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16:30  19 april  2021
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The most popular jeans in 2021 is ...

 The most popular jeans in 2021 is ... There is a pair of jeans that we will wear up and down in 2021. Which is it? Here comes the resolution. © Provided by COSMOPOLITAN The most popular jeans in 2021 The fashion year 2021 will be great! While we mainly stayed within our own four walls in the Corona year 2020, we are looking forward to a bright spot in 2021. This year will also be much more exciting when it comes to fashion.

that model labels such as ZARA and H & M also sell interior , is known manner. But did you know that COS has also expanded its assortment and not just fashion offered? In fact, the pieces for the home are not so easy to find at first glance. We'll show you how you get to the home essentials in the online shop, which give your living room a fresh update.

Geheimtipp-Cos-Interior © Collage: Condé Nast Germany Insider Tip Cos-Interior Insider Tip: Here you will find the coolest interior pieces at COS

You are actually just a few clicks from your new interior dream: just open the website of Cos, then on the Click on category "Ladies" to then access the category "Lifestyle Gifts" . There you will find great home pieces such as candles, pictures, vases and Coffee Table Books

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, which can be perfectly integrated into your home.

Of course we have looked around for you before and found some highlights that you can directly shop here.

design fans beware: These are the most beautiful pieces of cos for the living area for the shopping area for the vase The gentle pink, the mat surface and the stylish geometric design prove: This vase made of ceramic is the perfect accessory for each

setup style . Incidentally, the design is inspired by the art movement Cubism. Geheimtipp-Cos-Interior © pr InsiderTipp COS-Interior

The Scented Candle

A lighter, flowery scent like that of a fragrant flower meadow: This candle is ideal for spring. Basic notes include musk and cedar wood, to the peachnectar top notes, coconut and calabrian lemon. An extraordinary mix for your four walls. Geheimtipp-Cos-Interior © pr

InsiderTipp COS-Interior

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Coasters These marbled coasters Geheimtipp-Cos-Interior are not only an absolute eye-catcher, but also environmentally friendly: The pieces are made of recycled plastic residues that were melted to create pieces for eternity.

© pr InsiderTipp-COS-Interior

The Coffee Table Book Geheimtipp-Cos-Interior This book for the dresser or the living room table has a great aesthetics and exciting information about crystals to offer. Here you will learn how to integrate the trend in your home best.

© pr

InsiderTipp COS-Interior The Poster Geheimtipp-Cos-Interior with This poster allows you to easily create a statement eye-catcher in the midst of a simple residential device or round off a conspicuous interior design. The geographical pressure is from the London graphic artist Jonathan Lawes.

© pr InsiderTipp COS-Interior Geheimtipp-Cos-Interior The room spray Gentle wooden notes, chords of vanilla and resins, the scent of Jasmine and Rose paired with notes of spices and lemon: This room spray is a real must-have. These are exclusively natural ingredients that have been sustainably sourced. X1X1X1X1 © pr x1 insider tip COS-interior X1X1

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