Auto Shows only e-cars? Expert: Hydrogen drive is the future

12:50  02 december  2022
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Bahn takes the first test drive with Siemens hydrogen train

 Bahn takes the first test drive with Siemens hydrogen train on its way to climate neutrality 2040, Deutsche Bahn undertook a first official test drive on Friday on the Niederrhein with a new hydrogen train. The train developed by Siemens with the name "Mireo Plus H" does not create an exhaust gas and has a range of up to 800 kilometers in the tested version. It is filled with climate-neutral hydrogen and only emits water vapor, as Deutsche Bahn and Siemens announced in Wegberg in North Rhine-Westphalia.

only e-cars? Expert: Hydrogen drive is the future

for a long time, hydrogen was only suitable for trucks. But now an expert says: The hydrogen car is what the diesel was once nowadays.

Duisburg - hydrogen or electric car? When ex-CDU candidate Armin Laschet Tesla boss Elon Musk asked exactly, his answer was clear: "Definitely, hydrogen is a waste of time, OBVIOUSLY"-the hydrogen car is obviously a waste of time, explained Musk and got a laughing attack, which at the time caused memes and headlines.

Energy carrier hydrogen drive type fuel cell or combustion engine number hydrogen filling stations in NRW18 new allocations hydrogen cars in Germany than 1000

No, You Cannot Buy a Self-Driving Car Today

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hydrogen as an drive of the future? "We will see a lot of such cars"

But is the hydrogen car really just a joke? "Not at all," says Peter Beckhaus. He is the managing director of the Center for fuel cell technology (ZBT) in Duisburg. The city in the Ruhr area has the self -confident claim to become the hydrogen center in Germany and the ZBT is considered one of the leading European research institutions for hydrogen technologies in Europe, reports 24rhein.

"In the near future we will see many hydrogen cars on the streets," said Beckhaus. This is surprising, because so far the widespread view was: hydrogen drives are suitable for trucks and heavy machines. Because batteries for these cars would be extremely difficult, and the constant shop would interfere with logistics chains. For cars, on the other hand, only battery -operated electric motors make sense, it has been said for years. Main argument: the significantly lower efficiency in hydrogen cars compared to electric cars.

unknown stuck notes on Teslas - E -cars are more harmful than combustion engine

 unknown stuck notes on Teslas - E -cars are more harmful than combustion engine An unknown conspiracy theorist stuck to several Teslas with adhesive stick in early November. It was that the vehicles were more environmentally harmful than combustion engines. According to current studies, however, this is not the case. © provided by Finanzen.net Daniel Roland/AFP/Getty Images Conspiracy theorists sticks to Teslas at the beginning of November, a stranger attached a series of Teslas note.

electric car is much more efficient - still

Because the battery -operated electric car comes from the power plant via the charging station directly into the battery. From one kilowatt hour of electricity, the electric car implements 70 percent directly in motion.

  Nur E-Autos? Experte: Wasserstoff-Antrieb ist die Zukunft © provided by Merkur Photo © Peter Sieben/24rhein

hydrogen, however, must first be produced. That costs electricity. Then the energy source must be brought to a gas station. Only then is it converted into electricity again using the fuel cell in the car. The efficiency of hydrogen cars is less than 30 percent. This is a similar value as with normal combustion engines.

“Who used diesel earlier? Only the farmer “

But the technical development will make hydrogen cars competitive, ZBT boss Peter Beckhaus believes:“ It's like diesel. Who used it earlier? Only the farmer with his tractor. Then diesel was suddenly an alternative to petrol engines. Likewise, hydrogen cars will be an alternative for electric cars. ”

Should you buy a new or used car?

  Should you buy a new or used car? There are pros and cons of getting the latest model.Driving new costs on average $700 per month while used averages at $525, according to Experian’s State of Automotive Finance Market for the third quarter of 2022.

After all, a car that is operated with hydrogen has considerable advantages over classic electric cars. While e-car drivers have to wait and see for longer loading times again and again, a hydrogen car can be refueled as quickly as a petrol engine. And the range with a full tank can be 1,000 kilometers - this is currently not possible with any electric car.

step from the electric car to the hydrogen is small

“The step from the electric car to the hydrogen car is much smaller than from the combustion engine to hydrogen. If electric cars have continued to establish themselves, hydrogen cars will also prevail, ”Beckhaus is certain.

large car manufacturers appear to be seized: Among other things, BMW, Honda and Nissan test hydrogen drives, both as a combustion engine and with fuel cell. And Toyota has had a series model with the Mirai for years. Ford also thinks in this direction. The car manufacturer is currently investing vigorously in the Ford works in Cologne, which are to become its center of e-car production in Europe. However, Ford recently registered a patent for a turbo engine with hydrogen drive in the USA, as reported, among other things, the Muscle Cars & Trucks portal.

A hurdle that remains for now is the lack of infrastructure. There are currently around 100 petrol stations in Germany, quite a few of them in North Rhine-Westphalia: Among others in Essen, Duisburg, Ratingen, Wuppertal and Herten, cars can be refueled with hydrogen operators. According to the expert assessment, there would have to be at least 500 to 1000 such petrol stations in the medium term so that the network is densely enough for an everyday use of hydrogen cars.

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