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17:45  23 october  2020
17:45  23 october  2020 Source:   motorsport-total.com

Corona test negative: Nico Hülkenberg is allowed to drive in Silverstone!

 Corona test negative: Nico Hülkenberg is allowed to drive in Silverstone! © LAT The German Nico Hülkenberg is back in Formula 1 - at Racing Point The sensational comeback announced by 'Motorsport-Total.com' in Formula 1 is perfect: Nico Hülkenberg is at the Grand Prix of Great Britain in Silverstone as teammate of Lance Stroll take over the cockpit from Sergio Perez. In the run-up to the race, Perez was first tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus with an unclear result and finally in the second test.

Renault-Fahrer Daniel Ricciardo wechselt am Saisonende zu McLaren © Motorsport Images Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo changes to McLaren

at the end of the season Cyril Abiteboul was frustrated after Daniel Ricciardo before the start of the Formula 1 season 2020 announced his departure from Renault. But now Ricciardo says: everything is yesterday's news. They pulled themselves together again and finally made the desired progress on the track.

Abiteboul, who didn't say a word of thanks to Ricciardo after the change was announced, recently praised his driver for his excellent contribution to the development of the Renault team. "That was a nice compliment," says Ricciardo. He appreciated such statements.

Why the time difference Renault cost a curfew joker

 Why the time difference Renault cost a curfew joker Renault had to use a curfew joker due to a hairline crack in the chassis: This would not have been necessary under a normal schedule © Motorsport Images With Daniel Ricciardo the chassis had to be replaced on Friday become Because a hairline crack was discovered in the chassis of Daniel Ricciardo, the Renault team had to sacrifice one of its two curfew jokers on Friday evening in order to be able to work on the car from the Australian.

"I think I'm at an age and at a point in my career now where I have the experience to make a positive impact. It's about [for example] what you can bring to a team, whether you can can come into a room and carry people away. It sounds so simple, but it's really important, "he explains.

Renault 2020 overall improved

Of course, a driver must also convince on the track, "with commitment, with determination, with passion", Ricciardo continues.

An Renault has stimulated him to do building work in a new environment, "to make it to this point," as he says. Renault has now achieved an important interim goal with Ricciardo: the first Formula 1 podium since returning to the factory team for the 2016 season.

"It's really cool that it worked out this year," says Ricciardo. "All the work is now noticeable. And it's nice that it is recognized. But it's not just about me. The entire team has made progress this year, and not too narrowly."

Honda, Nissan were targets for merger in Japan, report says

  Honda, Nissan were targets for merger in Japan, report says Some Japanese officials wanted the two automakers to merge, but both companies swiftly rejected the idea, according to a report.Sources speaking to the publication who are familiar with the frankly wild discussions said Japanese government officials brought the idea to Nissan and Honda in an effort to address two problems with the country's domestic automakers. Nissan had long been in trouble, and according to the sources, officials were frightened the Renault-Nissan Alliance could dissolve altogether. As for Honda, officials reportedly remain wary of Japan's third-largest automaker as rivals merge and consolidate.

Looking back: Everything went well at Renault

Probably that is why the fuss about his person and the planned departure to McLaren would soon have subsided, says Ricciardo. "I didn't want the next six months to be any strange, and that's not how it turned out. Everything is fine."

The situation of saying goodbye to Abiteboul and Renault after only one year was "a bit stupid", explains Ricciardo. "And the calls weren't exactly fun either. The good thing was that the season hadn't even started, we were all still in lockdown and had time to think about it."

"When we finally started racing it was already behind us. I think both sides handled it very mature. And I would like to leave the team so that everyone is happy and satisfied, that we had two solid years."

Ricciardo leaves a lasting memory in any case: a tattoo at Abiteboul to redeem a bet for the first Renault podium result. It has not yet been engraved, says Ricciardo, who will choose the motif. He had "two designs" but had not yet made an appointment for Abiteboul. "Hopefully before Bahrain," says Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo: Racing Point still has the third best car .
© Motorsport Images Renault and Racing Point are fighting for P3 Renault is currently in the exciting battle for World Championship third - with Racing Point and McLaren. Daniel Ricciardo is particularly afraid of the pink competition. The Imola third describes where Sergio Perez particularly impressed him in Italy and how Renault can still hold the title "Best of the Rest". "When I look at the Imola race and the pace of Perez, especially in the middle of the race.

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