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08:30  27 october  2020
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In the beginning, Berlin Brandenburg airport was at best an economically unnecessary symbol of unity Von Gerkan shot back. In a 2013 tell-all book, Black Box BER , he accused Schwarz of resisting all Mehdorn came into the Berlin Brandenburg job determined to turn it around. “He is a whirlwind

The long-awaited Berlin ( BER ) airport is set to open in October 2020, bosses have announced. May 2003: The Berlin Brandenburg Airport board decides against the privatization process previously July 2015: Two months after Mehdorn fully stepped down as CEO (replaced by Karsten Mühlenfeld)

Despite all the difficulties, the former airport manager Hartmut Mehdorn sees a good future for BER.

In den vergangenen Jahren sind sechs Eröffnungstermine für den drittgrößten deutschen Flughafen geplatzt. © Soeren Stache / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa In the past few years, six opening dates for the third largest German airport have been canceled.

“It's a beautiful and functional modern airport,” Mehdorn told the German press agency. "Its role as the economic engine of the Berlin / Brandenburg region will set itself after a short attempt."

The former head of the railway, Mehdorn, tried as managing director for two years to get BER ready for commissioning. But the airport is not due to go online until this Saturday, nine years later. "I thought it could have been done faster," Mehdorn recalled.

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport is now in operation, as the old Schönefeld Airport was yesterday rebranded as Brandenburg Terminal 5. The switchover comes Schönefeld becomes Brandenburg . Yesterday marked the first day of operations for Berlin Brandenburg Aiport using its BER IATA code.

Mehdorn warned that the opening of Berlin - Brandenburg airport, BER , was set for more delays - possibly until 2016 - criticizing air transport authorities In his letter to the government of the German state of Brandenburg , Mehdorn said work to complete the north runway would now not take place

In the past few years six opening dates for the third largest German airport have been canceled. Planning errors, construction defects, technical problems and personnel changes repeatedly set the project back.

"Overall, that was not a masterpiece by everyone involved," said Mehdorn. He had planned to open in 2017. His successor, Karsten Mühlenfeld, had to conquer this goal.

Mühlenfeld said: "I hope that the airport will function as well as Tegel even under high occupancy in order to recoup the investments." He wishes the project that construction defects do not appear afterwards.

Video: No rapid wage agreement in the public service in sight (Reuters)

Around six billion euros were built at BER, three times as much as planned. “The BER was designed too small from the start,” Mehdorn explained the cause of the many problems. «Berlin and Brandenburg, after the fall of the Wall, were poor and had many other priorities. You had to and wanted to save. "

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BER airport has been planned for a capacity of 27 million passengers a year, but experts say that won't be enough in the long run. In other words, as soon as the To add salt to the wound: current BER chief Hartmut Mehdorn filed the lawsuit himself in November 2012, when he was Air Berlin 's CEO.

Berlin 's current secondary airport, Schonefeld , has had its IATA code changed from SXF to BER on Sunday October 25, updating its name to BER Terminal 5. Schonefeld will continue to serve as Terminal 5 in the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport ( BER ), which is due to officially open doors on

That is why they did not hire a general contractor, but were not able to manage and control a large project effectively either. The constant changes to plans were devastating. "Anyone who plans a single-family house and secretly changes it into a three-family house should not be surprised at the end of time and deadlines being exceeded."

In addition, there is the complex building law that complicates all major projects. Other projects such as the Stuttgart 21 rail project and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg have had scheduling and cost problems. A commission in the Federal Ministry of Transport had therefore made many suggestions by 2015 so that future projects would run better. "In this report everything is said about construction, but unfortunately it had no consequences," criticized Mehdorn.

Another problem at BER was the structure with three owners. Berlin, Brandenburg and the federal government have had different interests, authorities and party constellations over the years. “A lot of cooks spoil the broth,” said Mehdorn. He resigned in 2015 after conflicts with the Supervisory Board.

Lufthansa boss at BER: Carsten Spohr: "We are again the market leader in Berlin"

 Lufthansa boss at BER: Carsten Spohr: Lufthansa outperformed its competitors at the opening of the capital's airport. With a market share of more than 30 percent, it is now ahead, Easyjet and Ryanair each have around 16 percent . © Photo: Arne Dedert / dpa Carsten Spohr, CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG Shortly before the opening of the new capital city airport , Lufthansa overtook the previous market leader Easyjet in Berlin.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport, named after Willy Brandt (for now) (Source: Airlinerwatch). Bottom line. I feel sorry for Berlin as a city — this has been both a worldwide embarrassment and a severe hindrance to their economic and tourism growth for what is a wonderful city with a difficult history.

Following a board meeting of Berlin 's BER Airport project company on Friday, the company's vice president, Rainer Bretschneider The BER board had approved a plan by Chief Executive Hartmut Mehdorn to finish construction and start operating More delays at the Berlin - Brandenburg airport.

Mühlenfeld also criticized the fact that those responsible had changed the plans for the airport too often without paying attention to structural issues. He pointed out that after construction began in 2006, an additional floor was added to the terminal, as well as side wings and gates for the giant A380 aircraft.

"Bringing a damaged project on track is always difficult," said Mühlenfeld, who now works for the airline Ryanair. The reorganization of the construction site after his departure in 2017 cost the project another year. Mühlenfeld himself had tried to reorganize, but lost the trust of the supervisory board. He was succeeded by the current airport manager, Engelbert Lütke Daldrup.

Rainer Schwarz, head of the airport from 2006 to 2013, announced that he was delighted that the airport had finally started operations after such a long time. However, he did not want to give any further details on request.

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