Auto Shows refused several times rides: Blind woman has to pay $ 1.1 million

21:50  05 april  2021
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because override a blind woman has refused to take the entrainment several times, the driving agent must now pay $ 1.1 million. The problems are not new.

Diskriminierung? Uber muss zahlen. © Sundry Photography / Shutterstock.com Discrimination? Over has to pay.

already in the past had been criticized over the handling of his drivers with blind people and their assistants. After a lawsuit for discrimination, of the Fahrdienstmittiler had agreed in 2016 with the National Blind Association of California to ensure that Uber driver blind and her dogs really take. But that does not seem to work in any case as the case of Lisa Irving shows.

over-rider took the blind woman and dog not with

Irving had repeated against Uber because they had been simply left at least 60 times by Uber drivers at least 60 times. A total of 14 cases of refusal of a Uber driver to take them, Irving introduced into the action. It has been affected by trips for doctoral visits, important dates at work or family celebrations. In part, she had to quickly seek another carpooling in the middle of the night or pouring rain.

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is particularly incomprehensible: a few times, so Irving, driver would have taken them and their dog first to move them later to get them later - though they were not at the goal for a long time. In addition, over-manageable drivers of the service have given tips on how they could refuse to transport people with disabilities without this refusal as discrimination.

The conflict with Uber has now been settled out of court as part of a conciliation, as reported, among other things, the San Francisco Chronicle reports . Over, a total of $ 1.1 million pays. Of these, more than $ 800 million in the settlement of court and attorney costs flow, 324,000 dollars are due to the plaintiffs as damages.

Uber is to violate Ada

the American Arbitration Association co-authoritated for the agreement contributed to the fact that its drivers have violated their behavior towards Irving against the law on equality of people with disabilities (Americans with disabilities Act / Ada). Uber must ensure compliance with the requirements, whether they are the drivers around employees or self-employed entrepreneurs. Most recently, Uber and Lyft had to accept a sign of Court in California, according to which his drivers in the US state should treat as employees.

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