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Frankfurt wave big points against Hoffenheim

 Frankfurt wave big points against Hoffenheim Eintracht Frankfurt is on the advance in the Bundesliga. With a win against TSG Hoffenheim, Hessen could distance the competition. © Provided by sport1.de Frankfurt beckoning big points against Hoffenheim Eintracht Frankfurt can outrun the competition in the Bundesliga on matchday 20. Because both Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach lost their games on Saturday. Both teams are still within striking distance of fifth place, which Eintracht holds.

The Bundesliga table with current points, goals, home record, away record, form. Virtual Bundesliga . Games. Fantasy Manager.

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The FC Augsburg opens the 32nd match day with a 1: 2 defeat at VfB Stuttgart and bangs more than ever around the class. Does the FC Bayern make the lid on the next championship? Opponents in the top game is after all Mönchengladbach. The BVB continues his hunt for a Champions League Square against RB Leipzig. Werder wants to stop the free fall against Leverkusen. Hertha BSC receives Bielefeld to the basement cranger.

Zum Auftakt des 31. Spieltages gewinnt der 1.FC Köln gegen Augsburg und darf weiter auf den Klassenerhalt hoffen. © Provided by Spox At the beginning of the 31st game day, 1.FC Cologne wins against Augsburg and may continue to hope for the league.

Here are the results and the table of the Bundesliga on the 32th match day at a glance.

Dresden's winning streak torn - Stuttgart with steam

 Dresden's winning streak torn - Stuttgart with steam The Bundesliga volleyball players of the Dresdner SC lose for the first time in a long time. The bankruptcy of pursuers Allianz MTV Stuttgart is unexpectedly clear. © Provided by sport1.de Dresden's winning streak torn - Stuttgart with steam Now the winning streak has broken: ( NEWS: Everything about volleyball ) After twelve successes in a row, the Bundesliga volleyball players of the Dresdner SC suffered another defeat.

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Bundesliga: The Schedules on the 32nd match day terminal outward result07.05.20: 30VFB Stuttgartfc Augsburg 2: 1 08.05.15: 30Borussia Dortmundrb Leipzig08.05.15: 301899 Hoffenheimschalke 0408.05.15: 30VFL Wolfsburgunion Berlin08.05.15: 30werter Bremenbayer Leverkusen08.05.18: 30Bavaria Münchenmönchengladbach09 .05.13: 301. FC Kölnsc Freiburg09.05.15: 30 Intraction Frankfurt1. FSV Mainz 0509.05.18: 00Hertha BSCArminia Bielefeld Bundesliga table at the 32nd SpieltagPlatzTeamSp.ToreDiffPkt.1.Bayern München3186: 4046712.RB Leipzig3155: 2530643.Wolfsburg3154: 3222574.Eintracht Frankfurt3162: 4715565.Borussia Dortmund3166: 4224556.Bayer Leverkusen3151: 3516507.Borussia M'Gladbach3159: 4613468.1. FC Union Berlin3147: 389469.vfb Stuttgart3254: 5224210.sc Freiburg3145: 46-14111.tsg Hoffenheim3145: 50-53612.1. FSV Mainz 053134: 50-163513.fc Augsburg3232: 49-173314.hertha BSC3038: 49-113015.Werder Bremen3134: 51-173016.arminia Bielefeld3123: 51-283017.1. FC Köln3132: 56-242918.Schalke 043018: 76-5813

"Blamed!": Eintracht-Boss watscht Bobic and Hütter from .
at Eintracht Frankfurt prevails bad mood despite reaching the Europa League. CEO Axel Hellmann criticizes the communication coach Adi Hütter and sports board Fredi Bobic knife sharp. © deployed by sport1.de "embossed!": Eintracht-Boss wat Bobic and Hütter from Adi Hütter and Fredi Bobic went after the 3-4 defeat of Eintracht on Schalke in the justification mode. One has reached five and thus the Europa League.

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