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12,800 evacuated to Frankfurt after discovery of a World War II bomb

 12,800 evacuated to Frankfurt after discovery of a World War II bomb © AFP / ARMANDO BABANI Residents of Frankfurt evacuating their homes on December 6. A bomb dating from the Second World War, found Thursday in Frankfurt, made compulsory the evacuation of 12,800 people this Sunday, December 6 in Frankfurt. Some 12,800 people were evacuated Sunday at Frankfurt , Germany’s financial capital, where specialists defused a British 500 kg bomb from World War II, authorities said.

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Sports Director Bruno Hübner is leaving Eintracht Frankfurt after ten years. The current chief scout Ben Manga plays a decisive role in the restructuring.

Hübner weg - nun wird Frankfurts Adlerauge noch wichtiger © Provided by sport1.de Hübner gone - now Frankfurt's eagle eye is even more important

Ben Manga is the "eagle eye" at Eintracht Frankfurt.

The 47-year-old has earned a very good reputation in the industry as head scout over the past few years. , the rise of Hessen is closely linked to his name.

As SPORT1 recently reported to , he is aiming for the next step. Manga will most likely continue this in the future with the Hessians. A confirmation is still pending, but the discussions about an internal promotion are in the final phase. Test

Jovic is about to return to Eintracht Frankfurt

 Jovic is about to return to Eintracht Frankfurt Luka Jovic is about to return to Eintracht Frankfurt. The Serb should be loaned by Real Madrid until the end of the season, the confirmed sporting director Fredi Bobic on Tuesday immediately before the cup game in Leverkusen. © imago images Soon back in the Frankfurt jersey: Luka Jovic. Weeks ago, SGE coach Adi Hütter said that Jovic's return to the Main metropolis would be difficult to achieve. That is "of course obvious.

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Manga is supposed to act as the Eintracht squad planner

As is now certain, Bruno Huebner will leave the club in the summer . The 60-year-old was sports director at Frankfurt for a total of ten years. (SERVICE: Everything about the Bundesliga)

But Manga is not to be seen as a one-on-one replacement, the post of sports director should no longer exist according to SPORT1 information. Instead, sports director Fredi Bobic is planning a restructuring, the responsibility should be spread over several shoulders.

With Manga, Eintracht binds an important man to the club, his network and his quality as a scout are extremely important. At the same time, he should also act as a management planner and thus act even more closely as an interface between the coaching team and board level. (SERVICE: Bundesliga table)

Medien: Mainz borrows Da Costa from Frankfurt

 Medien: Mainz borrows Da Costa from Frankfurt Bundesliga soccer team FSV Mainz 05 increasingly relies on the reservists of local rivals Eintracht Frankfurt in the relegation battle. © Provided by sport1.de Medien: Mainz borrows Da Costa from Frankfurt Bundesliga club FSV Mainz 05 increasingly relies on the reservists of local rivals Eintracht Frankfurt in the relegation battle. According to matching media reports, the Rheinhessen will loan the Frankfurt full-back Danny da Costa.

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The eloquent manga has meanwhile also become interesting for other clubs, which those responsible were also aware of. The relationship with trainer Adi Hütter has always been based on trust, and the cooperation will become even closer in the future.

Sports director post should be distributed over several shoulders

Eintracht is taking the next step and building the team behind the team. The responsibility should be distributed over several shoulders, in this context the names of ex-professional Gelson Fernandes and the chief analyst Sebastian Zelichowski were mentioned. (SERVICE: Results and Bundesliga schedule)

These negotiations are not yet more specific; the focus is initially on achieving the sporting goals. The Frankfurters are in a promising position in the race for the Champions League places.

sign for Bobic's whereabouts

The upcoming promotion of Manga, whose contract as chief scout ran until 2023, also indicates Bobic's whereabouts. There have been rumors about him recently, especially about a move to Hertha BSC .

The European champion from 1996 is still very committed to the weekly board meetings and brings in ideas.

With Manga he will now get one of his confidants even closer to his side.

Large use in the CUM-EX scandal: Searches in Frankfurt .
The Public Prosecutor's Office Frankfurt has searched several apartments and companies in the course of the Cum Ex scandal. © Friso Gentsch / dpa The blue light of a police car: The large-scale use of the police in the Frankfurt area six apartments and eight business premises were taken under the microscope.

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