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Trend Hairstyle: How to Create the Perfect Messy Bun in 5 Simple Steps

 Trend Hairstyle: How to Create the Perfect Messy Bun in 5 Simple Steps The Messy Bun is like looking for the perfect jeans: If you want them too much, you will definitely not find them. Only when you stop looking for it does it fall into your hands, as if by chance. Even with the messy bun, the effort doesn't pay off. Sure, when you come home in the evening and carelessly twirl the hair upwards, the messy bun fits perfectly.

of letters written by John Fitzgerald Kennedy to his Swedish mistress will be sold at auction.

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"You are wonderful and I miss you". Written letters from John Fitzgerald Kennedy to Gunilla von Post will be sold at auction. The former US president had met the one who would become his mistress in Cannes, in 1953, only a few weeks before his marriage with Jacqueline Bouvier . This Swedish, a member of the aristocracy, had a bond of several years with him, during which they sent many letters that man always signed the name of "Jack".

At the time of the drafting of these words of love, John F. Kennedy was still the Senator Democrat of Massachusetts. In one of his letters, written in 1955, he said how much he found his "Dear Gunilla, Lovely and Happy" in a photograph she had sent to her. "I should be in Sweden around 12 August. Where should I go. Send me your address to Bastaad, where you should find you ". In another missive written a year later, he regretted that Gunilla von Post could not go to the United States, as he hoped. "I must say that I am sad to learn, finally, that you would not come to the United States and you went to marry a farmer (...). If you do not get married, you should come because I want to see you. I had a wonderful summer last year with you. It's a bright memory of my life. You are wonderful and I miss you ".

"If I had met you a week earlier"

This trend dress made of perforated lace heralds spring 2021!

 This trend dress made of perforated lace heralds spring 2021! © Ivy & Oak Fashion trend in spring 2021: Dress with perforated lace Ivy & Oak This trend is indispensable in spring 2021: We are now going for a dress made of perforated lace. The trend dress can be combined with boots in spring and sandals in summer. As soon as the first signs of spring appear - sun, temperatures above 13 degrees, chirping birds - it's time to let the new season arrive in style.

in his memoirs, written in 1997 and entitled "Love Jack", Gunilla von Post, Dead in 2011 in Florida, said how John F. Kennedy had tried to end At his marriage with Jackie Kennedy and bring her to the United States. "If I met you a week earlier, I would have canceled everything," he said. Both, who had traveled together with Torbert MacDonald, Kennedy's trusted friend had spent a happy and intimate week in 1995 throughout Sweden. But, she explained in her book, the man who was elected to the presidency in 1960, was never able to realize his wish to live with her, especially because of an authoritarian father, Joseph P. Kennedy. His political ambitions as well as the miscarriage of the Future First Lady in 1955 and the pregnancy of the latter in 1956 had ended up extinguishing all hope between the two lovers.

The new logo bags: These handbags are in spring 2021 Trend

 The new logo bags: These handbags are in spring 2021 Trend © Loewe Fashion trend in spring 2021: Logo handbags are now the trend Loewe One can only look at this fashion trend: Logo handbags are relevant in spring 2021. The logos are now much more subtle and only visible at second glance. That makes the trend handbags a subtle eye-catcher for the look. When you think of logos, you automatically think of the overstatement. To big letters. On handbags like those from Off-White , on which “Virgil was here” is clearly written.

Gunilla von Post photographiée lors d'une fête. © Foto Scanpix kod 190 / TT News Agency via AFP / TT NEWS AGENCY / TT © Provided by Paris Match Gunilla von post photographed during a party. © Foto Scanpix Kod 190 / TT News Agency via AFP / TT News Agency / TT John F. Kennedy and Gunilla von Post have seen last time, by chance, in 1958, at a Gala organized in New York. Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Swedish was pregnant with his first child. Five years later, on November 22, 1963, the president was murdered in Dallas. As for Gunilla von Post's husband, he died in 1960 by driving an airplane. She then remarried and lived the rest of her life in the United States. "These letters are the only ones we have to share that show Kennedy's signs of affection towards another woman when he was married," explains the RR Auction house for auction. In addition to letters, other objects, portraits, documents or photos that belonged to the 35th President of the United States are offered for sale.

Mazda 6 Sedan and CX-3 Crossover To Die After 2021, Future Uncertain .
In a brief statement, Mazda has announced it will “discontinue the CX-3 and Mazda 6 for the 2022 model year.” That means after the current run of 2021-model-year 6 sedans and CX-3 small SUVs are sold, they won’t be replaced by 2022 models, at least here in the United States. Mazda noted its decision is related to customer tastes—"as consumer interests continue to evolve ... "—which is shorthand for sedans continuing to lose out to SUVs and, in the case of the CX-3, a tiny SUV that wasn't holding its own against the new, better-looking, more powerful, and slightly larger CX-30 crossover.

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