Auto Shows Playing by Renault, the Brittany foundry is blocked by employees

09:50  28 april  2021
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Césars 2021. Three young actors will not be able to be awarded because of the closure of the cinemas

 Césars 2021. Three young actors will not be able to be awarded because of the closure of the cinemas © Philippe Renault / Ouest-France Rennaise Pauline Parigot is one of the three nominated who cannot be awarded. The actors shortlisted before the nominations for “best female hope” and “best male hope” at the 46th Césars ceremony have been known since the end of November. But three of them already know they won't win any awards on March 12. At issue: the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused the closure of cinemas and which prevented their film from being released in theaters.

  Mise en vente par Renault, la Fonderie de Bretagne est bloquée par des salariés © supplied by the Tribune

Large Tensions in the Caudan factory (Morbihan) of the Brittany Foundry, on sale March 11 by the group Renault. Since Tuesday morning, the factory is blocked by employees to request their maintenance within the automobile group. Located near Lorient since 1965, the Brittany foundry manufactures suspension arms, collectors and exhaust elbows, as well as gearbox differentials.

members of the direction blocked in the factory

several members of the direction are prevented from going out, and "will not leave until we have an answer, until someone decides our fate and Let us be allowed to work, "said AFP Maël Le Goff, Secretary-General CGT of the factory, which employs 350 employees. The situation could last several days depending on the Mayor of Caudan, Fabrice Vély. "It could last a few days. They are still very annoyed," he said.

McLaren MCL35M: The car with the most changes

 McLaren MCL35M: The car with the most changes © Motorsport Images McLaren will be the first team to show its new car today At 8 p.m. CET, McLaren will be the first team to present its new car for the 2021 Formula 1 season . New in this case is a flexible term. Apart from a few adjustments, this year's generation of cars is basically the same as last year. Fans shouldn't expect very big changes in the presentations. This is already clear in the name of the new McLaren, which will not be called MCL36, but MCL35M.

Tuesday night, the management of Renault condemned the blockage of the plant and called for a "return to immediate calm".

"A group of employees of the Brittany foundry currently retains seven members of the company (...). Renault Group firmly condemns these acts, calls for the lifting of the blocking and a return to immediate calm", says Renault in A brief press release, stating that "the search for a buyer is currently taking his course in order to maintain the activities of the site and to ensure the sustainability of jobs".

According to, Eric Blanchier, elected CGT, the blockage started when "the morning team wanted to meet the factory director". "But no discussion is possible and she decided not to return to work. Unfortunately we had to arrive there when yesterday we baffled, they pushed us overcome," said the unionist.

Germany headquarters in Brühl: car manufacturer Renault makes eight billion euros loss

 Germany headquarters in Brühl: car manufacturer Renault makes eight billion euros loss Renault made a record loss of eight billion euros last year, mainly because of deep red numbers at its Japanese partner Nissan. After losses due to the Corona crisis, there were already significant improvements for Renault in the second half of the year, as General Director Luca de Meo said on Friday in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris. © picture alliance / dpa / AFP Renault plant in France "2021 will be difficult" "The year 2021 will be difficult," continued de Meo.

The blockage was still in class Tuesday night. "We block the production and expedition of the pieces", said Maël the goff. "We want a frank and firm discussion with the management of Renault and the prefecture".

In the summer of 2020, Renault requested a strategic review that concluded that the site had to diversify its activities and continue to reduce its production costs. Employees are asking for their retention within the Renault group, which announced March 11 the sale of the plant to "sustain the activities and jobs".

Foundries in great difficulty

This blockage intervenes, while many automotive subcontractors, especially foundries, are in great difficulty. On Monday, the government announced a fund of 50 million euros to support the reconversion of the employees of the automotive sector. Builders Renault and Stellantis will bring 10 million each, and the regions will be invited to participate too.

On April 20, three automotive equipment manufacturers from the Vienna and the Indre belonging to the Alvance Group of the British Indo-British Sanjeev Gupta were placed in judicial recovery. These are the two aluminum units and cast iron of Poitou, ingrass near Châtellerault, as well as Aluminum Wheels, Diors near Châteauroux. These equipment manufacturers total some 850 employees. Ingrames, two units are located next to each other: Liberty Font whose production of diesel casings is no longer carrier and whose closure was already acted, and Liberty Alu, which manufactures in particular cylinder heads, a Product more carrier. The site of Diors specializes in the manufacture of car rims.

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Peugeot has found the parade to bypass electronic chips .
© SP / PEUGEOT Peugeot found the parade to bypass the shortage of electronic chips while the majority of car manufacturers slowed down, even stopped, their production, the French group has chosen to delete an option from its 308 to continue to produce it. Faced with the shortage of semiconductors, automakers had improvising. If some have preferred to temporarily slow their production or close their factory, others have found a parade.

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