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16:10  19 february  2021
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Tantouring: Dieser Make-up Trend löst das Contouring ab! © Provided by WUNDERWEIB Tantouring: This make-up trend is replacing contouring! Contouring was once upon a time, Tantouring is the latest trend! Make-up is replaced by self-tanner - you can read here how it looks and works.

You are probably familiar with the make-up trend Contouring thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian & Co. Here, uses make-up to emphasize certain areas of the face, such as the cheekbones, , other areas that should not appear dominant, such as the nose shaded.

If you are not careful, you can quickly put on an unnatural mask ... The new alternative: Tantouring! With this trend, make-up is being replaced by self-tanner . Perfect for all winter-tired and pale beautynistas who want to conjure up a little summer on their faces.

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How Tantouring works

In order to do Tantouring you need at least two self-tanners in different colors. One shade should be just a little bit darker than your natural skin color, the other should be significantly darker. You will also need a brush or a make-up egg to apply the tanning cream.

This is how it works:

A thorough facial cleansing in advance is important so that flakes of skin etc. do not contribute to unsightly spots, and the "make-up complexion" lasts longer.

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First, apply the light shade to the entire face - this creates the basis for a tanned look.

Then use a make-up brush to spread the darker shade along the temples, below the cheekbones and along the jawline.

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The tanning cream can be washed off after about 10 minutes. The corresponding areas should now have a nice tan. The effect should last about 4 days.

On Youtube you will find some videos that offer precise instructions and tips for Tantouring , such as this one:

Tantouring: Helpful tips for make-up beginners

Since the self-tanner lasts a few days on the face, make-up should above all -Beginners try make-up first to see if they exactly match the contours of the face - it can still be washed off. In addition: It is better to use the self-tanner sparingly and apply in thin layers, this gives a more even result.

You also have to be careful with the exposure time, the longer the tanning cream stays on your face, the more intense the result . For the beginning, or if you are unsure, it's better to lose weight after 5 minutes.

If you want more: Other parts of the body can also be treated with self-tanning in the "tantouring" manner. Real professionals also dare to contour arms, legs and even the belly ! For example, muscles can be nicely defined and a sexy summer look can be created.

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