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50,000 euros prize money: FUT gets the Valorant Regional EMEA title

Monday  17:40,   08 august 2022

At the weekend, the decision of the European Valorant Regional League took place. Winner after a gripping catch -up against Team Vitality: Fut Esports. © fut eSports Fut Esports triumphed through a spectacular catch... >>>

War in Ukraine. American actress Jessica Chastain met President Volodymyr Zelensky

Monday  17:40,   08 august 2022

© Press Service of the Ukrainian Presidency via AFP The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the American actress Jessica Chastain during a meeting on Sunday August 7, 2022, in kyiv , in Ukraine. American actress Jessica Chastain went to... >>>

Gas emergency plan of the EU comes into force Tuesday. The plan was published on Monday in the EU Official Journal and should therefore apply from the following day. The regulation provides for voluntary savings in winter in the amount of 15 percent per

Monday  17:10,   08 august 2022

© Ina Fassbender The EU's gas emergency plan agreed at the end of July will come into force on Tuesday. How the 27 EU countries reduce their demand is up to them. The regulation provided for numerous exceptions for states and "critical sectors"... >>>

Many fans prefer to know in advance: Dies Hund Ludwig in "Kaiserschmarrndrama" or not?

Monday  17:00,   08 august 2022

your browser does not support this video +++ Attention: Spoiler for "Kaiserschmarrn drama" +++ Sometimes it can really be healthy to spoil yourself, especially when it comes to the death of a film figure that is about the Years have grown so much... >>>

Florent Pagny sick: he appears unrecognizable in a recent photo ... Is cancer behind him?

Monday  16:50,   08 august 2022

Florent Pagny reappears transformed on a new photo. He displays a new look while we remember him without hair and without beard, stigma of chemotherapy sessions he has ... © Capture screen youtube Florent Pagny Malade: he appears unrecognizable in... >>>

debut to measure: Gregoritsch helps the Freiburg resting pulse

Monday  16:40,   08 august 2022

last season to help the class, now responsible for the Augsburg false start: Michael Gregoritsch celebrated a successful debut for SC Freiburg when he returned to his old place of work. © Imago/Sven Simon Freiburg's newcomer Michael Gregoritsch... >>>

Mexico: It is necessary to make it "more" to help the ten minors trapped underground, according to President

Monday  16:30,   08 august 2022

nearly 400 rescuers are already mobilized to save the ten minors stuck in the bottom of a coal mine, In northeast of Mexico © Alfredo Lara/AP/SIPA Ten minors are stuck under the ground in the aftermath of the collapse and flood of three coal wells... >>>

Stationary state for beluga still blocked in a lock of the Seine

Monday  16:10,   08 august 2022

© Jean-François Monier Le Beluga near a lock in Courcelles-sur-Seine, August 5, 2022. No notable evolution after six days In the Seine and the chances of returning to the ocean that fall asleep for beluga lost in Eure. You don't observe "No... >>>

Marseille. A man injured by bullets and crushed by his attackers

Monday  16:10,   08 august 2022

© Joel Le Gall /Archives Ouest-France A police uniform. Illustration photo. A 30 -year -old man was targeted by firearms in Marseille, on the night of Sunday, August 8, 2022. Seriously injured, he was then prosecuted by a vehicle that rolled him. A >>>

How pro-Trump treasurers punish companies that act for the

Monday  16:00,   08 august 2022

ecology of American treasurers close to the Republicans work in a coordinated manner to undermine the ecological transition of local businesses. © Dominick Reuter/AFP while Joe Biden tries to impose a deep ecological transition at the national... >>>

Uncertainty about the destination of the "RAZONI", the first cereal boat to have left Ukraine

Monday  16:00,   08 august 2022

© Mehmet CALISKAN The first loading of Ukrainian cereals had left the port of Odessa on August 1 to Lebanon. Reuters/Mehmet Emin Caliskan/Photo File but where is Razoni? The ship carrying The first charging of cereals exported by Ukraine since The... >>>

Taiwan castigates the continuation of military exercises of China

Monday  15:10,   08 august 2022

© Gong Yulong / Xinhua / Xinhua via AFP D ES Persistent diplomatic tensions. Taiwan reproached China on Monday, August 8, of carrying out new maritime and air military exercises around the island, while Beijing continues its reprisals after the... >>>

This American star is in critical condition after a spectacular road accident

Monday  14:50,   08 august 2022

His name may not tell you much, but his face is however familiar with the world of series: Anne Héche (All Rise, Chicago PD) Was the victim of a terrible road accident this Friday, August 5, 2022. If the days of the actress of Donnie Brasco are not >>>

Deborah James († 40): She suffered panic attacks because she was afraid of dying

Monday  14:40,   08 august 2022

© Instagram/ Bewoods Deborah James: In her book revealed: She suffered panic attacks because she was afraid of dying in June died The BBC presenter Deborah James († 40) after a long cancer. She left not only a number of grieving fans, but also her... >>>

Change is imminent: Anthony Modeste for the Medical Check in Dortmund

Monday  14:30,   08 august 2022

Anthony Modeste is already in Dortmund. The FC striker is about to switch to BVB and is said to replace the seriously ill Sebastien Haller. © Herbert Bucco Anthony Modeste Aktuell is about the medical check for the 34-year-old. It is expected that... >>>