Auto Shows 2020 BMW M2 CS Has the 444-HP Heart of Its Big Brother, the M4

16:25  16 november  2019
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2020 BMW M 2 CS Has the 444 - HP Heart of Its Big Brother , the M 4 . BMW 's M division isn't immune to that eternal draw in all of us: That of sticking the biggest possible engine in a little car. For its 2020 M 2 CS , BMW has done just that, transplanting the mightier 444 - hp twin-turbocharged

BMW has long forgotten its history. Those glory days have thankfully returned with the introduction of the 2020 BMW M 2 CS . Not satisfied to just kick the tires and light the fires with the bigger and badder motor, M pulled as much weight out of the M 2 CS as they dare with carbon-fiber

BMW's M division isn't immune to that eternal draw in all of us: That of sticking the biggest possible engine in a little car. For its 2020 M2 CS, BMW has done just that, transplanting the mightier 444-hp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six from the larger M4 Competition into the smallest M product, the M2. This nets the CS a 39-hp upgrade over the regular M2 Competition, which uses a slightly different inline-six. Oh, and purists can rejoice, because the 2020 M2 CS will be available with a six-speed manual transmission in addition to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic option.

a blue car on a road: 2020 BMWM2 CS Coupe 16 © Automobile Magazine Staff 2020 BMWM2 CS Coupe 16

Think you now know the M2 CS inside and out, engine to exhaust pipe? Not a chance. The CS—that name is a BMW designation for "Coupe Sport"—has also been put on a diet relative to the normal M2 through the extensive replacement of steel or metal items with carbon-fiber pieces. BMW swapped the M2's hood, roof, door mirrors, splitter, rear diffuser, and spoiler for carbon bits; inside, the transmission tunnel is now carbon fiber, saving six pounds relative to a 2 Series's not-carbon-fiber transmission tunnel trim. (The CS's carbon-fiber roof panel, a staple on the M3 and M6 models for two generations now, is an M2 first.) Forged aluminum 19-inch wheels with run-flat tires further hold the line on mass, although final weight figures are forthcoming, so we can't yet offer the magnitude of the CS's light-weighting measures compared to the current M2.

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Friends, the BMW M 2 CS is here; a 444 bhp track-honed road car that aims to send this generation of 2 Series Coupe off into Oh sure, BMW trumpets its “class leading” handling and precision. You will most certainly have spotted the carbon fibre roof and scooped bonnet, the latter said to better aid that

The 2020 BMW M 2 CS got an early unveiling yesterday, but now the company has released official details about the upcoming coupe. Set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month, the 2020 M 2 CS features a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine that produces an estimated 444

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The CS's performance is pegged by BMW as being bonkers—our term, not the automaker's. The trip to 60 mph is claimed to take as little as 3.8 seconds. (That's with the dual-clutch automatic transmission; figure on about 4.0 seconds flat with the stick shift.) Top speed is said to be around 174 mph, although BMW notes that these figures are all "preliminary." Likely, the numbers aren't final because BMW's white-coat men are still trying to catch up to the ridiculously quick M2 CS prototypes and download the data loggers' results. On a more serious note, the M2 is our favorite current M product, both because of its small size and its raw nature. These attributes helped it win an Automobile All Stars award for 2019, and stand in contrast with many new-age M cars' post-Thanksgiving-dinner girth and computerized feel. The CS upgrades seem unlikely to make this little 2er any less fun. More power? Less weight? Yes, please.

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BMW introduced the M 2 Competition last year, but the fans still have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the highly-anticipated M 2 CS . Caught making a quick pit stop during testing, the 2020 M 2 CS promises to be the ultimate driving machin. Its twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six has been tuned to 444 hp

The 2020 BMW M 2 CS has been released with higher horsepower and all the carbon-fiber you can handle. And we take a closer look at all the details. What to expect. Increased power over the standard M 2 , up to 444 horsepower. Standard six-speed manual transmission, optional seven-speed

Standard equipment on the CS is generous, too. Beyond the expected smattering of "CS" logos throughout the car (they're on the door sills, rear-seat headrests, and the trunklid), the fancier M2 comes with the aforementioned six-speed manual, BMW's M Adaptive suspension, an electronically locking rear differential, power-adjustable and heated M Competition seats, an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, a Harman/Kardon audio system, navigation, and ambient interior lighting. Options include the aforementioned seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, carbon-ceramic brake rotors, aggressive Michelin Cup 2 tires, and a sweet matte-gold-colored finish for the wheels.

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The BMW M 2 CS Racing competition car has made its North American debut at the 24 Hours of “North America is the most important market for BMW M worldwide, therefore it is important for us to From the start of the 2020 season, BMW M GmbH will be responsible for the sale and distribution of

The heart of the M 2 CS is the same S55 found in the BMW M 4 . This 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 makes 444 hp , an increase of 39 For the first time, the M 2 CS will come standard with an Adaptive M suspension. This setup combines with the Active M Differential to provide an unrivaled sporting drive.

Should this all tickle your M GmbHs, hurry, because BMW will only build the M2 CS for a single model year. (We're under the impression that the regular model will continue to be available through the 2020 model year, as well.) And if you think BMW is trying to pull a fast one here, introducing the M2 CS to keep M fans engaged until the new one-size-up M3 sedan and M4 coupe models arrive next year, who cares? Given the M2 CS's spec sheet, we're happy to have the Alcantara pulled over our eyes.

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The M2 CS makes its North American debut at the LA Auto Show.

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