO / AFP Electoral officers count in a polling station in Bouaké, October 13, 2018. From Wednesday until Friday , any citizen can contest the brand new electoral list, which now contains 7.5 million people. Anyone can lodge an appeal... >>>

Isabelle Adjani "devastated": she lost a friend in the explosions in Beirut

Wednesday  15:48,   05 august 2020

© Veeren Ramsamy-Christophe Clovis / Bestimage Isabelle Adjani "devastated": she lost a friend in the explosions in Beirut This Tuesday, August 4, a deadly double explosion struck Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. On Instagram, Isabelle Adjani... >>>

Penelope and François Fillon: 5 things to know about their Beaucé manor

Wednesday  15:47,   05 august 2020

© Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Penelope and François Fillon: 5 things to know about their Beaucé manor Pending the appeal trial, François Fillon and his wife Penelope live in seclusion in their Beaucé castle located in the Sarthe. A mysterious... >>>

Explosions in Beirut: the international community offers aid to Lebanon

Wednesday  13:20,   05 august 2020

© REUTERS / Aziz Taher Apocalyptic scenes reigned in Beirut after a double explosion on Tuesday August 4th. Here, the remains of a building near the port, August 5, 2020. As Lebanon tries to deal with the damage from the double explosion in Beirut... >>>