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Winter Trend 2022: This bag looks like from the designer-but does not cost 18 euros!

Thursday  18:50,   24 november 2022

approaches at the end of the month and you have to pay attention to your finances? We feel you! The fashion brands are just doing their best again, praise their latest trends, curl with offers and scream of all channels: "Here are the new fashion... >>>

Emily Ratajkowski cracks for the shoe trend of the

Thursday  17:00,   24 november 2022

moment among the trendy shoes of the season, we find the Santiags. Recently, Emily Ratajkowski wore them. We can say it, in fashion, Emily Ratajkowski has one step ahead of everyone. This summer already, the model was fucking the New York floor... >>>

Stellantis forced to store cars on an abandoned aerodrome in Sochaux

Thursday  16:00,   24 november 2022

© supplied by Tribune The parking lot of the Sochaux factory is filled with vehicles due to congestion of transport. The congestion of world transport continues. The Stellantis factory in Sochaux (Doubs) is, in fact, forced to store part of the new >>>

ADAC criticizes consumer-unfriendly e-cars

Wednesday  14:51,   23 november 2022

The ADAC has criticized the reform of state funding for electric cars. With a view to a new funding guideline, ADAC technology president Karsten Schulze said that the federal government had given the chance to make the funding more... >>>

before Fed protocol: Dax steps on Frankfurt's stock exchange in the middle of the week on the spot

Wednesday  13:50,   23 november 2022

On Wednesday the DAX can hardly get off the spot. © provided by Finanzen.net Spencer Platt/Getty Images The DAX launched Wednesday in Frankfurt by 0.11 percent higher at 14,438.20 points. The leading index then commutes around the zero line in a... >>>

Back from the 80s: Lure Disco Curling As a Frisuren trend 2022, for party atmosphere

Wednesday  11:40,   23 november 2022

The time has come: The Party season 2022 is just around the corner. What do we mean? The days around Christmas and New Year's Eve on which there are enough occasions to really accelerate when styling and not only get the most sparkling clothes out... >>>

shoe trend: In addition to black boots, boots in this winter color are announced

Tuesday  22:40,   22 november 2022

on the proverbial quiet soles you can really not be on the road in autumn and winter . At least outside, puddles, leaves and at some point the snow make a silent running impossible. So if soft soles excrete for the cold season, we simply switch to... >>>

20 actors who are connected to one role forever

Tuesday  21:20,   22 november 2022

The summer house curse has struck! Patrick & Antonia's love has not survived the trash hardness test ... © RTL Patrick Romer & Antonia: Everything! This is the real reason for separation The "Bauer sucht Frau" romance by Patrick Romer (26) and... >>>

problematic or super sweet? The "Crying Make-Up" trend splits the Internet

Tuesday  20:00,   22 november 2022

© Instagram/Zoekimkenealy problematic or cute? "Crying make-up" trend splits internet instagram/zoekimkenealy some trends ... How should we say ... We don't know what you look like after crying, but we then rather classify our appearance in the... >>>

hair color trend: In winter we wear chai blonde

Tuesday  09:40,   22 november 2022

warm blond tones in winter? Yes, please! Fashion women rely on a particularly beautiful hair color trend in the cold months: Chai Blonde © Getty Images Chai Blonde is the most beautiful warm blond tone in winter 2022 Getty Images on cold days... >>>

Margot Robbie relies on this clothing style in winter 2022, which is also a huge trend

Monday  15:30,   21 november 2022

Margot Robbie in the winter of 2022 on this clothing style © Getty Images still looking for fashion-inspo for the upcoming Public holidays? then comes Margot Robbies Breathtaking Outfit to visit the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 13th >>>

pocket trend: IT bags look exactly like this in winter 2022 (and they are available from 18 euros)

Monday  12:50,   21 november 2022

© imaxtree teddyfell without charged hair: wear the fashion trend. Better imaxtree real fur is out. In the winter of 2022 we prefer to borrow the fur with our plush animals : Teddyfell is currently becoming a cozy and stylish fashion trend. Now the >>>

"I was burned my clothes, I was pissed on it, I was struck": the terrible revelations of this member of the strangers

Monday  02:10,   21 november 2022

© Capture/Instagram "I was burned my clothes, we 'Pissed on it, I was struck ": the terrible revelations of this member of the unknowns revealed to the general public in the 90s, the strangers continue more than ever to be in the hearts of the... >>>

Short Hairstyles 2019 - All information about the trend

Saturday  00:40,   19 november 2022

If you think about having a short hairstyle cut, the perfect time is now. Short hair is the trend in 2019 and reflect all styling variants from cheeky to elegant. We have put together the hottest information about the trendy haircut for you. ©... >>>

Winter Trend 2022: We look at this winter manicure at Jennifer Lopez from

Friday  14:20,   18 november 2022

© Getty Images Winter Trend 2021: Jennifer Lopez shows that nail polish with glitter always works around the Christmas season. We reveal how the manicure has to look now. blue fingers in winter? Under normal circumstances, this is not a good sign.... >>>