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22:25  30 april  2021
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 Marseille: Between 1,500 and 2,000 people claim in Marseille, where the Jewish community is important, between 1,500 and 2,000 people parade to claim a trial in the Assize in the case Sarah Halimi © Mathilde Ceilles / 20 minutes nearly 2,000 demonstrators from the Jewish community gathered in Marseille to claim a trial in the Assises in Sarah Halimi Event - A Marseille, where the Jewish community is important, between 1,500 and 2,000 people parade.

  Un pèlerinage juif vire à la tragédie, des rescapés du mont Meron témoignent © supplied by the point

Y Aara Chaimovich wanted to show his children the "beauty" of Mount Meron, a site of a Jewish pilgrimage in the north d 'Israel. But Friday before dawn, the party fired at the nightmare when a scramble cost more than 40 people.

"People were piled up," says Yara Chaimovich, 44 years old, still under the shock of the tragic night when tens of thousands of people celebrated, in joy and dance, Lag Bomer's party, who commemorates the Souvenir of the end of a devastating epidemic several centuries ago.

The local press reported nearly 100,000 participants --chiffre that could not be checked-- to this annual celebration, the largest public event in the country since the beginning of the Pandemic of Covid-19. About 5,000 police officers ensured the security of the event.

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"It's a kind of Woodstock (...) Someone says a prayer and others respond," says Chaimovich, six children's mother, with reference to the famous American rock festival.

But as she pushed her daughter Rivka, five years old, Yaara Chaimovich saw a cloud of people hitting in the opposite direction. The compact crowd engulfed his 11-year-old daughter, Leah. "It was so stressful."

She reappointed Rivka to the tent where the family had to spend the night near the sacred site. And her husband returned to the crowd looking for Leah he finally found with bruises on a backup position.

"Human tide"

But dozens of other people, including children, did not have this chance. They died crushed by the crowd after finding stuck in a narrow passage near the presumed tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a Talmudist of the IIth century of the Christian era.

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In the afternoon, the streets around the site were screwed with empty bottles and packaging papers, keys and prayer books. Speakers once again gave news of people still lost waiting for their loved ones to pick them up.

police officers were deployed in force on the scene, where several officials arrived, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .

"The catastrophe of Mount Meron is one of the most serious who struck the State of Israel ," said Netanyahu promising a "exhaustive survey" on the tragedy whose causes have not yet been clearly established.

Moshe Shapiro, 19, a regular pilgrimage, fell in "love" in his childhood with Mount Meron, backed by Lebanon, tells you seeing thousands of people arriving Thursday at the same time to see the huge Fire of joy, key moment of celebrations.

From the light on, "a human tide has headed at once in the same direction," blows the young man who fled to the field by taking another direction.

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"The police arrived (...) and decided to close" the exit ramp of one of the pulves surrounded by many people, told the AFP Shmon, another witness of the 18-fashioned drama. years.

"More people have arrived, more and more, from the inside and the sides. The police did not let them go out so they started to be tight against each other, then crash."

"There was a narrow corridor and a staircase of about 4 meters-is about 15 or 20 steps. This space must be able to contain 50 people, but when I was there at least 300 people," said Gil Alon, 47, a survivor transported to Rambam Hospital, Haifa, according to a video broadcast by the establishment.

"I prayed God"

"I will never forget. I was on the shoulders of a man and there was a man on my shoulders. We all have survived because we kept each other Other ", not to lose foot, he added. The bodies of victims were transported to the Abu Kabir Medical Institute of Tel Aviv.

Yael Freund, 58 years of BNEI BRAK, Ultra-Orthodox locality located on the outskirts, went to this institute to support families who no longer have news of their loved ones and agglutinous in front of the establishment.

At the pilgrimage, "people were losing consciousness," she told AFP.

"It was clear that a disaster was going to happen. I wanted to ask the police: Why do not you stop people to flock? And I prayed to God asking: + make sure that 'There is no disaster + ".

30/04/2021 19:14:43 - Meron (Israel) - © 2021 AFP

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