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13:50  10 june  2021
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When ballerinas and espadrilles meet, the perfect shoe trend for spring emerges!

 When ballerinas and espadrilles meet, the perfect shoe trend for spring emerges! © PR / Act. "Edward" leather ballerina espadilles by Act. PR / Act. ballerina espadrilles are trendy in spring. The shoe trend of ballerinas and espadrilles can be styled casually, but also elegantly. Attention: Socks and tights do not match! Clothes make the man, they say. Shoes too. While ballerinas look girlish, Espadrilles are reminiscent of beach holidays and orange-red "Sex On The Beach" cocktails. The nice thing: Nobody has to decide now.

you are looking for information about Clogs on the Internet, then you will find an entry on Wikipedia, stating that the shoes also known under the name "Klotschen" be.

Schuh-Trend: Die Clogs von Mango sehen im Sommer super teuer aus Getty Images © Getty Images Shoe Trend: The Clogs of Mango look great in the summer Super expensive from Getty Images

admitted, a word that does not sound nice if you pronounce it loud. But one that definitely fits the summer shoes . For the slippant-like clogs worked with their solid (mostly wooden) sole so far quite clunky and also "Klochig".

Shoe Trend: The Clogs of Mango see in summer super expensive

emphasis: So far! Because that Clogs can also be very different, was clearly clear when the French luxury brand Hermès chosen the shoe to the trend of her collection for spring / summer 2021. Already on the Runway, the Shoe Trend looked extremely elegant and chic extremely elegant and chic with the high-quality leather surface and the golden metallic applications.

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 in vs. out: These handbags are in the trend in the spring 2021 - and not anymore! © yuzefi in vs. out: handbags are in spring 2021 trend yuzefi These three handbags are in spring 2021 trend: handbags made of canvas, handbags in sorbet tones and braided handbags. These are these handbags out: handbags with XL link chain, clutch and bast shopper. In Spring 2021, small details of the decisive criterion for a fashion trend. handbags are currently such a thing: while they can hardly resist the deep love for this accessory, it is up-to-date to discuss their meaning.

Since it is not surprising that more and more influencers are viewed on Instagram with the Clog as Shoe Trend for the summer. Especially the looks of French Camille Charrière have triggered enthusiasm storms and let the Clog shoot very far up on our fashion wish list for the summer.

In addition to luxury brands like Hermès, more and more High Street Brands offer the Clog as a shoe trend in summer. Great, because this is something suitable for every budget.

at Mango For example, there is currently a model that is absolutely affordable with a price of 60 euros. The clogs of the Spaniard look really expensive and high quality.

The leather shoe trend has a round lace as well as the typical Clogs sole in wood look. Add to that niet details and an adjustable buckle, which can also be worn as a heel strap. The shoes are available once in black with dark wood and once in beige with light wood.

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Important: According to WebShop, the size of the clogs falls smaller than normal.

So you can style the shoe trend of Mango in the summer

at the styling of the shoe trend from Mango are generally open to you two options: On the one hand, you can combine the Clogs Super to Romantic Maxi Callers and playful blouses and tops and thus the Click up slightly rustic look of the shoes.

, on the other hand, the clogs act especially stylish and modern when styled into minimalist and clean outfits - which are welcome to contain subtle business elements. Straight jeans and blazers as well as folding pants and tank tops look extremely cool in style to the Derben Clogs.

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