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09:40  07 april  2021
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With this styling, skinny jeans will once again become a fashion trend in winter

 With this styling, skinny jeans will once again become a fashion trend in winter One of the undoubtedly most controversial denim styles has been skinny jeans for several years. Her fans argue that she has long since become a classic among the Jeans . Meanwhile, season after season, fashion editors are discussing whether skinny jeans are long dead - or are they experiencing a new renaissance? Regardless of which camp you represent, a simple styling trick will make the controversial trousers a fashion trend again in winter 2020/21.

Anyone who has come to Styling technically a little out of the exercise last year - do not worry, we're fine. After life plays mainly inside, the HomeOffice to become the new standard and sweatpants and Leggings to the new uniform, it is obviously difficult to find out for the old fashionable creativity. Now that with spring also the longing for outfit outfits rises, one is often at a loss in front of the wardrobe. The first step? The handle to the jeans. From there the rest of the look becomes a breeze. For the necessary inspiration, we present in the jeans guide outfit ideas: so the favorite jeans becomes a fashion trend!

Leg flatterer: Skinny bootcut jeans ensure an elegant trend appearance

 Leg flatterer: Skinny bootcut jeans ensure an elegant trend appearance © PR Trend: Skinny bootcut jeans PR The skinny bootcut jeans combine two trend silhouettes in one jeans The jeans trend flatters the figure and goes perfectly with boots When combined correctly, jeans are the trend for long, slim legs. Sometimes you don't even have to make a decision: Skinny bootcut jeans are a bit like sweet and sour sauce. French fries red and white. Or mixed popcorn.

Modetrend Jeans-Guide Trends Frühling 2021 Mango © Mango Fashion Trend Jeans Guide Trends Spring 2021 Mango Trend Guide: So you stylish the jeans in the spring Easy Peasy to the fashion trend! Fashion trend # 1: Jeans + Socks + Loafer

Loafer are among the most important shoe trends this season. Above all, we owe the models of Prada and Louis Vuitton , which lent a new image with thick soles of classic flats. And since we want to carry a trend as soon as he was launched, we are allowed to carry socks in the spring Loafer . The more conspicuous, the better. Whether radiant white to black shoes or in the Batik pattern. To do this, you then combine a classic straight leg jeans or the favorite model - and the trend outfit is ready! Especially modern: turn the hem of the jeans once down to highlight the fashion trend from jeans, loafers and socks.

Tired of blue jeans? Straight leg jeans in gray are the trend for 2021

 Tired of blue jeans? Straight leg jeans in gray are the trend for 2021 © Arket Jeans trend 2021: Gray straight leg jeans Arket This jeans trend should have been in your wardrobe for a long time: Gray straight leg jeans are now in. The trend jeans are not just a real classic, but also with details such as crease and feathers in 2021. Man combines straight leg jeans with soft earth tones or bright colors. In winter you tend to get upset about the color gray - but when you mean the gloomy weather, the one-sided wardrobe or the mood.

Trend Outfit # 2: Distressed Denim + Blazer

Jeans with holes are back on the rise in spring. The trend, which is still known to us from the 2010-years, now wants to be styled adults. The simple outfit idea? Distressed Denim combine with a blazer. And you are welcome to be oversized and conquered. This makes the jeans cool and dressed as a fashion trend, the blazer again loses his strict character through the broken jeans. A trend outfit living from contrasts.

Fashion Trend # 3: Blue Jeans + Jeans Jacket

Okay, Okay: Actually, this fashion trend is the Canadian Tuxedo . But in a weaker form. Because instead of jeans all-over we combine in spring a classic blue jeans to a denim jacket in the same color. Underneath, T-shirts and Tops are allowed to defuse the denim look: simple white, a band-shirt or a ribbed top in the underwear look (by the way, you can already mark as a must-have for the summer) break with the jeans boom - The trend outfit is quasi of the Canadian Tuxedo for beginners. To do this, wear the best sneaker, but also ankle boots or playful ballerinas.

Fashion Trend # 4: Jeans + Pullunder

What Wear If one tickles the sun in the nose, but is not warm enough for T-shirts yet? Sure, you put on the knit fashion trend par excellence: the Pullunder . The foggy part, which is known to the fashion areas mainly from the card playing uncle, also experienced a comeback this season - and fits outstanding the jeans! The pullunder now gets a more modern silhouette: instead of narrow-fitting and fit, it is now characterized by congratulated shapes and overlooked shoulders. So you wear the pullunder to the jeans either with shirt underneath, a T-shirt, or warmer days with naked arms. Rarely, a classic jeans outfit looked so exciting!

Jeans Trend: Overlapping shorts are in summer 2021 Super announced .
The German language has some funny phrase. There would be, for example: "Go through the rags." This will be described by colloquial when a thing escapes or anyone escapes. © Getty Images Jeans Trend: Overlapping Shorts are in the summer of 2021 announced Getty Images What you should definitely let this summer go through the rags? Well, the latest jeans trend in things shorts. At the Denim , said rag is even represented immediately in the name. The jeans trend is called Overlapping Shorts.

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