Auto Shows "She is quite strangled": Myriam Palomba makes revelations about the financial situation of Laetitia Hallyday in TPMP (C8)

11:10  25 september  2022
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ENORA Malagré "very cuckold": the revelations of the former columnist of "TPMP"!

 ENORA Malagré on this Wednesday, July 20, Enora Malagré, ex-chronique of "TPMP", celebrates its 42 years.

Myriam Palomba made some revelations on the financial situation of Laetitia Hallyday.

Myriam Palomba a fait quelques révélations sur la situation financière de Laetitia Hallyday. © Capture screen - C8 Myriam Palomba made some revelations about the financial situation of Laetitia Hallyday.

Invited in TPMP to discuss the financial situation of the widow of Johnny Hallyday this Friday, September 23, Myriam Palomba revealed that the new companion of Jalil Lespert was in a critical situation. " Laetitia inherited 30 million debts claimed by the taxman, and they had left him until August 30 to repay part of the debt, which amounted to 13 million. She sold her Pacific Palissade house To reimburse part of the debt, except that she bought a house behind at 5-6 million and that she could not reimburse all this debt. The taxman then granted her until mid-October to reimburse All this debt except that obviously she is quite strangled. If she does not sell this house in Marnes-la-Coquette, she will be auctioned by tax , "she revealed. Part of the debts of Laetitia Hallyday would however be frozen.

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 Tomorrow belongs to us (spoiler): Gaspard's shock departure, the painful revelations of Noor on TF1 © provided by all TV The return of Juliette jostles Tristan in Tomorrow belongs to us . Indeed, Gaspard would absolutely want to see his father again. At the revelation of this heavy secret, the former manager of the Spoon was quickly embarrassed. In the next episodes, broadcast from Tuesday, August 9, 2022 on the TF1 antenna, this desire will be hampered. Gaspard rejected by Tristan and Juliet in Tomorrow belongs to us Gaspard ( Mogamed Bechiev ) reiterates his wish with Tristan.

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" There is a safeguard procedure where its debts are frozen for 10 years. Nobody can claim this money from her neither her creditors nor the taxman […] she also asked for a sprawl of her debts in the second chamber of the Commercial Court of Paris and she will be able to establish a schedule to reimburse her debts Going and when it is on the assets of the companies and it is not what it owes to the taxman and what Johnny Hallyday owed to tax , "continued Myriam Palomba. It seems that the life that Laetitia Hallyday had known with the singer of I promise you is now a distant memory. " She is quite strangled […] Today the lifestyle she had with Johnny, we are far from it, very very far. "

as Benjamin Castaldi explained, Jade and Joy's mother would have could not take the inheritance. " She could have not taken the inheritance. No inheritance, no debt. If she accepted it is that she has money elsewhere ," revealed the former animator of Secret Story .

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