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13:00  08 april  2021
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For a small wallpaper change it does not need any elaborate facilities - with these simple handles you have to freshen your home ruckuck on

4 Einrichtungstipps, die Ihr Zuhause sofort frischer machen iStockphoto © iStockphoto 4 setup tips that make your home immediately fresher fitockphoto

after a year Pandemic and Lockdown we have the most beautiful living room, the most comfortable bedroom or the stylish cuisine. If we sit in our four walls 24 hours a day, work and even shape our leisure in it, you have to switch off and too simply a wallet change. He does not always have to be complicated and expensive. Here we have four simple furnishing tips for you, with which your home looks at the NU fresher and later.

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1. Personal Comfort

What used to be just a room for the family in the evening is now the room for everything: our living room. Since we have increased the utility factor of this space, it is now also time to increase the comfort. When setup, select a modern cut, which sets clear lines, e.g. by a heart of the room: the sofa. Build around the room there and put on modern colors, such as the Pantone Color of the Year: Ultimate Gray.

2. Elegant dining room

For future dinner parties or family meals is the dining room or the dining area with the most important part of the apartment. In order to give this a fresh flair, it is completely either the dining table or the chairs to exchange. Some elegant leather or rattan models provide an Eyecatcher effect and provide the necessary comfort. Also an IT piece of the room: a marble dining table or the new trendy Travertin .

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3. Cozy Glam

The bedroom should not lose its relaxation function by the necessary refreshing. Therefore, you should add decoration items, such as plush pillows, fragrant candles or stylish tray options. Put here more on a bright color palette and elegant shapes that provide more Glam but get the comfort of the room.

4. Cheap Luxury

Noble and high-quality looking facility does not have to cost so much. For example, combine cheap vintage pieces with designer furniture to ensure exciting style fracture and find the perfect balance for the purse. Set e.g. on a new carpet in the living room. This refreshes the room directly without having to change a lot. Or change the pillowcases. Just but refined.

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