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13:15  28 september  2020
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“A Worrying Trend ” is an expression used to describe an up-and-coming phenomenon with feelings of apprehension, most prominently in the context of mainstream news media. In League of Legends, the phrase has been also used as an in-joke among the fans of the game in reference to a controversial

This is what has led to worries about tipping-points. In an influential paper in 2007 Gilvan Sampaio and Carlos Nobre of Brazil’s National Institute for Space “We have no doubt that the forest has a direct effect on the rain cycle,” says Artemizia Moita, the sustainability director of a farming group that has

What has to go wrong for a coach to end up after the 2nd match day? The crash landing of 1. FC Kaiserslautern and coach Boris Schommers was the (preliminary) low point of a process on Sunday in Munich, the dynamics of which could not be foreseen in this form. But now it's getting tight for the 41-year-old soccer teacher.

Fehlstart in die neue Saison: Boris Schommers und der FCK. © picture-alliance False start into the new season: Boris Schommers and FCK.

Even by the standards of the traditional Palatinate club, a coaching debate after the first match day is something extraordinary. Especially since the FCK under Schommers ended the season with three wins and two draws. Holding on in the summer was understandable at first glance, especially in light of the ongoing insolvency proceedings. In addition, the false start was anything but foreseeable. But the debate in Kaiserslautern is currently not only about zero points, 0: 4 goals and the last place in the table in the 3rd division, the accompanying events also play a role.

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winning streak last winter - with double six

First of all, a look back is required: When FCK said goodbye to Christmas with five wins and one draw in winter 2019, the football world on the Betzenberg was as intact as it was in the 3rd League at the proud club can still be. Schommers entered the winning streak with a basic formation in 4-4-2 with a double six, the team seemed visibly stabilized and felt comfortable, as was also heard from the players' circles. Schommers, however, was not yet satisfied, wanted to be "more variable" and in the following mostly let him act in different variants of a 4-3-3 with initially significantly less yield. The fact that things went better at the end of the back series was also due to other factors, which, however, lead too far here.

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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe brink (of something) the brink (of something)ALMOSTa situation when you are The country was on the brink of war; uncertainty permeated every aspect of daily life.• Wells was on the brink of death by consumption when his early

Teetering on the brink . Ring-a-ring o' Rosemary, we all fall down. Then she has the nerve to fuss about me going out at night. But why worry about the two crack houses up by the station and the yobs and muggers crowding the streets, when one can almost die standing looking at one's own kitchen?

Around nine months and a summer transfer phase after the introduction of this system, however, the FCK-Elf revealed very clearly that they still did not understand Schommers' plan for the game. The non-stop 90-minute coaching of the trainer on the sidelines may have made the confusion for some players perfect. What was already indicated in some parts at the start against Dresden (0: 1) was relentlessly revealed in the Grünwalder Stadium. The assignment on the defensive as well as the room layout posed numerous puzzles. The largely haphazard offensive game and the lack of pass stations when in possession of the ball add to this. Both offensive and defensive, the FCK tries to close the center, the wings are reserved for the full-backs, who are not overwhelmed by it for the first time. Schommers spoke of "serious individual mistakes" at the press conference after the 3-0 bankruptcy at the newly promoted Türkgücü. If, however, five players make mistakes in a row, it is hardly possible to speak of "individual", rather it is a failure of the collective, the system. But Schommers always contradicts criticism of the orientation, which was also expressed internally.

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Self-criticism rarely heard.

Admitting mistakes is such a thing anyway. Schommers seldom heard any self-criticism. At times one had to assume that the coach had sometimes seen a different game than most neutral observers. An aspect that did not bring him any plus points in terms of credibility and his general standing with the supporters. There was also a rumble within the team. Some players felt they were not treated fairly over the past year. In addition, there was a dispute with the former club icon that culminated in the termination of goalkeeping coach Gerry Ehrmann. Construction sites that could have been avoided with other external communication, or at least had to be moderated differently.

But back to this summer: The departures of Florian Pick, Christian Kühlwetter and Timmy Thiele had to be coped with. The latter would have liked to stay, but had fallen out with Schommers. But the newcomers were quite impressive. However, no development was discernible, and even the defensive, which had hardly changed, took a step back. In the association cup games against sometimes sixth-class teams, the Palatinate narrowly escaped total embarrassment several times, the performance in the preparatory games was strongly characterized by individual performance and less by the collective. In addition, there are individual personnel decisions that shook heads internally and externally: For example, defensive player Janik Bachmann's most recent regular appearance in right midfield or the consistent renunciation of left-back Philipp Hercher, who was usually so strong last year, although newcomer Adam Hlousek is not yet in his position delivered a convincing game.

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“They worry about the come-home. They in the gym, and somebody out of the other crew calls and says, ‘Let’s get him before he gets back to the Sonnie’s biggest worry is that Shamir will suffer retaliation for the trouble he starts, and last summer he was constantly cleaning up messes behind him.

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Embarrassing appearance in Munich

The trend has been pointing downwards since the embarrassing appearance in Munich. It takes a good deal of optimism to believe that the FCK in this constellation will soon succeed in reversing the trend. And even more so that constant performance is shown afterwards. Because the newcomers to be expected, two offensive forces should still come, maybe fix the goal doldrums, but they should be able to do little against a festival of mistakes like on Sunday.

The customary commitments to the coach, which could be heard during the week from sports director Boris Notzon, did not materialize on Sunday. According to kicker information, an intensive analysis of the events is on the program this Monday. Either way: there is still time to turn things around, especially since the squad is one of the top players in terms of individual quality. It remains to be seen whether Schommers will still be able to do this and whether he will be able to lead the Red Devil's promotion mission at the away game in Wiesbaden next Monday. Schommers himself described the debate about his position on Sunday as "nonsense". On this point, too, his superiors apparently have a different opinion.

In a first version of the text, the fixed separation between 1. FC Kaiserslautern and Boris Schommers was accidentally announced. We apologize for this editorial error.

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