Auto Shows in vs. out: These handbags are in the trend in the spring 2021 - and not anymore!

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High-end branded car audio systems: Are they worth the money?

  High-end branded car audio systems: Are they worth the money? Here's a closer look at what goes into the creation of these often expensive audio upgrades.Before its partnership with Jeep , McIntosh worked directly with Harley-Davidson, Subaru and Ford on branded audio systems; the latter is exclusive to the 2005-2006 Ford GT. It also offered very high-end aftermarket car audio systems for a while, and has been around as a company since 1949.

2021 Is The Year Of The Collectible Designer Handbag . It's enough to transport the mind straight into sartorial fantasy land. Let's hang here for a bit. If you're not buying what we ' re selling here, then consider what J.W. Anderson's latest capsule has to say: "The secret of life is in art." This famous quote featured on all sorts of tops and totes is more than just the wise words of Oscar Wilde — it's a reminder of the power of design to bring us joy, to instill hope, and to make us want to sling an incredible bag over our shoulders and head out into the world armed with the passion of a thousand.

There have been complaints about the spring 2021 collections . People kvetch in group chats and Twitter threads that digital shows are not as good as the real thing—and that the real thing is not as good as it used to be . The biggest shift in the garments that flashed across our screens is that, for the first time in a long time, these looked like clothes that are meant to be worn. The irony and irreverence of all those seasons dancing on the lip of a volcano in cake topper gowns has given way to something more thoughtful and realistic this season.

In vs. Out: Handtaschen sind im Frühling 2021 Trend Yuzefi © yuzefi in vs. out: handbags are in spring 2021 trend yuzefi These three handbags are in spring 2021 trend: handbags made of canvas, handbags in sorbet tones and braided handbags. These are these handbags out: handbags with XL link chain, clutch and bast shopper. In Spring 2021, small details of the decisive criterion for a fashion trend.

handbags are currently such a thing: while they can hardly resist the deep love for this accessory, it is up-to-date to discuss their meaning. Do you really need a new handbag if you never leave your own apartment? Yes, we can say certainly. Because these three trends ensure the optimism you can use at the moment.

New year, new fabric: Elegant tweed is the micro-trend for handbags in 2021

 New year, new fabric: Elegant tweed is the micro-trend for handbags in 2021 © PR Micro-trend bags: Tweed PR We know tweed mainly from costumes, blazers and skirts The robust but classic fabric refined This season also bags As a micro-trend for handbags, tweed values ​​every outfit When you hear tweed, you automatically think of Coco Chanel. The Frenchwoman created the famous tweed costume for the fashion house back in the 1950s - creating just one of the timeless classics for which she is still famous today.

SS21 Fashion Trends To Know: These are the top SS21 women's fashion trends you need to get on your radar for the SS21 fashion season. Discover how to style up SS21’s fashion trends to help you start the new season - and spring /summer 2021 's fashion trends - in style In a season like no other, when runways were live-streamed without audiences or else not staged at all, there was a tangible sense of reaffirming the joy of fashion – celebrating the art of dressing up for those rare occasions when we do go out and the idea of dressing your best to feel your best.

Where the handbags are the "Real" stars! ". Fashion Trends . Louis Vuitton Handbags . Dispatch From MFW: These Street Style Accessories Make the Whole Outfit. A guest seen wearing a Chloe bag before the Chloe Fashion Show in the streets of Paris during the Paris Fashion Week on September 28 2017 in Paris

Whether you are now lingering on the dresser and waiting for your big appearance after the Lockdown or regularly run into the supermarket: the good style can be safe with the handbags from Canvas, with braided surface and in sorbet tones. And at all: When did Handbags ever bought the convenience? Never. Correct. Therefore, we now deposit the bad conscience directly, instead take a look at the most beautiful trend models in spring - and at the same time deal with those handbags, for which we would like to extend the Lockdown.

These three handbags are trend in spring 2021 - and these are OUT!

in: Handbags from Canvas

OUT: Handbags with XL link chain

It does not always have to be a leather - certainly not in spring handbags. Thus, Canvas is currently evident from his best side and proves that one can easily form an fashion trend from this material. The most beautiful handbags made of canvas have a cream-colored and above all rough surface in spring, which makes themselves perfect for linen looks and shirt bleachers in Midlegänge. By contrast,

This is how fashionable you can relax in 2021: jogging pants and leggings made of knitwear are now a fashion trend!

 This is how fashionable you can relax in 2021: jogging pants and leggings made of knitwear are now a fashion trend! © Zara fashion trend 2021: jogging pants and leggings made from knitwear Zara jogging pants and leggings made from knitwear will become a fashion trend in 2021. You prefer to wear the trend models in a complete look with a matching sweater, cardigan or knitted bra. Karl Lagerfeld is responsible for one of the most famous fashion quotes: "Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life." And this sparked a serious discussion back then.

In the third quarter of the year began to appear, very shy, new influences whose dominance will be felt gradually in 2021 . Even if most trends from 2020 will continue to influence the design scene next year, we will try to keep only those that will dominate in 2021 . AR and VR are in themselves a very vast field that has its own trends , so we will review some tendencies that you will definitely see in 2021 . With the Covid19 lockdowns, companies have invested in AR technology to bring their product to their customers.

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handbags with massive link chain act too heavy in spring and may therefore be allowed to stay in the wardrobe first. But do not worry: At the latest in the fall we are sure of your trend comeback.

in: Handbags in Sorbet Tones

Out: Clutch

Spring is for? Colour! At this unspoken rule, this season also holds and brings the most beautiful handbags in Sorbet tones on our radar. In the style of the nineties-shoulder pockets, they now subtly subtle all looks and make sure that a boring outfit in spring 2021 has no chance. However, you prefer to wear them to covered earth tones to steal this trend handbag not to steal the show - such as a cotton dress or a MIDI skirt with a color matching sweater .

and the shape or the Henkel - is crucial in this handbag, because on a clutch you can really do without 2021. That's why this handbag is currently one of the OUT models.

in: Braided Handbags


These are the small but effective details that really convince in spring 2021. Therefore, the choice is also close to a braided handbag. She encounters us in the new season in various variants: while the IT label Yuzefi sets a combination of braided surface and fringes, Bottega Veneta and Loewe decide for a larger braided handbag. Thanks to the very present, classical effect, this trend works both to the Wide Leg Jeans and a pleated blouse as well as a two-piece suit.

Since, on the other hand, it is currently not estimating when to set a foot to a beach, Bast Shopper is still in vain in spring 2021. But that could change at the latest against summer. Well, hopefully ...

In vs. Out: Handtaschen sind im Frühling 2021 Trend Mytheresa 1/3 images © mytheresa in vs. out: handbags are in spring 2021 trend mytheresa In vs. Out: Handtaschen sind im Frühling 2021 Trend Arket 2/3 images © arket in vs. out: handbags are in spring 2021 trend arket In vs. Out: Handtaschen sind im Frühling 2021 Trend Yuzefi 3/3 images © yuzefi in vs. out: handbags are in spring 2021 trend yuzefi

leather jackets are in spring 2021 only then a fashion trend, if you have this cut .
of biker jackets to pilot models, from real classics to trend pieces: leather jackets are at least as versatile as the season itself in spring. The question is the question So not at the beginning of the new season, whether one at all is a new leather jacket, but rather, on which fashion trend you set in spring 2021. And the answer to this can be found in the fashionable cockpit: because leather jackets in the pilot style celebrate in spring 2021 your big trend comeback.

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