Auto Shows unknown stuck notes on Teslas - E -cars are more harmful than combustion engine

07:10  05 december  2022
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An unknown conspiracy theorist stuck to several Teslas with adhesive stick in early November. It was that the vehicles were more environmentally harmful than combustion engines. According to current studies, however, this is not the case.

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at the beginning of November, a stranger attached a series of Teslas note. It said in English: "Oil is not obtained from dead dinosaurs, but is the liquid with the second most occurrence on this planet. Politicians claim that Oil is scarce so that they can sell it more expensive. You also pay the government for it that it rains. " When manufacturing Tesla batteries, 550 tons of ore would be required to process about eleven kilos of lithium. In addition, Tesla took 75 semi-truck loads sulfuric acid and an additional 3,400 to 3,500 liters for transport. This means that Teslas are about four times as environmentally harmful as cars with a combustion engine. The unknown conspiracy theorist does not specify how many Teslas these resources are used up and what "transport" it is.

away from the combustion engine: Auto supplier Schaeffler is building 1300 further positions from

 away from the combustion engine: Auto supplier Schaeffler is building 1300 further positions from © provided by Wirtschaftswoche The car and industrial supplier Schaeffler will reduce a total of 1300 of its almost 83,000 jobs worldwide. The company justified the measure on Tuesday with the transformation away from combustion drives towards e-mobility. Of the 1300 jobs, 1000 in Germany should be eliminated.

manufacturing emissions of electric cars are higher, the CO2 emissions when driving is low

The owners of the vehicles have not been disturbed by the data listed on the notes. Instead, they complained to Reddit that the notes were apparently attached to their Teslas with adhesive pin and were correspondingly difficult to remove.

According to reports of the information page Efahrer, Reddit user Nickgrewe actually goes into the vague facts of the conspiracy theorist and refers in his post to the Tesla Impact Report 2021. The report explains that the manufacturing emissions for a Tesla in the USA are actually higher as for vehicles with combustion engine. However, no CO2 emissions would be recorded for Teslas operated with solar power and the emissions of the models operated with electricity from the network were 170gco2e/mi. This value is an average of 740gco2e/Wed for combustion vehicles. In the end, this means a balance of the CO2 footprint of the different vehicle types and after a while even a better balance of the electric cars.

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Studies: Only hydrogen cars at e-cars with

can now be argued that this report was published by Tesla himself and therefore treated with caution. In fact, studies have already been published in the past, the results of which question the good environmental balance of e-cars-and so there is an discourse to deal with e-mobility in the sense of climate protection.

, however, indicates Business Insider that arguments against e-mobility are often very short-term. So it is not wrong that the more green electric cars are brought to the streets for other industries. However, if more and more green electricity is being produced in the long term as planned, this argument is put back into perspective. And: Many recent study results suggest that e-cars have a significantly better environmental balance in the long term than vehicles with combustion engine. A study was published in Sweden in 2017, according to which an electric car with regard to its CO2 consumption is only worthwhile after eight years. In the meantime, however, the research team has corrected its data - in reality, the balance sheet is more than twice as good as 2017. This is confirmed by further studies that, according to the editorial network, are one of them that is very clear: only vehicles with fuel cells can provide conventional electric cars in terms of CO2 balance.

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