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14:05  12 april  2021
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Tired of blue jeans? Straight leg jeans in gray are the trend for 2021

 Tired of blue jeans? Straight leg jeans in gray are the trend for 2021 © Arket Jeans trend 2021: Gray straight leg jeans Arket This jeans trend should have been in your wardrobe for a long time: Gray straight leg jeans are now in. The trend jeans are not just a real classic, but also with details such as crease and feathers in 2021. Man combines straight leg jeans with soft earth tones or bright colors. In winter you tend to get upset about the color gray - but when you mean the gloomy weather, the one-sided wardrobe or the mood.

Rosen sprouts is currently a real hit on the Internet and enjoys great popularity. How the crushed Rosenkohl succeeds here

Food-Trend: Rosenkohl-Püree istockphoto © iStockphoto Food Trend: Rosenkohl-Puree iStockphoto

In addition to fashion, beauty and interior inspirations, it has lately been released on social media, especially again and again. Trends that inspire us with their ingenious and often very simple preparation. Do you know e.g. already the delicious tomato feta-pasta , the chocolate millionaires shortbread with caramel or the healthy variant of the mueslis ? A new trend that has been viral and lets us bring us the water in the mouth are "Smashed Brussel Sprouts" - crushed Brusselskohl .

We aim high in 2021 - and are naming these platform boots the new trend shoes

 We aim high in 2021 - and are naming these platform boots the new trend shoes © Getty Images Trend shoes 2021: Platform boots Getty Images Platform boots will be the most eye-catching trend shoes in 2021. They are an absolute statement and therefore a suitable combination for unexcited looks. How the platform boots should look now: A narrow shaft is the counterpart to the chunky heel, the muted tones help the styling. It is well known that a trend is followed by an anti-trend. The exact opposite of what you found good three seasons ago.

added, the "Rosen sprout puree" is not quite as creamy as classic potato puree, but is still a great alternative and can also be prepared to repress close. We reveal them in five steps, as the delicious Rosen sprouts succeeds.

So the Rosen sprout puree succeeds in five steps 1. Prepare Brussels sprouts

Just wash the Brussels sprouts. Then cut off the ends of the Brussels sprout and remove the outer leaves. Otherwise, let him completely.

2. Brussels Blanching

Place the purified Brussels sprouts for about 10 minutes in a pot with heavily salted, boiling water until you can pierce it with a fork. Then tilt the pot contents in a sidewalk in the sink and let the Brussels sprout briefly run cold water.

3. Brussels spruce

Place the Brussels sprouts in a large bowl and rub it generously with olive oil. Then you can use it as desired e.g. with salt, pepper, some garlic powder or chilli flakes. Then mix the Brussels sprouts with the spices and the oil well.

Loose Fitted Jeans are the most comfortable denim trend for at home and 2021

 Loose Fitted Jeans are the most comfortable denim trend for at home and 2021 Jeans are actually the most frequently worn item of clothing in many wardrobes. The denim pants can score with many factors - they always look nonchalant, are flexible in their styling and simply comfortable. However, the past year and the still young 2021 have pushed the classic trousers into the minds of many. Instead of Jeans , you mainly wear loungewear or something more chic for a virtual business meeting.

4. Brussels Crush

Distribute the Brussels sprouts with a little distance on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and press each rung with a flat object (e.g., the bottom of a glass) flattened. Then add the baking sheet into the oven and bake the crushed Brussels sprouts for about 20 minutes at 220 degrees until it is golden brown and crispy. Tip: For Extra Crunch, you can turn the Brussels sprouts briefly after about 15 minutes and sprinkle the individual sprouts with a little parmesan cheese.

5. Rosen sprouts and serve

When the Brussels sprouts is ready, you can add it to a plate with a pan-turn from the baking tray and either enjoy it with a delicious dip or serve it as a side dish with other treats.

A fashion trend with attraction: Metallic sneakers pull as trend shoes in spring all eyes on .
not everything that shines, is gold? May be - but certainly a fashion trend. Sneakers shine in spring 2021 namely in new splendor. Or rather: in fashionable metallic tones - and become our favorite for the new season. While the colors gold or silver has not been considered as an option, they are now one of the most important trend colors for Sneaker . And make sure that you can no longer take the look from the metallic trend shoes.

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