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01:33  23 may  2020
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Travel in Koh Lanta Thailand is one of the most chill places we've been , not just in the Thai Islands. You'll see Ko Lanta in this vlog ✈ Our 220 page

Koh Mak Thailand is a small island of Trat Province. Today I am taking my Thai girl Sai from Bangkok to Koh Mak which took 8 hours with the bus and ferry.

Rally enthusiast, Eric, the dean of adventure saw his race for victory stopped at the gates of the final. He returns to his journey in the island of heroes ...

Passionné de rallye, Éric, le doyen de l’aventure a vu sa course à la victoire stoppée net aux portes de la finale. Il revient sur son parcours dans l’île des héros… © Philippe LEROUX / ALP / TF1 Passionate about rallying, Éric, the dean of adventure, saw his race for victory stopped at the gates of the final. He talks about his journey in the island of heroes ...

Strategies side, throughout the adventure, you sometimes made the weather vane ...

I had to be a little tricky to save my skin. I was often on the hot seat, with 29 votes against me in the various councils, I think I hold a record (laughs). At the reunification Régis offered to join me with the Yellows. On the other hand, Claude (a Rouge editor's note) also gave me voting advice. My adventure was in the hands of other people, I had to deal with it, it was very difficult.

Despite the rule change: Mercedes' DAS system already banned from 2021

 Despite the rule change: Mercedes' DAS system already banned from 2021 The postponement of the new rules to 2022 could have been a back door for Mercedes - The FIA ​​has now finally banned the new DAS system for 2021 © Giorgio Piola Das DAS - System to be banned from the 2021 season as planned The new Formula 1 regulations originally planned for 2021 have been postponed to 2022 due to the corona crisis. The FIA, Liberty Media and the ten teams agreed on this two weeks ago.

Robert McGill had a house in Spiridonovka Street and together with his wife Jane was a prominent member of the British community in Moscow. Another reason the show has been running for so long is that there is no main storyline, it is very much episodic, each episode telling a story of a separate

I had a bad day. For my whole life, I didn’t know if I even really existed. It' s not a joke. [the crowd gasps]. Murray Franklin: [ a bit concerned and edgy] You're serious, aren't you? Joker: [smugly] No. They couldn't carry a tune to save their lives. [the crowd boos and jeers].

Let's go back to the elimination of Jessica. Why did you vote against it when you had given your word?

The night before the council, Régis and Jessica had a big argument over the fire. The next day, Régis decided to change his vote and eliminate Jessica, and asked me to follow him. Knowing that he had saved me from the previous council by taking out the Teheiura-Charlotte pair, I returned the elevator to him.

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Finally, you often rocked the votes with Régis, but unlike him, no one ever held that against you. How do you explain that ?

I tried to give maximum comfort to my comrades, by being very active on the camp. At night I took care of the fire, I went fishing, I was easy going and I did not criticize anyone ... I think that all played in my favor.

"Was surprised": Brivio is surprised about Lorenzo's comeback at Yamaha

 © GP-Fever.de In Sepang, Jorge Lorenzo did the first laps on the M1 Fitter at the beginning of February? Jorge Lorenzo seems to have set this goal. The Spaniard stepped down as MotoGP pilot at the end of 2019, but is known to be making a comeback as a test driver at Yamaha this year. Therefore, he does not lie on rotten skin even during the virus-related forced break of the premier class.

You want even better snorkeling on Koh Lanta ? The speedboat made it fast to go to Koh Rok and later to Koh Haa, as these islands are a bit further away from Koh Lanta . We first arrived at Koh Haa where we snorkeled and stayed 2 hours at the beach, having lunch and enjoyed the surrounding.

I think by doing I will have more success in understanding the value of this new class. EDIT: I also just saw a discussion about the Elven Branched Spear It' s a bit off from the plan, which was to go Rogue 4/Witch 3/Arcane Trickster X -- so my stats are a little off from what they'd have been if I 'd planned

The domino test put your nerves to the test. It’s the first time you’ve been out of the woods…

I approached this game being stressed and tired. In addition Claude had offered me his immunity collar, so I was sure to go to the orientation if I passed this test. It put me under insane pressure, I failed to calm down and it cost me my place.

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Going on a "sudden death" test is more annoying than being eliminated from the board ?

On the contrary. I can only blame myself, I eliminated myself. It’s somewhere gratifying to know that no one has extinguished my flame.

You are the dean of this edition, how does it feel to have survived Teheiura and Sam?

I'm very proud of it, even if I'm far from being better than them. This role of dean also allowed me to advance in the game. Claude for example was more indulgent towards me, he often said: "must let him make his adventure"

Formula 1 technology: The 1976 World Cup duel between Ferrari and McLaren

 Formula 1 technology: The 1976 World Cup duel between Ferrari and McLaren © Motorsport Images James Hunt in the McLaren M23 and the high airbox , which was abolished in 1976. Niki Lauda and James Hunt separated just one point at the end of the year, and McLaren- Driver Hunt wins the title in dramatic circumstances. That is the big story of the 1976 Formula 1 season, of course, in addition to the Lauda fire accident and its comeback in the cockpit just a few weeks later. The duel Ferrari vs. But McLaren is often overlooked.

Under Mary she was a prisoner, held briefly in the Tower, as a likely focus of Protestant plots. She proved to be a ruler of quality: courageous, shrewd and possessing a potent way with words, although she was politically indecisive. Her aim was stability and concord, but administration was neglected.

I had .. a bad time in prison that i never want to go there again. I was very sad when the vet saud he'd have to Gertie, our labrador. A put through B feel up to C wamear iff D put down. This set is often saved in the same folder as

Do you have any regrets?

I did not prepare myself well enough for this adventure. I didn't think it was going to be this hard. I should have trained more and taken the time to watch the events beforehand to be less lost ... Unfortunately, I did not stop working until the day I left for Fiji.

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What did this experience bring you?

Serenity. Knowing how to take more time for my loved ones, which I didn't necessarily do before.

Like some adventurers, have you also been the victim of harassment on social networks?

As in the game I was lucky to get through the bitterness and criticism of people. I had some negative comments but nothing comparable with Régis for example. The surge of hatred he suffered is unacceptable.

Would you be ready to retry an all-stars?

I hope to have the opportunity to return one day yes.

Who would you like to see win?

I would like to see Naoil and Claude in the final.

Sarah Ibri

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